What Happens If You Don’t Pay A Parking Ticket?

How should I deal with after getting a parking ticket

Assuming that you had your car parked on a public parking lot and it’s now time that you want to drive back home, and as you approach your vehicle, you find a paper under your windshield wiper.

Taking a keen look, you realize it’s a parking ticket, and now you have to decide whether to pay it, you start being worried whether it will have an impact on your insurance car rates or what will happen if you don’t pay the ticket.

This article will help you find out what happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket.

The consequences may be tough on you and some of them are listed below:

  1. Your Driver’s License May Be Suspended
  2. An Arrest Warrant Could Be Issued
  3. Your Fines May Be Doubled Or Even Increase the Penalty Thrice
  4. Your Vehicle’s Renewal Registration May Be Withheld
  5. Your Vehicle Will Be Booted
  6. When The Tax Season Is Reached, You Can Lose the Money
  7. You Will Have A Reduced Credit Score
  8. Be Ready For Collection Agency Involvement
  9. Your Car Could Be Impounded

We are human, and at most times, when you find something like a parking ticket, you might have temptations of forgoing it and even trash it.

There are many consequences you could face because of taking this decision, and below are some of the implications for unpaid parking tickets.

9 Things To Happen When You Leave Your Parking Ticket Unpaid {Let’s Learn Each Deeply!}

Despite the fact that we are prone to mistakes, you might park your vehicle and unfortunately pass the grace period that is given to you after your ticket time has expired and this means that you will be penalized for the same.

Approaching your vehicle you find a parking ticket and you decide not to pay the fine, before you do this, think about the consequences discussed below.

1. Your Driver’s License May Be Suspended

When you continuously receive parking lots and keep ignoring them, they will accumulate to a point where you are at risk of having your driving license being suspended.

It would be best if you always kept in mind that even though you are allowed to drive, it’s a privilege and not a right, and when you ignore the parking tickets, then be sure that you might lose this privilege.

2. An Arrest Warrant Could Be Issued

When you take a long time to settle your ticket, the court will order that you appear in court and pay the bill or else you could be arrested if you don’t show up in the court.

In case you do not know how the local authorities and all the rules on the road how they apply, it may lead to such inconveniences, and therefore police will arrest you immediately they see you.

3. Your Fines May Be Doubled Or Even Increase the Penalty Thrice

When you take a long time to pay your fine or when the time-frame you have been given to settle the fine ends, the original fine could be doubled or even tripled to cover for late fee payment and collection fee.

If you don’t pay the debt, then your case will be handled differently.

4. Your Vehicle’s Renewal Registration May Be Withheld

When you take a lot of time without settling your fine, then the agency that served you the parking ticket will report you to the concerned authorities and the federal authorities will put on hold your renewal registration form and this means that it will be difficult for you to register your car until you take care of all the unpaid parking tickets.

With this, it means you will either have to buy a new car or settle the bills. Buying a new car is so expensive, pay the bills and have the other basic need, which is your luxury.

5. Your Vehicle Will Be Booted

This means that a device will be attached to your car wheel, which means that you cannot move the car unless you settle the bills.

Some devices have spikes, and as soon as you try driving your vehicle, the tire will burst, and there will be no more movement in your car.

For instance, in New York City, your vehicle will be booted entirely when you owe the state more than $350 in parking tickets.

6. When The Tax Season Is Reached, You Can Lose the Money

It is not wise to withhold the taxes or assume the court summons and ignore the calls from your debt collectors.

You may ignore all this but keep in mind that when the taxation season is reached, the amount may be deducted from your salary or the authorities will request that the debt to be regained from your state tax refund, and this means that the extra cash you were eagerly waiting for will be used in settling the debt.

7. You Will Have A Reduced Credit Score

When you want to buy a house, ensure that you secure a parking ticket, the debt collection unit will show up on your account, which creates a bad image to your credit score or even worse situations.

When you ignore all the parking tickets, the parking violation bureau will report your misconduct to the necessary credit bureau, and you are aware that your credit score will be damaged once this is done.

In some states, when the bureau is informed about your misconduct, then this will create a bad image for you when you attempt to purchase a house.

This means that for the image to be recreated, you should clear all the debts for you to have a clear open the door to all other needs that may have been blocked because of this.

