10 Best Jump Starters Reviews

Having a right jump starter can revive your dead car battery

A good and reliable jump starter kit is one of the best car accessories to have in your car.

Not only that tool can get save from being stranded in the middle of nowhere, when your failing battery dies on you. The device can also come in very handy in a lot of situations.

A lot of modern jump starter models today are also engineered and built to have extra features, allowing them to be versatile. Most of these features include, a buit-in compressor, USB charging ports, LED work lights, etc.

With this, modern kits are not only used for their sole purpose of jump-starting a car, they can also be used in a various applications.

If you are looking to purchase a portable jump starter kit, this comprehensive buying guide will help you pick the best jump starter model that suits your needs, preference and budget.

10 Top Rated Portable Jump Starters Comparisons

Choosing the ideal jump starter kit that suits your needs from an overwhelming number of options is a painful and meticulous process.

Fortunately for you, I took the liberty to do a bit of research and did some of the work for you and research the best models available today.

On the list below, you will discover my top picks of the most reliable jump starters in the market this year.

1. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Model – Clore Automotive

If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable jump starter kit that works well in any type of weather conditions.

Clore Automotive’s Jump-N-Carry JNC660 is the model that you have to check out.

Not only that, it is manufactured by a well-renowned company; it also has the performance to back it up.

Powerful and dependable, the jump starter kit is engineered to deliver up to 425 cold-cranking amps and 1700 peak amps.

It is also built with the patented Proformer lead-acid battery that allows it to store more energy to last longer.

This unit also has a built voltmeter that can show the user the status of the battery as well as to give an idea of its condition.

It also comes with forty-six-inch heavy duty jumper cables with an industrial quality alligator clamps at the end for a strong connection.

The length of its jumper cables boosts convenience as they are long enough to go around any type of vehicle.

One of the drawbacks of this model is its construction. The unit is on the heavier side since all of those awesome features are packed in one unit. However, despite its hefty weight, a lot of users can tell that it is a heavy-duty unit that can withstand the test of time.

In its entirety, this portable jump-start kit is an excellent investment because of its exceptional reliability.

Apart from the excellent battery technology that allows it to breathe life to any type of vehicle, it also has the great features that every driver will find very handy.

It is a heavy-duty jump starter kit that is well worth every penny spent on it.


  • Offers high CCA
  • Powerful battery
  • Convenient to use


  • Heavy unit
  • Durability issues
Jump-N-Carry JNC660 From Clore Automotive
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07/21/2022 12:09 am GMT

2. DJS50 600A Jump Starter Kit – DBPower

For a tech-savvy driver looking for an all in one portable jump starter kit that can also be used as a charger, DBPower’s DJS50 is one of the kits that most experts recommend.

It is a cleverly designed device that packs a lot of power and its jump starting function, and it stores a lot of energy for charging various electronic devices.

The jump starter is a smart and compact device that is powerful enough to start vehicles with a 5.3-liter diesel engine or a 6.5-liter gasoline engine.

Innovatively crafted, this compact kit offers a maximum of 30 jump starts on a fully charged state.

It also has a built-in LCD screen that shows the amount of charge left in it and a compass that can always help for directions.

DBPower created a sophisticated device that makes the particular model very handy.

It has a smart charging USB port that can be used to power laptops or charge various gadgets as you drive.

The unit also has a smart protection feature that prevents overcharging, overloading, short-circuiting, and overvoltage.

Despite its excellent features, the jump starter kit also has a few drawbacks to be concerned about. One of these drawbacks is the durability of the unit’s casing. Although the unit is built with top of the line materials, but the plastic casing can easily break.

The device is a sound investment for all tech-savvy drivers out there. It is a very reliable unit with a powerful burst for jump starting.

The unit can also be used as a charger for various electronic devices. Its compact build also allows it to be stored in the glove box.

Additionally, it comes with a three-year warranty policy.


  • Compact yet powerful
  • Built-in charging ports
  • LCD display for status
  • Advanced circuit protection


  • Few issues on the casing
  • Lengevity issues
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07/21/2022 12:03 am GMT

3. BT-D11 Portable Car Jump Starter Kit – BeatIt

Portability, reliability, and usability are the things covered by BeatIt’s BT-D11 portable jump starter kit.

A model so cleverly designed that despite its small size, it can do a lot of things that make it a very handy device for drivers.

Apart from its jump starting capability, it can also charge gadgets, and it has a built-in flashlight.

The jump starter kit is designed to deliver power enough to jump-start a car with a 5.5-liter diesel engine as well as vehicles with a 7-liter petrol engine.

