5 Best Group 24 Batteries Reviews

Getting to know what are the top-rated 24 batettery

Is it that time for you to change your battery?

Are you feeling a bit lost and confused on which brand to pick?

There are so many things to consider when replacing or buying you battery. You must also bear in mind what your battery will be used for.

The Group 24 model can be used for different kinds purposes, for boats, medical systems, industrial uses and of course cars and vehicles.

These batteries are widely used because they hold a charge that last a long time, so that’s why you don’t really have to change your battery that often.

Other factors you also need to consider when purchasing are reserve capacity range, the battery life, and cranking and start up capabilities.

You will find 5 of the top brands of batteries below, which can help guide you when shopping around.

5 Top Rated Group 24 Batteries Comparisons

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1. ACDelco M24AGM

ACDelco is a product from General Motors, which means that you can be sure to expect a level professional and expertise in manufacturing one these batteries.

It is trusted brand by many, which places it at a higher pricing bracket that most items.

However, do not be put off by that price tag but focus on the features that will be investing in once you have this battery!

The ACDelco battery is premium product that features high cycle capabilities and an impressive charge-receptive feature.

It has an AGM design which means that is made so it will not leak, this is due to the electrolyte solution conserved in the separator preventing it from flowing into each cell.

The M24AGM is a maintenance free battery, it also allows for the recombination process of oxygen, which also lowers your chances of water loss.

AGM is also a powerful technology that can withstand all charging and recharging activities again and again.

The battery is built with thick and heavy making it resilient against damage from deep discharge and recharge activities.

Lead-calcium alloys are used for the positive and negative grid of the M24AGM, which makes it resistant to corrosion damage, better cycle of the system and less use of water for durability.

The capabilities of the M24AGM are what makes it shine, it has a CCA rating of 500 and the reserve capacity is rated at 140 minutes.

All in all, the ACDelco M24AGM is an excellent and valuable purchase, a money well spent!

The battery is built to be safe during use, it has high-efficiently pressurized valve and guarantees that there will be no spills or leaks.

The benefits of the brand ensure that you are taking care of your car!


  • Maintenance-free – no need for water, no spillages, and no leaking
  • Built in AGM technology resilient to deep cycle performance
  • It features a pressurized valve system which is built in to prevent leaks, stop dry-outs and acid related damages
  • The plate oxide ensures maximum power and a sturdy ‘high cycling’ service
  • It has top lead feature and large through-partition connections, which optimizes power output, durability, resit vibration, and battery life


  • No need for maintenance or refilling water
  • No leaks or spillages
  • It has a 140 minutes reserve capacity


  • No wing nuts
  • It’s at a higher price range
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2. NSB-AGM24M from Northstar

Northstar is a trusted brand by many, with a reputation of being a solid and reliable batter, that can be used for various application and vehicles.

This model delivers an exceptional cranking power, with resilient cycle life and fast reaching rate than all the other AGM batteries available out there.

Northstar describes the NSB-AGM24M as a product that delivers high performance, and fight all of the negative effects from gas and corrosive damages.

This is a dual-purpose battery, meaning that is capable of both starting and deep cycle performance, making a top performing battery and its resilience means that it can handle heavy use or deep discharge.

The body is encased in durable advance plastic material making it heat resistant and able to achieve peak performance.

The battery is made from pure lead (99%), which is structured with thin plate.

NSB-AGM24M battery also features an AGM system which means that there’s no need to monitor the water or terminals for maintenance.

It is a battery that has the capabilities to cycle above 400 at 80% depth of discharge, so you have no fear of any power outage.

The fit and volume of the battery is built to the specs of BCI standards; therefore it is a good fit for many vehicles.

The AGM is considered not a hazardous product, so it is good to use at ground level, in the sea and for air transport.

The battery allows for sideways installation, which will so help to alprevent spills and leakages.

Another feature of the AGM24M is that it is quick starting; achieving a pulse of 1,500 to help crank the amps during 5 seconds at the start of use, which then drops at a steady CCA rate of 840.

The reserve capacity rate is ranged at 160 minutes power with fast recharging capacities unlike no other batteries.

Overall, the AGM24M is a powerfully resilient battery that can outperform many other batteries available.

Note that is your vehicle has a built-in start-stop function or requires a high range CCA rate then this is the battery for you.


  • Made with AGM Technology and an impressive CCA rating
  • It is quick starting with cycles reaching above 400 at 80% depth of the discharge
  • Fast recharging function
  • Approved for sideways installation
  • Built to BCI standard specifications
  • Tough plastic exterior, making it durable and strong
  • AGM design – low maintenance battery


  • 3-year warranty
  • Quick start and fast charging
  • AGM technology built in


  • Heavy weight of the battery
  • At a higher price range
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3. UB12750 Battery

The UB12750 Battery is made to spec, adhering to the BCI standard for the Group 24 battery. It is perhaps one the lightest batteries available with the weight measuring at around 49 lbs.

It is designed to have a valve regulation system to ensure that there are no spills during transport or installation; it is also possible for it to operate near sensitive equipment and people.

