Reviews On 7 Top-Rated Performance Camshafts For 350 With Vortec Heads

What camshaft works the best with Vortec heads? Learn my buyer's guide

Getting the best cam for 350 with Vortec heads for your car will not only help your engine boost out every ounce of its efficiency but will also give you a good amount of HP level along with a more improved and tuned combustion engine system.

If you’re bored with your car’s previous model and style, then getting a new cam for 350 with Vortec heads will change the game for you.

Don’t waste your time on useless researches and nonstop false claims, and read the list below to choose which one fits your needs the best and will work just right with your car’s engine.

Let’s not waste a single minute and dive right in!

7 Top Best Performance Cams For 350 With Vortec Heads Comparisons


Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam

Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam

Edelbrock 2012 Performer Plus Camshaft Kit Edelbrock 2012 Performer Plus Camshaft Kit

Comp Cams K54-412-11 XFI RPM 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam K-Kit Comp Cams K54-412-11 XFI RPM 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam K-Kit

COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam And Lifter Kit COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam And Lifter Kit

DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head


Guardian Engine Kits Stock Cam & Lifter Kit

Guardian Engine Kits Stock Cam & Lifter Kit


1. Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam

First up, I have the Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam with Vortec heads. These camshafts are used to tune your car’s engine in a way that creates enough power for your engine system to really wow the crowd.

It uses a hefty combo of valves that overlap one another, opening at one end while close on the other to get the compressed pressure out of the engine in small manners.

This tuning method works only if the right camshaft is used. Another great feature of this product is that you can get the full power out of your engine without compromising one of your cars own internal combustion systems.

It provides durability and increases the horsepower level to the maximum without touching a single original component of the system of your car.

Furthermore, this helps in shifting back to the original once you get tired of the replacement tool. It comes with a unique combination of three different grind styles. It weighs around 8.87 pounds with a dimension of 25x3x3 inches.

If you’re looking for a cam in the market that gets the anger out of your car, then this is perfect for you. This one has a perfect fit with high zinc break-in oil. This secures the cam in place so your cam won’t feel loose and harm the engine in any way.

For everyday use on the road, these cams are perfect for your engine, the growling sound they make is rough, so if you love the tough feel, this could work almost perfectly for your car or truck.

The Vortec head increases the cams velocity; hence you can feel an increase in the engine power and the intense increase of horsepower. This linkage tool gets your cars going and is a good term investment, easy to install, no need of professional help, and is affordable. What more could a customer ask for.

Two problems are worth to mention here, the first one being that the lifters that came with the cam are of cheap quality and with that, the second one being that they aren’t very comfortable with just any engine and might not last that long, so check the compatibility before buying for sure.
  • Has a good rough sound
  • Provides a good HP
  • Comes with all the necessary tools
  • Do not respond with just any engine
  • The lifters are of cheap quality

Moreover, as my first pick for this list, I would highly recommend you try these out for yourself, especially if you’re looking to get a good on-road sound with the engine going.

Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam
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2. Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam

Keeping the first hydraulic flat cam in mind, let’s discuss the second best, the Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam that is very inexpensive.

So if you are only looking for a camshaft that just fits right in your engine and is affordable, then keep on reading because this might be the perfect choice for you.

These camshafts have a lobe style manufacturing process which plays a huge role in increasing the acceleration of the cam inside the engine so that the tuning can be done according to the driver’s requirement.

The noise-making feature of the engine is very satisfying. While using this cam, it tweaks your engine enough to provide enough power, something similar to RPM power.

The hardware tools are all pre-included with this camshaft which saves the buyer money and time. The kit consists, of course, the camshaft, a kit of lifters, lubricant, and the instruction manual for a complete guide of how the camshaft works and how to perfectly install it. Talking about installing this cam is super easy to install.

You won’t need to buy any hardware tools, and you probably won’t need an expert to help. The valves, sealed flowing consistently, are tweaked perfectly to give the car a quick HP boost. If you’re a racer or just like driving on rocky paths and risky roads, then this one is perfect for your engine.

It weighs 13.19 pounds exactly with a dimension of 5.6×26.2×3.1 inches and has been given the title of the best cam in the market right now.

The only drawback that comes with such a perfect cam is that it’s not sturdy enough for just any vehicle. Your vehicle will need to be a specific model with specific specs for this product to work with its full power or work at all, which is sad as not all can enjoy the working of such a useful cam.
  • Powerful sounding system
  • Lube-style design
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty can be issued
  • Works for specific vehicles only

It’s a top-notch cam with modern style tuning facilities and gets your car’s engine going would highly recommend it to all the buyers who are looking for an affordable alternative. A great pick for all, though.

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3. Edelbrock 2012 Performer Plus Camshaft Kit

The Edelbrock 2012 Performer Plus Camshaft Kit is for all those people who love tuning their cars and changing the internal system and having fun with their cars engine system.