8. Be Ready For Collection Agency Involvement

When the parking enforcement bureau in your city finds it hard handling your case, they will refer you to the collection agency that will serve you not less than one letter, give you multiple calls even by use of your office number and when they seem like all this is not working, they might show up at your house.

You sure don’t want all this because it will cause you a lot of discomfort, the best way to go about this is to settle your debts.

9. Your Car Could Be Impounded

If you assume all the parking ticket debts for a significant period, you will not only lose a few notes, but your car can also be seized.

Depending on what state you are from, the city authorities may auction your vehicle when you give up on paying the debt.

One of the ways you can avoid being served with parking tickets by using the Google map feature will help you find an authorized parking space for a couple of minutes.

Parking Tickets And Insurance Rates

If you don’t take parking tickets seriously and take you a long time to settle them, your car insurance rates will not be directly affected.

You should always bear in mind that the consequences resulting from unpaid tickets can affect the insurance rates because when your driving license gets suspended or you a bench warrant is offered for you to be arrested, you will see an increase in your car insurance rates is high.

You should never let those few unsettled parking tickets be a problem for you.

They cause you unnecessary stress and extra expenses that are not worth it, and this leads to cases like having your car booted or your driving license being suspended.

You can evade all this by settling all the fines and pay for the tickets offered on time.

You are advised to get the best insurance services from an accredited company that will assure you with all the coverage and insurance services you need even when there are a few parking tickets from the list in the past.

Is It Bad Assuming A Parking Ticket?

Because of the consequences involved when you do not pay the parking rates, the result may worsen, and they could lead to a withheld car-renewal license.

You may be arrested, or your car can be sold in the case where you take time to settle the fine.

When the fines accumulate, and you are not at a point of settling them, you can have difficulties when you want to buy a house.

With all these negative consequences of not paying a parking ticket, it is terrible to assume the card because it will put unnecessary pressure on your life, which may lead to limited privileges.

How Long Will You Be Tracked If You Evade A Parking Ticket?

After it is realized that you have forgone or ignored a parking ticket, you are given notice immediately, and if you do not comply, after 28 days, you will be tracked.

Despite all this, some rights protect you as a driver, and you are always given the right to appeal, and you should still receive fair treatment.

This Is How Long You Should Leave Your Car After A Paid Parking Ticket Expires

When you park your car in a private parking lot, you are given a grace period of 10 minutes after your parking ticket expires, and you get served with a fine.

The given time caters to the end of the payment received for packing or after your free parking period has expired.

Never should you award a parking attendant for the number of tickets they have issued because this is deemed illegal.

3 Rules You Should Know Before Paying For A Parking Ticket

When the evaluation was done, it was discovered that parking tickets are a big business that generates the government a good source of income.

In the past years, some laws have been implemented to ensure fairness and protection as drivers, the local business sector, and towns.

Despite putting the measures in place, most of them are not straightforward or might not be conversant with them.

Below are some things you should know so as you do not get a parking fine:

1. Tickets Can Quickly Be Challenged

Assuming that you have been served with a parking fine notice and feel like it was unnecessary, or you have a satisfactory reason as to why you should not pay the fine, it is easy for you to appeal.

Some services will allow you not to pay the fine and make an appeal automatically by just visiting their website and following the procedure and picking the best defense method.

The service generates a customized appeal.

2. The Parking Ticket Is Not Necessary

The local council should not necessarily put the parking ticket on your windscreen to enforce the law.

You can be served the letter while at home and this letter itself is enough to notice just like the ticket. The post on your windscreen adds you the advantage of settling the debt quicker.

3. You Are Given Enough Time After Your Ticket Has Expired

As a driver, you are always given a grace period after your ticket has expired.

You should not rush into driving your vehicle off the parking lot because you have at most ten minutes to give you a favorable period to compose yourself and clear the parking lot.

The rule applies when you have a ticket, and it only applies if you haven’t parked your vehicle on any yellow line.


As discussed above, you cannot evade parking tickets because you can easily be tracked down.

Always follow the outlined rules to keep yourself out of any troubles related to parking tickets.

Make sure you pay your ticket fines on time to reduce the pressure from local authorities and enjoy your privileges as a driver.


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Written by Kane Dan

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