It is built to offer up to 30 jump starts on a single full charge with a safety feature offering protection against short circuits, overcharging, over-voltage and overloading.

This jump starter kit can also function as a power bank capable of charging various electronic devices.

It has two USB ports that can be used to charge devices simultaneously.

The unit can power a laptop and it is small enough to fit on the glove box, making it very accessible.

However, the jump starter kit also has its own drawbacks the same as the others. One of these drawbacks is the fact that it sometimes struggles to perform at extremely cold or hot temperatures. Cases like this make its dependability doubtful or questionable.

All in all, as a portable and compact starter kit that has a lot of excellent features, the BT-D11 model is a great investment.

Coming with a two-year warranty, it has a lot of great things to offer that far outweigh its drawbacks. So, it is definitely a model to check out.


  • Compact and portable
  • Built-in circuit protection
  • Built with charging ports
  • LED worklight


  • Low CCA output
  • Susceptible to heat
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4. GB40 Genius Boost Plus Portable Jump Starter – Noco

Considered as one of the safest models on this list, the GB40 Genius Boost Plus Portable Jump Starter from Noco is a model to be checked out.

Aside from its high jump starting power, it is also capable of charging various electronic devices. You can also use it as a flashlight for emergencies and other applications.

This compact and portable jump starter kit is a device designed to deliver up to 1000 peak amps for jump starting a wide array of vehicles.

It is built with a sophisticated high-discharge Li-ion battery that stores a lot of power, and that has a longer service life.

The unit features an advanced circuit protection that prevents short circuits, overcharging, and overloading.

The kit functions as a power bank that allows it to charge various electronic devices thanks to its USB ports.

This allows the user to charge their laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets while driving.

It also has a built-in flashlight that can be used for emergencies or when performing a jump start at night.

Sadly, the Noco doesn’t give any warranty for this kit, dragging its trust rating down. The unit also has a hard time performing in extreme weather conditions. Both of these issues can raise a lot of red flags from consumers.

As the most well-designed unit on the list and given its excellent features, the jump starter kit is a great device to have.

Despite having a no warranty policy, it has a lot of excellent features that can make up for it. So, you have to check out this model.


  • Compact, sleek and portable
  • Versatile and flexible unit
  • Excellent safety features
  • Great for value for money


  • No warranty included
  • Struggles in extreme temperatures
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5. J7CS FatMax Jump Starter Kit – Stanley

Looking for an old school yet heavy-duty jump starter powerful enough to jump start any vehicle?

Then the Stanley FatMax J7CS Jump Starter Kit is the model you are looking for.

An all in one unit that can handle various applications without sacrificing its performance. It also has a built-in compressor for tire problems!

This particular jump starter kit is a device engineered to deliver up to 350 instant starting amps that can go up to 700 peak amps, powerful enough to give any vehicle a good jump start.

It has a smart technology that detects reverse polarity and warn users to protect car batteries from being damaged.

This device has a built-in 120 PSI compressor, a handy feature that all drivers will surely love.

The unit also has three USB ports to allow charging various devices at the same time.

Its high-powered rotating LED light also makes this device very useful for emergencies and dark working environments.

The kit manufactured by Stanley is a unit that has to be charged every thirty days when idle. This is to protect its battery from losing its capability of holding the same amount of charge and to avoid the battery’s demise. A little inconvenient, but it is more like a preventive measure.

Stanley’s unit is a great unit that can do a lot of things. As a jump starter that you can use to charge electronic devices with an LED flashlight, this is a very handy tool for drivers.


  • Excellent brand reputation
  • Built-in compressor
  • Excellent circuit protection
  • Heavy-duty unit


  • High-maintenance
  • Heavy unit
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6. E-Power 03 SuperSafe Car Jump Starter – GooLoo

For drivers who own small cars that are looking for a compact jump starter with enough power, the E-Power 03 SuperSafe Kit from GooLoo is the right one.

Featuring a sleek, sophisticated compact design, this one a treat.

It appears like a power bank that can be used to power multiple electronic devices, which are excellent for tech-savvy drivers.

The reliable and dependable Jump Starter Kit is a tiny device capable of delivering up to 450 amps jump starting power.

Excellent for small cars with a 4-liter diesel engine and 2.5-liter petrol engine.

It is masterfully built with an advanced protection system for short circuits, overcharging, overloading, and other electrical issues.

The unit is designed to deliver a lot of power for various electronic devices because of its two quick-charging USB ports.