These camshafts provide enough pressure on the engine to torque the lower back and mid-range wheel (tier). Cars that allow such torquing and tuning works well with this one.

You won’t need to change the valve caps while using these shafts, which saves you a lot of money and work.

Another amazing feature of these camshafts is that they provide smoother and more processed response to the pressure, which means it’s perfect for everyday driving on the road and even off it.

Again just like the other two camshafts, this one also comes with all the hardware tools that are essential for the cam to fit.

This mini kit includes the following: hydraulic lifters for assembly it has, lubes, and it comes with a word to word instruction guide. If your engine is not that compatible and is of low compression, then this cam is made for you.

It will increase the torque level highly and accelerate the car wheels enough to get a good boost on-road the sound effects are also worth the money. You get a lot, and it is perfect for having fun.

Weighing in at 14.15 pounds and having a dimension of 25.5x8x3.8 inches exactly, the installing process is also quite self-explanatory, so you won’t have a hard time with that if you read the manual properly moreover a great cam for your engine.

As it works well with low-level engines, if you’re looking to tune yours higher, this one isn’t ideal. It’s not meant for racing and only for common basic use.
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Light working for less powerful engine systems
  • Meant for basic use and not for high power

If you’re looking for a quick cam change for your engine at a slower pace, this one is the one. Your valves can stay put.

The seals can be sealed with protection, no need for any other change, just a little tuning for your engine to work a bit better hence lightly increasing the torque if you’re looking for such a camshaft, this one’s perfect for you.

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4. Comp Cams K54-412-11 XFI RPM 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam K-Kit

Following the last camshaft, this one works almost in the same manner. It tunes the engine to provide just enough torque and has focused on mid-range performance.

This Comp Cams K54-412-11 XFI RPM 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam K-Kit has great specs and features. It comes with a very boosting RPM level ranging from 1200-6000.

Moreover, it has an installation level of 1.800 inches – 1.290 inches OD beehive spring. Another amazing modification that makes it popular in the market is that this one steel probated is set between 7-16 degrees and groove race lock of 8mm.

This product works with high-pressure engine systems, which is the main feature that sets them apart from the previously mentioned cam.

It allows a high level of power to form well with spherical-styled engine heads. The hardware tools are also included with this one.

This kit comes with, of course, the camshaft along with a pair of lifters, valve springs, timing set, locks, retainers, decals, and lastly, the manual that has a word to word instruction written on it to guide you thoroughly through the process.

The Comp Cams K54-412-11 XFI RPM roller cams are affordable and easy to install. These factors, along with the hardware tools being pre-included, save you a lot of time and a whole lot of cash.

These camshafts work perfectly well on-road but also have the specs of dealing with off-road rocky patches and can even be used in race cars for racing purposes while giving it a multi-purpose use.

This camshaft requires a lot of tuning to get it to work perfectly, and to your requirement moreover, it’s not suitable for every engine as it’s a very small cam.
  • Comes with a complete pre-include hardware kit
  • It can be used for racing
  • Huge performance difference right away
  • Not for all engines

If you’re looking for a good long-term investment, this one needs to be your first and last choice. It has all the necessary hardware tools and overall saves you a lot of money, and produces a good idle sound when the engine is all warmed up.

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5. COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam And Lifter Kit

If you’re looking to increase the performance of your vehicle with little to no work, then COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam And Lifter Kit is perfect for you.

I would say it’s expensive compared to the other ones mentioned, but it increases the horsepower to the maximum level, and you can see the performance improvement of your car quicker than other camshafts.

Now, these camshafts work well with certain converters. The converter used in your engine plays a huge role. Hence it has a high RPM power of up to 5800, which is ideal, on-road converters are perfect with these camshafts, but that also does not mean that it won’t work well with heavy-duty engines.

It is working with both engines for heavy-duty off-road adventures to classic on-road use is to the extreme and almost perfect.

Another amazing advantage that this camshaft has is that it has high-quality performance, and you can get your money’s worth. It comes with all the necessary hardware tools and a word to word guide on how to install it and how each part works. It also comes with a lubricant.

This makes it easy it put together all the parts and, of course, the camshaft with a whole set of lifters. This is why it’s worth every penny you spend.

It’s compatible with almost every type of engine, which also gives it another advantage. It offers a different level of HP. You can tune it enough to get every ounce of power out of your engine. The sound system is also extraordinary both on-road and off it.

It has a dimension of 25.2×5.5×3.1 inches and weighs in at 12.19 pounds. A warranty system can also be issued, it’s a great high-quality camshaft, and you will get your money’s worth.

One issue that does arise quite often is that the kit does not come with an air pump, so you might have to buy it separately. Not all camshafts require such tools, but this one usually does, so that makes a budget-friendly customer not so friendly anymore.
  • Includes a mini tool kit
  • Compatibility is top tier
  • Has a high level of RPM
  • It might require you to separately buy an air pump for external workings

If you’re not afraid to spend a little extra on your camshaft, then this one is the one for you, give you good horsepower while also being road-friendly and will last you a good amount of time.

