How To Wax A Car

Waxing my car by hands in my garage

It is no argument that a new coat of wax on a car, either an old one or a fairly used one, makes it look beautiful and brand new.

It not only beautifies the car and makes it attractive, but it also protects it from getting damaged and getting old at a fast rate.

You will realize that a good wax job ensures that the paint on the car is not damaged by scratches of other forms of damage.

Do you know how to wax a car properly? If not, then your car can be waxed by either of the following these 2 methods below:

  1. Hand Application
  2. Machine Application

Waxing a car can be quite complicated especially if you want long lasting results.

This will be noticed in the application process where the methods that guarantee quality and highly effective results are not a walk in the park while applying.

It is advisable that you wax your car two times a year and even after just taking it from a paint job as this will prevent the paint from chemicals and conditions on the road like too much smoke from other car’s exhausters.

What Things To Prepare To Wax A Car

The waxing process requires that you assemble all the requirements before beginning.

Taking a break or even taking time to go get a requirement will sabotage the whole process and you will not be able to get the required pleasant results.

Apart from a free time without any destructions, like not less than two hours, and a suitable conditioned working area like your garage, you will need the following items:

  • Enough water running in a hose
  • A washing bucket and automotive soap
  • Cleaning sponges
  • Soft applicator pads
  • A set of gloves
  • Towels for the drying
  • Rags
  • Paint remover
  • Automotive car wax

2 Things To Do Before Waxing A Car

Before waxing, there are a number of preparation procedures that should be undertaken before the particular waxing process.

These go into ensuring that when you begin the waxing process the wax will not be affected by any contamination like dirt that might have been on the body of the car before you started.

The preparation processes include:

1. Getting Rid Of Dirt And Grime

The car should be washed intensively with a special type of shampoo that will work to get rid of dirt and grime.

This will only get rid of those which are loose and you will need to do more for the tougher ones.

You should then use lots of wart to remove suds on the car’s body and then dry up the car.

There are special types of shampoos that will guarantee maximum results when you want to rid your car of dirt and grime traces.

You can also use specialized foam that can either be applied by hand or using a foam gun.

2. Tackling Defects

The next step after removing traces of grime and dirt is the tackling defects part.

A polish should be able to get this done properly due to its abrasive property that will get rid of any wax, grease and dirt and avoid damaging the car’s paint job.

There are also some paint work imperfections that will need to be taken care of.

These include the swirls and scratches on the surface of your car that you might be able to notice easily.

An abrasive product will get this done almost immediately. The best option is to go for one that is designed with a heal and seal functionality.

This will work by repairing the imperfections and later on place a permanent barrier that will ensure restoration.

What Are The Benefits Of Waxing A Car?

Apart from the fact that a wax car looks more attractive, there are a number of benefits you get from waxing a car that goes to the side of the car, these include:

  • The wax done protects the coat on the car that is quite fresh. If this is exposed to the external environment it might get damaged fast.
  • Waxing works for a car at any age and will revive it to looking new. This is because of its ability to act as a protective layer and maintain the car to have that glossy and new look.
  • When you get your car waxed regularly, you do not have to take it for regular car polishing.

There you have it, the advantage of car waxing which mostly mean that it will help your car to be revived to a younger and new look. Old cars might be assumed for a new one right from the sales garage.

When And Where To Apply A Car Wax

Waxing a car needs to be done at a time when the conditions favor the process, otherwise complications might arise that might damage the whole process.

For one, harsh conditions like freezing conditions are not advised for you to take your car for a car waxing process. This might harm the look of your car beyond repair.

Secondly, the car should be way from too much or direct sunlight, that means the best place for the waxing process is probably inside the garage or under a shade.

You should get the waxing process done when the conditions are just at the optimum level. The temperature should be cool.

It is recommended that on a fairly hot day, you avoid the garage as it is rather hot in there and go to a shade. Whereas on a cold day, the garage is the best option.

Working in doors like in the garage is highly recommended as you will avoid some inconveniences. Bird droppings or dust that may be the case when it gets too windy.

The last thing you would want to deal with is a car waxing gone wrong.

This is usually the case if you do not consider the conditions when you are performing the waxing process.