It has a built-in LED flashlight that can be used and plenty of applications.

Additionally, it comes with an eighteen-month extended warranty policy and a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Due to its small size, one of its drawbacks is the fact that it can struggle to perform when used in medium size vehicles. It also comes with thin jumper cables that may cause several electrical issues.

If you own a small car and are tight in budget, the model is a great option to consider.

It is a device that has a smaller capacity, but it is very reliable when used correctly; you may have to live with it, but it is a great device for small cars.

The great thing with this one is that it can be a power bank with a jump starting feature.


  • Stylish, compact and lightweight
  • Good circuit protection
  • Built with charging ports
  • More affordable option


  • Designed for small cars
  • Poor cable quality
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07/21/2022 12:03 am GMT

7. A11 Portable Jump Starter Kit – Tenker

In the market for a low-cost yet multifunctional portable jump starter kit?

Then you have to check out Tenker’s A11 kit. This tiny package is an all in one device capable of jump starting vehicles and charging a multitude of electronic devices. It also has a built-in flashlight for various applications.

The Portable Jump Starter Kit is manufactured with a 500 peak amp rating, enough to a 3-liter petrol engine, or a 2-liter diesel engine.

It is a smart device that offers safety protection against reverse polarity, short circuits, overcharging, over-voltage, and overloading.

It has a built-in LED flashlight that has three modes of function, handy for any type of situation.

With its tiny size, the kit can also function as a power bank for charging or powering various electronic devices.

It has a 3.0 USB port for faster and safer charging operations, and because of its compact and modern look, it can be carried around everywhere. Very convenient to use and very accessible too!

What I didn’t like about this portable jump starter kit from Tenker is that it comes with thin jumper cables and small clamps. These components of the unit can cause a lot of electronic issues and might affect the connection, causing a jump-start attempt to fail.

For a low price tag, this tiny multifunctional device that can be used as a jump starter and power bank.

It is safe to say that it can be a great investment for drivers with a tight budget.

The features that this device has to offer are very handy as they are suitable for a lot of applications.


  • Stylish, compact and portable
  • Powerful output
  • Built with charging ports
  • LED flashlight has three modes
  • Built with electrical safety features


  • Low-quality jumper cables
  • Poor clamp quality
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8. PSJ-2212 DSR115 ProSeries Jump Starter – Schumacher

Do you want a jump starter kit that has professional-grade performance and capabilities?

Check out the Schumacher’s ProSeries PSJ-2212 DSR115 Jump Starter Kit.

A heavy-duty, top of the line device that can deliver power enough to jump-start any type of vehicle.

It is also a unit made from premier materials to make sure that its industrial-grade construction will withstand the test of time.

The jump starter kit model is a unit engineered to deliver 330 initial cranking amps that can go up to 2200 peak amps.

It is built with a high-output battery with an AGM technology as well as an automatic charging feature.

Allowing users to leave it plugged in without worrying about overcharging.

This durable and reliable product features a built-in digital display and a reverse polarity warning system for safety.

It comes with the 60-inch rust-proof jumper cables with strong, industrial alligator clamps to ensure a strong battery connection.

The sturdy design of the unit improves its service life and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Although the jump starter kit boasts a sturdy and heavy-duty build, it also presents a drawback. Due to its top grade materials, the unit is on the heavier side of things. This affects its portability and convenience.

If you are looking for a reliable and heavy-duty jump starter kit that is powerful enough to start any type of vehicle.

This is the unit to go for since this is a tested and proven unit that consistently delivers optimum performance.

Despite not having the other features like the other kits on the list, this model is still a great investment for drivers.


  • Exceptional power output
  • Professional-grade quality
  • Powerful battery
  • Automated charging operation


  • Heavy unit
  • Inconvenient to use
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9. DJS60-2 Portable Jump Starter Kit – DBPower

DBPower’s DJS60-2 portable jump starter kit is a device that is cleverly designed using heavy-duty materials but making it lightweight.

It is a multifunctional piece of equipment that drivers can use for jump starting or a power bank for powering or charging various electronic devices. A great companion for tech-savvy drivers.

This jump starter kit is innovatively designed to deliver 400 peak amps and to offer a maximum of twenty jump starts per fully charged state.

It can power vehicles with a 3-liter petrol engine or a 2.5-liter diesel engine. It has a built-in LCD screen for displaying its status and a compass for directions.

The powerful jump starter kit is built with a smart USB charging port to take care of charging various electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets.

It’s a smart device that offers short circuit protection, overcharging protection as well as other electrical issues.

