3 Best Batteries For Honda Pilot Reviews

Buying a reliable battery for your honda pilot

The Honda Pilot is the largest SUV designed by Honda with three-row seating. It’s luxurious and spacious, packed with many electronic features that rely on the battery power to run.

Some of these features are windshield wipers, radio, headlights, power seats, and power windows.

It would help if you didn’t wait until your battery is flat for you to start looking for another one.

Check out for signs like a battery warning light, low fluid level, dimming of light, and a delayed engine startup.

When you start noticing these signs, you should immediately begin planning to replace your battery. But how do you choose the best battery in a market flooded with so many of them?

In this article, I put your needs first and bring you the best batteries in the market for your Honda Pilot.

The batteries featured were selected based on their durability, specifications, performance, brand trust, and customer reviews.

Let’s get started!

3 Top Rated Honda Pilot Batteries Comparisons

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1. Odyssey 35R-PC1500T Automotive And LTV Battery

The 35R-PC1500T Automotive and LTV battery by Odyssey delivers massive starting power, rapid recovery, and a deep cycling capability that your Honda Pilot demands. These qualities make it suitable for everyday use, even in emergencies.

Its terminals are designed with tin-plated brass which has high conductivity properties and inhibits corrosion, an unbreakable terminal seal, an outer cover that ensures that gases are recycled internally, an automatic relief valve, and fire-resistant cell containers, and advanced internal cell connections that keep it intact and undamaged.


  • Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Amperage – 55 Amps
  • Battery Cell Type – Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA) – 850
  • 20Hr Nominal Capacity (Ah) – 65
  • Reserve capacity (RC) – 100
  • Item Weight – 50 pounds
  • Service Life – 3-10 years
  • Item Dimensions – 13.5 x 11 x 9.8 inches.
  • Warranty – 3-year (limited), 4-year (unlimited replacement)
  • Operating temperatures – Ranges from -40°F to 113°F


  • It delivers massive starting power due to the high cold-cranking amp
  • It has a high vibration resistance, which protects it from damage caused by shock and vibrations on a bumpy ride
  • It’s highly durable and can serve for 3-10 years, thus saving money and time
  • It recharges fast, up to 100% in 4-6 hours. It recharges faster than any other lead battery available in the market
  • You can mount it in any position. It’s AGM design gives it a non-spillage characteristic
  • It has an excellent cycling capability that allows it to meet the demands of your Honda Pilot
  • It has a longer cycle life compared to other conventional deep cycle batteries available in the market. The cycle life is about 70% longer, up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, and can hold high stable voltage for an extended period
  • It doesn’t require maintenance because it’s designed doesn’t need you to add water
  • It can tolerate extreme temperatures, operating well at -40°F to 113°F
  • It is packed with more plates to ensure more power – twice overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries


  • It’s expensive compared to other batteries in this category
  • It heavy and bulky because of the more plates added
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2. Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 Red Top Starting Battery

This 8020-164 35 Red Top Starting Battery by Optima Batteries is made to deliver high power cranking ability even in severe weather conditions.

It is excellent for extreme use by off-roaders and hot rods with high power, leak-proof, and starting ability.

It has a spiral cell design that provides a clean and robust source of power, ensuring your safety all around.

The higher capacity provides you a longer shelf-life to provide you with the power when one needs it, wherever one needs it.

The manufacturing process of spiral-wound continuous lead plates is precision-controlled and more expensive than building an AGM battery with flat plates.

Tolerances, temperature adjustments, humidity regulation, and other automated processes are kept constant and continuously monitored.

It comes in three different designs, the Optima Red Top, Yellow Top, and Blue Top batteries. This review is for the Red Top battery that is suitable for most stock vehicles.


  • Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Battery Cell Type – Spiral Cell design
  • Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA) – 720 A
  • Reserve capacity (RC) – 90 mins
  • Item Weight – 31.7 pounds
  • Service Life – 3-10 years
  • Item Dimensions – 9.3 x 6.8 x 7.6 inches
  • Terminal type – SAE terminal


  • It has a high vibration resistance, more than 15 times the vibration resistance of other batteries
  • It’s ideal for trucks, SUVs, hot rods, and streetcars because of its special high power delivery and extreme resistance to battery failure causes
  • It has an optimal starting power even in extreme weather conditions
  • It has an outer casing made of Polypropylene that ensures that the batter is kept safe from extreme weather conditions
  • The unique spiral design provides a clean and robust source of power and increases it’s starting ability


  • It has a short shelf life compared to its competitors
  • It’s expensive
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3. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery

This Pure Lead Battery from NorthStar Automotive Battery is excellent in providing high reserve capacity and cold-cranking amps, which are perfect for high performance and seamless start-stop applications.

This battery is regarded as one of the most reliable, durable, and safe batteries to use in your Honda Pilot.


  • Cold-cranking amps – 740 A
  • Pulse Cranking Amps – 1260 A
  • Reserve capacity – 115 mins
  • Capacity – 20 Hour Rate – 60 Ah
  • Warranty – 4 years full
  • Terminal type: SAE
  • Item Weight: 49 pounds
  • Item Dimensions : 9.45 x 6.77 x 8.54 inches


  • It has the pure lead AGM technology that delivers excellent cold-cranking amps ratings and reverses capacity cycling ability
  • It starts quickly every time, and it’s cycles are over 900 times at 50% depth of discharge
  • It recharges faster compared to other conventional batteries
  • It’s built to exact BCI standards to ensure that it fits in the battery spot
  • It is housed in advanced plastic to ensure that it is durable and resistant to extreme temperatures
  • It is approved as non-hazardous and is safe for transportation and also for use
  • It has a very low self-discharge rate making it reliable and ready for use anytime


  • It’s expensive compared to its competitors
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Q1. How Long Do Honda Pilot Batteries Last?

Most Honda Pilot batteries last for about 3-5 years, but this usually depends on battery type, driving habits, weather conditions, etc.

To ensure that your Honda Pilot battery lasts long, make sure you keep the terminals clean, test your battery often, keep your vehicle indoors away from extreme temperatures, and don’t keep the battery unused for a long time.

The durability of the battery also depends on the manufacturer, materials used to make it and the design of the battery.

Q2. Is It Safe To Drive With The Battery Light On?

The battery warning light remains on if the alternator is not working well.

The alternator’s purpose is to charge the battery while you are driving, so if the alternator is faulty, your battery can lose its power and leave you stranded in the middle of the road.

Make sure your car’s alternator is checked and replaced immediately so that you can be sure that you can rely on your car any time.

Q3. How Do I Know If My Honda Pilot Needs A New Battery?

There are telltale signs of a failing battery, such as heavy corrosion on the battery cables and connectors, slow to start, and a clicking sound when turning the key.

You are also likely to notice a dimming of headlights and other internal lights. When you begin to notice these signs, then it is time for a new battery.


When shopping for a Honda Pilot battery, you must consider the brand of the battery you want and the installation services you might need.

This will help you make a budget for the battery replacement. You should also consider the size of your battery and your Honda pilot’s engine size so that you can get the right size.

It’s also important to choose a supplier that offers warranty on the battery, in case the battery fails to meet up to the specifications.

You should also take time to learn how best you can take care of your Honda Pilot battery to make sure that you extend its life span.

Drive carefully in rough terrains because too much mechanical vibration will accelerate your battery failure.

Keep your vehicle indoors away from extreme weather conditions that can damage the battery.

There is a wide range of Honda Pilot batteries in the market. The three that we have discussed in this article are the best, but at the end of the day, it depends on your needs to get that battery that will serve you for a long time.

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Written by Kane Dan

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