Safe and Sound: Should You Apply Ceramic Coating On Your Car?

Applying a ceramic coating to your car will have many benefits starting from protection, ease of application, enhanced shine, and ease of maintenance. It’s a liquid polymer that when applied to your car will bond chemically with its paint. It will also make maintenance of your car easier by repelling water and dirt, this way when you clean your car it’s way more manageable.

With its resistance to chemicals, ceramic coatings protect your car’s exterior and preserve its value. Learn more about the benefits and why should you apply a coating on your car compared to other options out there like PPF (paint protection film), wax, or sealants.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Using Ceramic Coating for a Car

Applying a ceramic coating to your car presents a compelling case owing to its array of notable benefits, as stated by CarCareReviews, making it an enticing proposition for automotive enthusiasts seeking to safeguard their prized possession and elevate its aesthetic allure.

  • Protection: When you apply coating on your paint’s car it will act as an invisible shield, protecting your car’s paint from harsh environmental conditions like UV rays, oxidation, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. This protective layer will minimize paint damage and preserve your car’s original finish.
  • Better Aesthetics: You can see the shine it gives your car immediately after you apply the ceramic coating, enhancing your car’s appearance. Making it an eye-catching glossy finish that amplifies the depth and vibrancy of your car’s paint.
  • Longevity: Unlike traditional wax or sealants, coatings offer longer protection up to multiple years when it’s the right one and applied well. The durable coatings will resist environmental hazards, making frequent reapplications less needed and giving longer defense against those elements.
  • Easy Maintenance: Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic properties, repelling water and contaminants. This characteristic minimizes the sticking of dirt, making routine cleaning hassle-free and less frequent. The slick surface after coating makes it easier to wash and helps you keep your car clean for an extended period.
  • Enhanced Resale Value: When you maintain your car in good shape with ceramic coating it will keep its fresh appearance and will make it easier for you to resale it at a higher price. Make sure to go and grab a coat if you’re planning to do that now.
  • Environmental Benefits: By keeping your car’s paint safe from harsh elements, ceramic coatings indirectly contribute to reducing the frequency of chemical-intensive washes, this way making them more environmentally friendly.

Types of ceramic coating


Ceramic coatings come mainly in two forms, professional coatings applied by specialists and DIY ceramic coatings which can be applied by everyone.

The main differences between these two are ways of applying them, price, and effectiveness.

  • Professional ceramic coatings– Usually they are applied by trained detailers or professionals. They contain higher concentrations of active ingredients like SiO2 (silicon dioxide) or TiO2, providing your car with longer protection (up to several years sometimes). These coatings often require specialized tools, controlled environments, and expertise for proper application.
  • DIY ceramic coatings– On the other hand, they are designed for consumer use. They come in various forms like ceramic sprays, offering a more manageable application process. While they may not last as long as professional coatings (typically around 6 months to 2 years), DIY options are more cost-effective and easier to apply at home. They offer decent protection against environmental factors, UV rays, and contaminants. It’s also an easy way to just reapply it every few months if you like in harsh environmental conditions

Why Choose a Ceramic Spray?

Ultimately, professional coatings offer superior durability and longevity, while DIY options provide convenience and affordability, though with shorter-lasting effects.

The choice between the two often depends on your budget, willingness to undertake the application process, and the desired longevity of protection for your vehicle.

We would suggest using sprays for all the elaborated reasons mentioned below. Nexgen Ceramic Spray is the best I’ve used so far with its 13% silicon dioxide making your car shiny and giving it the right protection

  • Ease of Application: Ceramic sprays are user-friendly and designed for DIY applications. They require no expertise from you, and equipment compared to other professional coatings. This way they are more accessible to you.
  • Quick Application: Sprays are quicker to apply and cure, usually taking a few hours to a day. Whereas professional coatings often require more careful preparation, longer application times, and curing periods. Sometimes up to multiple days.
  • Affordability: Ceramic sprays are generally more cheap than professional coatings which can go up to thousands of dollars. They offer a more budget-friendly option for you and give you decent protection without spending much.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Ceramic sprays allow you for easy touch-ups or reapplications if you need them. This gives you the flexibility to refresh your car’s protection more frequently compared to professional coatings, which require professional intervention for reapplication.
  • Beginner-Friendly: If you are exploring ceramic coatings for the first time, this will give you a good start. Using a spray offers a less intimidating introduction and process to ceramic protection before you move on to more advanced professional-grade coatings.


car ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings will offer your car many benefits as we talked about above, from protecting against environmental elements to enhancing your car’s look. Its protective layer will repel dirt from your car and offer you a simple cleaning, it will also preserve your car’s value and make it shinier.

These coatings can come in two types, professional applications which offer you durability and complexity. DIY options that provide you with affordability and ease of application

While professional coatings last longer, DIY sprays like Nexgen Ceramic Spray will offer you accessibility, affordability, and simplicity. To make a choice, consider your budget, application convenience, and what you like regarding protection duration.

If you choose ceramic spray especially if you’re a newcomer to car care it will give you an easy, affordable, quick, and effective application. This will be a practical choice for your car’s lasting protection and shine.

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