How To Buff Out A Car By Hand And With A Buffer

Buffing my vehicle in my garage

Buffing a car is the process of removing just a small layer of paint from your cars finish and then introducing new paint beneath.

If you want to retain your original car luster, this is the best process to use because it also improves your car’s general appearance.

If your car has some scratches and is ignored, rust may develop, which reduces the beauty of your vehicle, meaning that its value will reduce as well.

You should buff your car more often to boost its aesthetic value and to maintain its finish.

You can spend a few hours following the guideline below on how to improve your vehicle luster if you want to sell it or give it a new look.

Here’s the 6 steps you can follow to buff your car:

    1. Wash Your Vehicle
    2. Mask It By A Tape
    3. Buff Your Vehicle
    4. Polish It To Achieve A Good Look
    5. Wax Your Vehicle
    6. Conclude With Finishing Touches

Therefore, you can always know how to buff your car on your own without necessarily hiring an expert.

All you need is to follow the above-listed steps, and you will be at a point of determining whether the desired luster has been achieved or not.

Car Buffing Tips For Beginners

When you own a carwash or an auto shop, most people assume that you have knowledge in car waxing, so that car elegance is maintained.

Since cars get in contact with different contaminants, you should have the basics of polishing by the use of a buffering machine to give your customers car a peerless gleam.

There are essential steps that you should consider when you want to give your vehicle a brand new look and maintain its color.

1. Use Quality Polish

When you use a high-quality buffer, you can get rid of small mistakes on your paint.

The buffers give your vehicle a deep shine while the low-quality buffers will offer you a cloudy look on the paint’s top surface.

Remember to read all the instructions on the product you are using so that you can receive the best results.

2. Buffering Technique

You are advised first to choose a testing area on the affected part of your vehicle before you fully start working on it.

You can use an old vehicle and make sure that you begin with a product that is not aggressive, and if the desired result is not achieved, you can now use a more reliable product.

After you get the desired results from the test, you can now proceed to buff the whole vehicle.

3. Seek Professional Assistance

When you get difficulties selecting the best polish or wax, seeking a professional’s advice includes the recognized experts or specialists from recognized product manufacturers.

It is recommended to ask for advice because it will help you achieve the expected results.

4. Use Different Procedures

When you use different approaches, the end result is a unique finish or look to the ride.

You will be determined to change the end result so that you have a different finish that looks appealing to you.

Therefore, you should try different approaches or try different products and always remember that patience is key when practicing this.

5. What You Should Always Keep In Mind

If you desire to achieve an optimum result, never do dry buffing. All you need to do is invest in the polishing product. It is suggested that the polish should dry entirely and correctly.

You should work slowly but neatly to avoid moving the polish quickly on the surface, and this will lead to undesirable results.

Tips On How To Polish A Car

To keep your vehicle pristine, you need to know how to polish your car by using a buffer or hand so that you achieve an expensive finish that’s worth a brand new car.

The tips require that you have a few tools that you can easily acquire to enable you to polish your car with hands if you don’t want to pay that expensive auto dealer because it will be less costly.

Follow these steps and be sure of having the most elegant finish:

  • Wash your car thoroughly before you begin the polishing process
  • Keep the polishing area free of any dirt
  • Use the recommended polishing pads and soft shop towels
  • By use of a clay lubricant, clay the surface for natural polishing
  • Keep the applicator pad moist at all times
  • Don’t rush into polishing, apply quality polish, and then use a buffer machine to polish

Best Way To Buff Your Car: 6 Steps To Follow!

Before you begin buffering your vehicle, you will need various materials for waxing and buffering your car.

The materials include:

  • A masking tape
  • Clean and soft shop towels and a car wash mitt
  • A car wash soap
  • Rubber compound and Meguiars vinyl
  • Polishing compounds
  • A rotary buffer
  • Carnauba wax
  • Synthetic chamois

After acquiring all these, proceed to these steps:

1. Wash Your Vehicle

Starting from the top all the way downwards, wash the entire vehicle, and wash one section at a time.

You should also rinse the vehicle between each section, and when it is sparkling clean, make a final rinse and dry it off using the chamois working from top to bottom again this time.

2. Mask It By A Tape

Using a rotary buffer that spins at almost 1000 RPM generates a lot of heat on the surface you are working on.

It is therefore advisable to cover anything that you don’t want to catch the heat and burn or have dents and scratches.

The places to be covered include the headlights, badges, moldings, taillights, and anything that is plastic should be masked.