However, the jumper cables that come with this portable jump starter kit are not great. They are thinner compared to other models, and they might cause some connection problems when performing a jump start.

As a compact and lightweight unit that offers a lot of functionality, this model from DBPower is an excellent unit to get.

With the power that can deliver and reliability that promises, this is a unit that every driver should consider when shopping for a jump starter kit.


  • Lightweight and stylish
  • High energy density
  • Built with charging ports
  • Exceptional safety features


  • Low-quality jumper cables
  • Poor clamp quality
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10. D12 BoostPro Portable Car Jump Starter – Jaco

The D12 BoostPro Portable Jump Starter Kit manufactured by Jaco is not only a jump starter to bring any type of vehicle back to life.

It is also a very reliable source of energy that gives it the capability to power various electronic devices.

With its built-in LED safety flashlight, it also provides roadside safety, making it a great device for drivers spending a lot of time on the road.

This jump starter kit is engineered to provide exceptional performance.

Equipped with a powerful battery with a 16,500 mAh rating, the kit can deliver up to 600 amps for starting any vehicle.

Its battery technology allows it to have up to 30 jump starts for a single charge making it very reliable.

The unit features a clear LCD screen to display its remaining charge and its status.

As a device with two smart charging USB ports, it is capable of charging electronic devices without any problems.

It has a sophisticated SmartProtect technology feature to prevent various electrical issues.

One thing I noticed about this product is its construction, its plastic case doesn’t look heavy-duty enough to stand the test of time. The case can easily wither if the unit is always carried around. Exposing it to the sun can also weaken its plastic casing causing it to be brittle.

As a compact and lightweight device that can perform a lot of functions, this model is an excellent jump starter kit.

With its bright LED flashlight that can offer extra roadside protection and handy functionality, this can be a smart investment to have in your car.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be used as a powerbank
  • Equipped with roadside safety features
  • High CA and CCA


  • Durability issues
  • Longevity issues
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Buying Guide For Jump Starters

There you have it! My top picks of the best jump starter kits manufactured by the best brands in the business.

With the multitude of excellent features that all of them offer, even from this list, it would be hard to pick which is the best one, right?

To help you come up with a good decision and in choosing the right jump-start kit for you, here’s a quick and substantial guide to aid you.

Purchasing a reliable car battery jump starter at an auto store

What Are The Things To Look For When Buying A Jump Starter?

Prior to buying a jump starter that will satisfy all your needs and preferences, there are a few significant factors that you have to think about.

To ensure that you are getting the best value for the money you will be spending. Here’s a list of the things you have to think about.

1. The Amount Of Power the Device Can Deliver

The first factor to consider when buying a jump starter kit is the power output that you need to jump-start your vehicle.

You have to make sure that the device that you will purchase is capable of delivering an amount of power greater than your vehicle needs.

Otherwise, the jump starter you will buy won’t do its job of bringing your car back to life.

To know how much power a jump starter can deliver. You have to look for the peak amp rating because this indicates the maximum amount of electricity the device can deliver when attempting a jump start.

If the peak amp amount of a device is less than your car’s ignition power requirement, then it is not the device for you.

Now, in case you are wondering how would you know the amount of power your car needs to get it started.

You can check out your car’s manual and try looking for it in the electrical section and look for the details that have something to do with ignition.

You also have to check your car battery’s specifications to get an idea. If still in doubt, you can consult a professional to be sure.

2. The Cranking Amp (CA) Rating Of The Device

Cranking amp represents the amount of electricity the device can deliver for a short a burst, in 30 seconds at the least. That amount is when the temperature is at 0-degrees celsius.

Then there is what you call the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which the amount the device can generate at short bursts on cold temperatures.

Now, this is very important, especially if you live in areas that are normally cold.

The higher the value of these cranking amp ratings, the better. This simply means that if the device can generate a cranking amp rating higher than the amount the vehicle needs.

The device is more than capable of jump starting the vehicle. However, you have to keep in mind that most devices that offer high cranking amp ratings come in higher price tags.

3. The Voltage Or Amount Of Stored Energy

In buying a portable jump starter kit, you also have to think about the voltage rating of the device.

Voltage is the amount of energy the battery of the device can store and convert to electricity when performing a jump start.

If the device can store more energy, then it will have a good amount of electricity that it can deliver.

When selecting a device considering the voltage capacity. You can easily base your choice on your car’s automotive battery.

Then you can choose a device with a voltage capacity similar to your car battery.