Repairing a waxing gone wrong can be quite expensive and depends on the degree of the damage.

3 Types Of Car Waxes To Choose From

There are a number of options you can go for when you are choosing the wax to use for your car. This is because car wax comes in various forms, some of which include:

1. Spray Wax

Can be applied by using a spray bottle which needs to be shaken well before spraying onto the car.

It is quite popular because it can be applied quite fast and you get to use your car almost immediately without damaging the wax.

The effects of this type of wax can be rated as being in between the three types of wax mentioned here.

2. Paste Wax

The good thing with this type of wax is that it is highly durable and the effects are highly efficient for a long time.

You will not have to take your car for a wax any time soon and the fresh coat on the car will remain intact for quite a while before you start noticing any ugly marks.

The only shortcoming with this type or option of wax is during its application.

The application process is quite tedious and takes a lot of effort and time to get it done properly.

That is why many will not opt for it, but the few who do get to enjoy the long lasting results it comes with.

3. Liquid Wax

This option is neither greatly difficult to apply nor easily applied, it just lies in between.

Just like the spray wax, you need to mix the contents properly before beginning the whole process so that you are guaranteed quality results in the end.

This shaking ensures that the ingredients are well mixed before you start the application process.

Here is the list of the best car waxes you can choose from!

2 Best Ways To Wax Your Car {Let’s Learn Each Method!}

There are two ways of waxing your car. This is either by hand or using a machine for the process. These are both highly effective methods, you just have to use one that fits you.

Large cars can be well waxed with the machine application while small bodied cars are normally waxed with the hand application method.

1: Hand Application

Hand application is the use of simply your hands for the waxing process and avoiding complex machines.

If you decide to apply wax on your car, you can get it done through the following procedures; Using the liquid or pasting by hand might take longer but the results are guaranteed to be of high quality.

1. Spray Wax On Your Car

  1. Shake the spray can and then spray the wax directly on the car’s surface.
  2. Rub in the wax properly using a microfiber towel while getting one section completed before moving onto the next.
  3. Buff out the excess with the other side of the towel.
  4. Repeat until you get satisfactory results.

2. Liquid Or Paste Wax On Your Car

  1. Apply either the liquid or the paste onto the polishing pad and buff in a circular manner on the paint.
  2. You will need to apply more if you deem so.
  3. Get a clean and soft microfiber towel to wipe over and buff and get rid of even the slightest trace of the wax.

Watching this video can also help you:

2: Machine Application

For the machine application, is when you either get a buffer or a DA orbital to wax your car.

This usually guarantee great results if you know your way around using these type of machines.

When Do You Need To Use A Buffer?

This is often used and opted for if you don’t want to spend a lot of time waxing your car. It also gets the job done with the least tussle and effort applied.

It is also great for car types that have large and flat panels and if used for small cars it can be quite challenging to manage.

Here is the list of the best car buffers you can choose from!

5 Process Of Waxing Your Car With A Buffer

1. Tools You Need

You will need the following tools:

  • A machine buffer or polisher
  • Finishing pad
  • Liquid wax
  • Microfiber towels
2. Get Ready For The Surface

As indicated above the preparation process includes washing the car and polishing if necessary.

You should also go for clay bar to get rid of embedded dirt on the car’s surface.

The car should also be parked in a garage and away from too much sunlight as you don’t want the wax to dry too quickly.

The car’s surface should be thoroughly cleaned as dirt causes scratches on the surface of the car.

3. Apply The Wax

Place the applicator on the machine buffer and begin by squeezing a number of dots of the liquid wax onto the pad in a circle and one dot right at the center.

The next step is to apply the wax onto the surface you are working on as the machine is still off.

4. Buff The Surface

Now you will need to switch on the machine and begin the buffing process while applying a little force.

You can pass the machine over the surface repeatedly while ensuring the surface is covered with enough wax.

Applying too much pressure will damage the paint job on the cars surface. The wax applied should just be an even and thin coat, avoid applying too much of it.

5. Finishing Steps

When finishing, you will need to exchange the wax applicator on the buffer for a microfiber towel.

You should then begin buffing the wax that has now dried up and not doing so in a circular motion and also avoid applying too much force.