A lot of vehicles have a painting of vinyl or pinstripes, and they should all be masked so that the buffing pad cannot damage them, leading to unnecessary expenses.

3. Buff Your Vehicle

When you are buffing your vehicle, all the oxidized parts and some light scratches are removes giving your vehicle a brighter and glossy finished paint.

You should always start using a wool pad and the buffing compound because they are more abrasive and help take out the minor scratches from the clear coat of your car.

You should apply the compound directly on the car and spread it evenly around a small section by use of the pad.

Then begin your buffing while you keep the pad flat on the surface to be painted while you alternate between up/down and left/right motions in a 2×2 section.

Never should you bend or tilt the pad because when you tilt it, too much heat is focused on one point, which may ruin your vehicle’s clear coat.

Once you have spread the compound evenly, wipe it clean by the use of the soft clean shop towels to give it a hazier look.

4. Polish It To Achieve A Good Look

When polishing your vehicle, ensure you use a foam pad. After you have gotten the scratches and dents off your car, give your car a mirror look.

Take your foam pad and repeat the buffering process by use of the polishing compound and for you to have best results.

You should first apply medium pressure on the working area and then gradually reduce the pressure until the polishing compound is evenly spread to become a thin layer, then wipe it clean with the microfiber shop towel.

5. Waxing Your Vehicle

The primary function of wax is to get rid of fill in any tiny scratches and dents that were not taken care of when you were buffing.

The wax also makes your paint have a shiny and mirror look and here’s how you do it.

The most common type of wax used is the liquid carnauba wax that can be purchased from auto spare shops, my review and they are always packed with their foam application pad.

You are required to apply the wax on the pad and ensure you evenly spread it in a circular motion while waiting for a few minutes for it to dry and become a little cloudy then wipe it off with a different clean shop towel.

6. Conclude With Finishing Touches

In cases where you have installed vinyl surfaces and compound on your windows, they should be kept from the spinning buffing pads.

You are advised to use Maguire’s vinyl and other rubber compounds that you spray to the microfiber towels so that you can touch up all the black plastic trims, the weather stripping, and door jambs.

The spray is also suitable for vinyl dashboards because it has no silicates mixed in it.

Most products with silicate compounds dry the plastic out and make it prone to damage as time goes by.

After buffering your car, clean your windows with a glass cleaner by spraying it on a microfiber cloth.

You can also learn by watching this video:

Can WD-40 Remove Scratches On A Car?

This product has a variety of uses because it can be used in removing stains from your carpet, shiny steel, and even clean your walls.

You can also use the product in getting rid of scratches from your vehicle.

Purchase the product and use a paper towel to spray a little amount to the scratches on your vehicle and then add some elbow grease.

Wipe the mixture continuously until the scratches start to fade away, but keep in mind that you will have to apply the WD-40 continuously to remove the scratches effectively.

You should always use a clean paper towel and ensure that there is no debris in the work area unless you want to make the situation worse.

3 Best Car Scratch Removers

When you want your car to have the most elegant and appealing look, you will have to spend a lot on the outside.

The outside part is what most people get their interest in, and that is the main reason why you should polish your car more often.

Most companies have come up with different products that can help you fix the bodywork scratches.
If you want to remove the scratches yourself, here are the best three scratch removers:

1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound Scratch Remover

Most vehicles have three layers of color; the bottom offers protection from corrosion and acts as a primer for the second layer that gives the color.

The third layer found on top is a clear layer that makes modern cars have a shiny look.

A car remover’s primary function is to disintegrate the top layers to work on the color layer and fill the scratch, thus repairing it.

This product formula enables the scratch remover to penetrate the paint layers, thus repairing the scratches fast. It’s important to note that this is the most efficient remover.

The core features of this product are, it weighs 13.6 oz. And works effectively on water spots and scratches.

It also has an advanced formula, and this makes it less abrasive when compared to other products.


  • The product weighs roughly 15 ounces
  • The technology used to design the product makes the product easy and fast to apply


  • The product is made up of a powerful formula, and therefore you should use it with care
Meguiar's G17220 Ultimate Compound, Color & Clarity Restorer, Scratch & Swirl Remover, 20 oz,
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07/21/2022 12:08 am GMT

2. Turtle Wax Complete Compound Wax Remover

The company that manufactures this kit ensures that it has a full foam applicator pads and microfiber towels when you buy the kit.

These tools are essential when you make scratch repairs, and in addition, the company gives two bottles of repair compound.

One bottle is for repairing light scratches while the other has a more abrasive make, which makes it suitable for deep scratches.