Normally, light or small vehicles use a 12V battery while vehicles with bigger engines use a 24V battery.

4. Length Of The Jumper Cables

Considering how long the included jumper cables also boost convenience and make sure to have a flawless transfer of energy.

Depending on your preference, you have to choose a device that will make life easier for you.

There are some drivers who want the jump starter to be placed on a leveled ground, and there are those who prefer a shorter connection.

This also depends if the device you are looking for is a compact and portable one or the bigger ones.

If you are looking for a device that needs to sit on firm ground, then you have to go for the device with longer jumper cables that can go around the vehicle.

On the other hand, if you prefer a shorter connection, then you have to go for the smaller devices that have shorter cables.

Just keep in mind that the most important thing when attempting a jump start is to create a strong connection to ensure success.

5. The Price Tag And The Extra Features

You also have to consider all the features a jump starter kit has to offer than its price. As you expected, the more the features a device has to offer, the higher its price gonna be.

Take a look at what extra features a portable jump starter has and then carefully think if any of them is useful to your cause.

From here, weigh the odds against its price and see if it is a good deal or not.

Let’s take one of the multifunctional devices listed above and call it “Device A”.

By taking a look at it, Device A is a compact kit that can also function as a power bank with two smart USB charging ports.

Then it also has a built-in flashlight along with an LCD screen that shows its remaining charge.

Now, take a look at each of the features and see if it suits your routine or needs.

If you are a driver that uses a lot of gadgets, then Device A is very handy because of its charging capabilities.

If you also find the built-in flashlight useful, then again, it can be a good choice.

Finally, think about its price. If you think Device A has a reasonable price. You can say it is a good deal.

If you think the price is a bit lower than you expect, then you can say it’s a jackpot!

The here is to understand your needs and see if there’s a device that can satisfy them.

Then try to see if the price is reasonable, low, or high. From there, you can decide if it is a good choice or not.

6. What Warranty Policy Is Included

Finally, you have to consider if the jump starter kit comes with a warranty policy and understand what the terms are.

The warranty policy is the buyer’s protection from incompetent products that only means that devices with one are more likely a good choice.

These warranty policies also show that the manufacturer is confident about their product, which is a sign of good quality.

Most of the top-rated jump starters are manufactured by well-renowned brands, and they are more likely to have warranty policies included.

If the device you wanted does not have one, you can ask the sales representative to be sure. Or you can also ask for feedback on the product.

Jump Starter Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Portable Jump Starter, And How Does It Work?

A portable jump starter, also known as a booster pack, is a portable device designed to act as the battery of another vehicle to recharge or boost a car’s dead battery helping to start the engine.

This device is equipped with jumper cables that have alligator clamps that end to create a connection with the dead automotive battery.

This device simply works by connecting the positive jumper cable to the positive terminal of the car’s dead battery, then connect the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of the battery.

Once a secure and strong connection is made, the device is turned on.

This transfers the peak amperage of the dive to the battery, giving it the cranking amps it needs to start the car’s engine.

How Long Battery Jump Starters Last?

There is no exact number for the average service life of a jump starter.

Mainly because a jump starter will last depending on the battery installed in it. This also depends on how the jump starter is used or cared for.

Since there are plenty of models available today, it will be very hard to put a specific or average number on how long a device may last.

But here’s the thing! If the jump starter battery is always kept in good condition and it is used the right way. Chances are, the jump starter will last longer.

However, if the device is abused or misused, its battery will have a shorter lifespan as well as the device.

How Much Does A Jump Starter Usually Cost?

The price of a jump starter depends on a lot of factors. These factors dictate how much a jump starter will cost.

First, it will depend on the materials used to build the device. Then the performance comes in. Finally, the features a device has to offer.

The better the quality and durability, the higher the price will get. Then if the device also has a lot of features to offer, then it will more likely push the price higher.

What Size Of Jump Starter Do I Need?

As mentioned above, the specifications of a jump starter you have to get will depend on the needs of your vehicle as well as your preferences.

You first have to understand how much power your car needs to get its engine started.

You also have to check the cranking amp and cold cranking amp of your car to make sure that the device you purchase is capable of generating the right amount for a jump start.

Do Jump Starters Have To Be Fully Charged?

No, jump starters don’t have to be fully charged when used. As long as the jump starter still has a remaining charge on its battery, it can still perform a jump start.

However, they have to be charged at least once every two months to keep its battery in good condition.

Some jump starters also require charging for a certain period, when left unused. This is to protect its battery from being damaged.


Written by Kane Dan

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