You can also learn by watching this video:

How To Wax A Black Car

When it comes to waxing a black, you will need to approach this in a whole new different way!

Here, quality results may not be achieved by simply waxing the car normally, this might work for a fairly new black car.

However, if you own a black car that is fairly older, you need to follow the following steps and tips for successful results below.

Proper Washing

  1. You need to wash the car with the best cleaning methods to avoid ugly swirls developing on the car’s exterior. You also need to rinse it properly using a hose and a lot of water.
    Apply the top-to-bottom technique while washing the car and always use quality shampoo for the process.
  2. You should let the car dry after rinsing while you give it a thorough check for swirls and scratches.
    If you notice either of these or even a dull surface, it is advisable that the car should be polished.

Proper Polishing

This is important if you notice that your car paint looks rather dull and needs a bit of shining up. It is recommended that you use a pure polish for this process.

Polish has abrasives that are top performing and will ensure that your car’s exterior is an attractive one altogether.

You should always be begging by applying a clean and dry finish in the case of the polish.

You can use special towels to buff the finish and going for clay bar as an option if you notice that they are tough stains that will not come out easily.

It is advisable that you regularly polish your car to be on the safe side.

Waxing A Black Car, The Best Way

This should come after you are satisfied with the job done during the waxing and polishing.

  1. The first step is to apply the wax on the paint using even coverage. The upper part should be waxed first before you proceed to the doors and the bumpers. That is the roof, trunk and the hood should be done first.
  2. Let the wax dry for close to twenty minutes before you proceed to get rid of the excess wax you had applied.
  3. Take of the wax using a clean microfiber towel. For this, use the top-to-bottom method. You should get another towel to buff the paint.
  4. For the black car, you are recommended to repeat the waxing process like for every month so that your car maintains that attractive look.
    This is because black paint requires more attention and not just a simple wax rather a complex and effective one.

For a black car driver:

Frequently Asked Questions

There you go! Now you know 2 methods to wax your car and learned how to do it for a black car.

With that, I also listed some questions below that people look for when it comes to waxing their vehicles.

Q1: How Often Should I Wax My Car?

It is advisable that you take your car for waxing for two to three times a year for quality results. This will ensure that your car’s integrity is not damaged that easily.

You will also not have to worry about your paint job that gets affected with scratches, chemicals or harsh conditions like too much sunlight.

Manufacturers do not give a stated time for which a car should be taken for waxing nor do they give the frequency for the task.

You just have to decide by yourself depending on how you want to maintain your car.

You should consider more frequent waxing if your car is highly exposed to conditions such as a lot of dirt, snow, salty conditions or even rain that might contain harmful chemicals.

This will go a long way into ensuring that your car ages gracefully.

Q2: How Long Does Car Wax Last?

Basically, a car wax should last from three to six months although this is highly dependable on the conditions that your car is exposed to sun.

The quality of your car also determines how long lasting the effects are. Some luxurious cars will have an exterior that will be able to make the wax last quite long.

Q3: Is Turtle Wax Any Good?

Yes, it is an excellent choice of a wax, in fact it is the best in the market currently.

It has the best performance in terms of deepening the luster and is effective in making the paint work quite bright.

The results are long lasting, highly effective and give a high-quality shine that you will surely fall in love with.

It is quite popular among car owners who regularly wax their cars because it can be easily applied on the car.

Unlike most other options which ensure quality results after a tedious application process, this one offers quality results after a simple process of application.

Q4: How Much Does It Cost To Wax A Car?

An excellent choice of wax brand will cost you not more than $25 if you are looking for the best in the market. The labor that you will be charged will lie in the range of $55 to $150.

These charges will include the complete wax on the exterior parts of your car and other activities such as taking it through a hand wash and drying it, degreasing car wheels, cleaning of the windscreens and windows and similar other activities.


Car waxing is one way of maintaining your car just like taking it for regular check-ups and services on the engine.

Just like the latter processes, car waxing ensures that your car does not get damaged or old at a fast rate, albeit on the exterior.

It is also a good option to go for if you do not want to spend a lot on paint works.


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Written by Kane Dan

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