The key features are; the product is made of advanced formula, can work on scratches, rusts caused by oxidation and watermarks, and the product has two more other compounds with applicator pads and microfiber towels.


  • The product has two compounds, one for light scratches and the other for deep scratches
  • There a considerable amount of product in the bottle since it weighs 18 oz
  • The kit is complete, i.e., everything you need for removing the scratches is in one box


  • Its price is relatively high in most cases when you already have the towels
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3. Quixx – Us Paint Scratch Remover

Similar to the turtle wax, the kit is complete, and its price is relatively high. The only difference is its size. This is a Germany product, and its formula enables the product to repair scratches effortlessly.

The product helps you repair slight scratches, and it has an included sandpaper to help you make the area to be repaired rough. The product will help you achieve your desired finish.

Key features include a secure two-step application method, a complete kit, and its made by German engineers.


  • The product is premium
  • It effectively works on metallic paint
  • It repairs scratches quickly when used


  • It is expensive
  • It is of small size
I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
07/21/2022 12:08 am GMT

What Is Car Polishing And Its Importance?

Car polishing is the process of paintwork that aims to maintain your car and its appearance.

Polishes are famous because they extend your car’s paint by getting rid of the dirt that is too stubborn to wash regularly. They are also essential in removing scratches on your paint.

Polishing gives your car an appealing detail, and below is the importance of polishing your car:

1. You Quickly Get Rid Of Scratches

When you polish your car, the product used removes all the surface scratches from your car, and this makes your car paint smoother than the previous paint.

Unfortunately, deep scratches and dents may not be eliminated because, at this point, your nails will not work effectively.

2. Adds A New Paint To Your Car

When you polish your vehicle, the thin coat is wiped out, and this makes your car have a new color beneath the old one.

The new level of paint makes your car have a great look that is almost perfect as new. Do not polish too much because this is going to disrupt the overall paint.

3. You Can Correct Paint Problem

When inspecting your car, you can see some messed up marks on your car because your car may be having swirl marks.

To get rid of these defects, use a car polish as it has a highly abrasive nature that makes the paint look even on the whole car, and this gives your car s smooth look.

4. You Can Achieve A Shiny Luster

Despite making your paint smooth, car polish also makes your car appear glossy, and this means that your car will have an elegant look just like when you first purchased it.

Therefore, the primary purpose of polishing is to smoothen your car and give it that shiny and glossy look.

5. Spots Are Made Invincible

Because of the day to day contaminants, your vehicle gets in contact with; some stubborn spots may be created.

Use of a polisher does not remove the spots but makes the spots harder to be spotted through the rough paint. Therefore, polishing your vehicle will just make it new and more admirable.

Do You Need Both Car Polishing And Buffing?

When you buff your car, you use a buffing machine and an abrasive compound to remove medium or deep scratches from your car while when you polish your vehicle.

Choose the right buffer for your vehicle!

You use soft material and a polishing compound to remove light scratches from your car. Polishing is vital in giving your car a fantastic final finish.

Therefore, you do not need to do both practices if your car paint has good condition. Only polish your car if you want to give it an extra beautiful shine.

If the scratches on your vehicle are visible, you should first consider buffing your vehicle. It is not a must that you buff the whole vehicle; you can just buff the affected areas.

How Often Should You Buff A Car?

When you decide to give your car a glinting look, all you need is to polish it because you cannot maintain the car to look new always, when you want to detail your car, do not be confused on when to do it.

You already know give your vehicle a new look, and therefore all is needed from you is to decide on what time to detail your car.

Different people have different opinions on when to buff a car, but this depends on the paint type of your car and depending on whether you want to change its look or not.

Below are some considerations on when you should buff your vehicle:

  • When you buff your car at least 3 months, the aesthetic value of your vehicle is greatly improved.
  • In case you visit an expert, he or she will advise you to buff your car at least twice a year.
  • When your clear coat begins to fail, you are recommended to have your vehicle buffed.
  • The paint condition will also dictate how often you will need to buff your vehicle, and therefore, the paint thickness will determine how many times you should correct the defect. Thin paints require repeated buffing while thick and well maintained paints do not need much buffing as you can do it annualy.


Finally, using the above-listed guidelines, you can keep your car good looking for an extended period by staying away from car washes that use mechanical means to clean your car.

You can clean your car by using touchless car washes or wash it carefully yourself. Mechanical car washes tear down the wax from your paint if you visit the mechanical car wash twice or thrice.

Follow the above guidelines and maintain your car paint for long, which reduces the cost needed for maintenance.


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