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6. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

The DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head works in a way that not only does it really help your engine work better but also boosts your car’s working.

Something unique and different about this one is that the head of the cylinder is made using a design port that has newfangled, which helps the airflow to process differently and with high velocity.

It has a very sturdy interior and exterior aluminum coating that gives it a durable and long-lasting guarantee. Another unique feature about this product is that the interior parts of the camshaft are sturdy, and the valves are bronze coated that provides sturdiness and another long-lasting feature.

This also makes it lightweight all the material used to construct and perfectly manufacture this one is sturdy and lightweight. Weighing in at 22 pounds with a dimension of 22.25×10.25×7.5 inches.

The exterior is also bare, so you can see them working in action. The combustion engine is also fitted with a 68cc chamber which provides high-quality performance.

In the feedback it was mentioned by many people that the port needs to be cleaned this has a bit of effect on the chamber, also by replacing your old camshaft with these you will notice a huge difference might be worth it or might not be better or worse depends on your engines working factors.
  • The weight is super light as per all the materials used
  • Very much durable and long-lasting
  • Also compatible with all Vortec
  • Won’t notice a huge difference if the previously used camshaft were more advanced
  • The ports need to be cleaned even though it still does not affect the chamber

A great pick for the lightweight lovers, easy to install, and quite affordable, you can see the exact working of the camshaft as the exterior comes barely would high recommend.

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7. Guardian Engine Kits Stock Cam & Lifter Kit

Looking to have a little bit of fun with your vehicle, Guardian Engine Kits Stock Cam & Lifter Kit is just perfect. The specs and modifications on this product are extremely high quality.

They are manufactured in such a way that they are meant to present a more rough and high sound. This camshaft provides excellent tuning power. You can get a good level of horsepower and huge torque by focusing mainly on the mid-range unit.

Now, if you’re looking for a camshaft that works well on the road on rocky patches or for racing, whether it’s drag racing or normal competitive racing, this one can take the rough and tough of the situation, making it a high-quality, durable product, that works almost excellent in any condition.

These come with a whole kit that has every hardware tool that you might need to manufacture, learn or understand. This kit includes a set of lifters along with a lubricant that is zinc addictive, and of course, the camshaft.

Now the few features that give this product a whole new purpose is it uses a duration system that exceeds normal usage camshafts it has an internal and external duration of 282 degrees.

Moreover, it also has an RPM level of 6500 at its max. It weighs very light and is manufactured keeping the OEM products in mind. The model of these camshafts even exceeds the copied design.

As these camshafts are used on heavy-duty vehicles such as racing cars and trucks of sorts, the brakes aren’t durable by the manifold vacuum, which means during your adventures, you might have a huge shock when pulling the brakes too quickly and could result in injuries.
  • This one works well for both manual and automatic cars
  • Produce a powerful sound
  • It is meant for all types, on-road, off-road, racing, etc
  • Brakes aren’t durable with the manifold vacuum

My last recommendation is for everyone who loves to tune and tweak their engine to produce a foot amount of energy on your car. If you are one of those people, this cam is perfect for you, a great pick.

It’s also affordable and easy to install and saves you the cash of buying all the necessary hardware tools as it comes with a huge kit that involves all.

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How Big Of A Cam Can I Put In A Stock 350?

A pretty self-explanatory answer is to judge it yourself, get a cam that works well with all springs. Every cam company offers the perfect fit for the stock 350.

You just need to be aware of the maximum size. Moreover, a rough estimate would be to go for the 95 4dr s10 blazers. It has a rear tire, or 300x50x15 inches, works well with a stock 350.

How Do I Know If My Camshaft Is Bad?

A few common signs are popping of wires, your engine lighting on fire with a high velocity of RPM, a loud unappealing noise coming from the valve taps.

Some other common reason can be the lifters and other hardware tools used for setting up have gone rusty or bad, worst-case scenario can be that your camshaft just broke dude to overheating or high power usage for little engines.


I would highly recommend investing good in your camshafts, a good investment plan can last you a long time and save you money.

With my research I prepared a whole list for you to choose from this makes your work easier, you won’t need to go through useless searching day and night simply pick from the best list above.

This list of the best cam for 350 with Vortec heads is elite. It has a combo of on road-off road camshafts with heavy-duty use to even ones used for racing.

I would personally recommend the Comp Cams 12-602-4 Hydraulic Flat Cam. It has high-quality use with a production of good torque and HP level all over a good product.

Written by Yusuke Kohara

Hi there! My name is Yusuke. I write about automotive topics for Car Proper. I love cars and have a passion for writing helpful articles on tools, car accessories, and how-to to help my readers solve their problems. In my spare time, I'm either working out, reading the book, or spending time with my family. I also work for a digital consulting agency.

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