There is no need for you add electrolytes because the gas made when it’s on charge is combined, so rest assured that no hazardous fumes will leak out of the battery.

It has built in AGM technology, which includes separators between plates, meaning that it is better at taking repeated drain and recharge activities.

It is also built with hard plastic exterior, and so the combination of the AGM system and tough exterior means that this is a strong and resilient battery that can withstand long uses, vibration and impact damage.

It’s CCA rating is ranged at 433, a lower range compared to the other batteries we have so far talked about. It may be a poorer in comparison when it comes the cranking and starting capacities.

However, it is a perfect for any off-grid use, like solar use, or for motor homes, golf and wheelchair use. It also features self-discharge rate as low as 3% per month.

Despite the low CCA rating it is a reliable battery that will endure the test of time with its tough structure and AGM design.

Its lightweight and BCI specs makes it a popular battery and guarantee for a year is included upon purchase if unsatisfied with the product.

One thing to bear in mind about this particular battery is that there two types available, so you have to be mindful that you are purchasing the correct one for your requirements.


  • It boasts of AGM design which reduces maintenance and ensures that there are no spillages
  • Flexible positioning and is shock and vibration resistant
  • It also includes a 1 Year Warranty


  • AGM design, meaning less maintenance
  • Lightweight at 49.01
  • 1-year warranty


  • Might not be powerful enough at 433 CCA range
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4. VMAXtanks Battery Type SLR85 12 Volt 85Ah

The VMAXtaks SLR85 is known for making high quality batteries that’s not only suitable to use in vehicles and cars but it is safe enough to use indoors as well.

The plate structure of the battery is manufactured using complex chemical designs that cement the battery as the trusted brand amongst all the other batteries available.

Inside is an AGM feature with electrolyte suspension that’s highly porous with high absorption rate and electrolytes already installed. It uses no other contaminants or silica substance.

It has military grade alloys in the battery, making it a solid design inside and out which ensures that it is resilient to all types of weather and use.

Maintenance is an important feature when you are choosing a battery, and the best thing about the VMACtanks SLr85 is that is maintenance free, due to the AGM system inside.

It means that you don’t need to monitor the water or float life of the battery. The company also promises a service life of 8-10 years float service.

Overall, it is looking to be an exceptionally durable battery and with the tough ABS shell, you sure to have peace of mind when it comes to worries about case bulging or the plates warping.

The ABS shell also guarantees that it performs longer and better. The battery also includes a safety release valve which monitors gas accumulation.

Let’s talks reserve capacity, which is measures at the rate 190 minutes of extra power making sure that you’re not out of power for very long.

It also boast 1-2% per month self-discharge capacity, which is a stark difference from all the other batteries available in the market.

One caveat to note about this model is that it is not an ideal starting battery and can shorten the life span of the battery. But it is still an excellent and durable performer, nonetheless.


  • It has an AGM Electrolyte Suspension System
  • It is maintenance free
  • There are no dangerous fumes or gases produced
  • Boasts of fast charging features
  • It has military Grade Alloys
  • Resilient to vibrations and extreme weather conditions


  • High-reserve capacity
  • Tough and resilient
  • Military grade alloys built in


  • Not idea is a starting battery
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5. Mighty Max Battery ML75-12

The Might Max ML75-12 Battery boasts of a reliable and long-lasting battery that delivers high performance for a reasonable price.

This model is designed with AGM built in as well as include an SAL feature, which means that the electrolytes will not stream out and will spread charge across the plate surfaces.

These functions mean that it requires no maintenance but ensure that terminals are kept clean.

The battery is also good to use indoors and enclosed spaced because it doesn’t produce hazardous gases.

It solid and light battery, a perfect combination for any machine, its compact dimensions and just the right weight.

This makes it idea for vast range of uses and also provides longer water time and durable for all types of uses.

The plates made from lead and alloys made from complex material, which ensures that the battery is built for endurance and high-power usage.

The solid design and use of AGM allows for flexible placement to suit your preference and it can also withstand all kinds of impact and vibration.

It also guarantees that it resists corrosions because of the touch exterior.

The rate of discharge of the ML75-12 is deep and high, as well as the ability to operate in varying temperatures, and proves to have an impressive service.

It is also built to spec with a warranty for one year, so if you’re not happy then you are covered!


  • Maintenance free battery
  • It has high-discharge
  • It can work in any temperature or weather condition
  • It guarantees durable use
  • It has a deep discharge recover
  • Used in any position
  • It is shock and vibrations resistant


  • AGM design – maintenance free
  • Solid alloy for endurance
  • 1 year warranty


  • It has a short hold of charge
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Final Thoughts

Shopping and purchasing for Group 24 batteries can be daunting and often a difficult task, and hopefully the choices above has helped give you an insight into what makes a valuable and long-lasting batteries.

There are so many factors to consider when buying a battery, which I had mentioned at the start already.

So, it is important to learn and understand that importance of the specific features that you need to look for.

One of the most common factors that these batteries have is that many of them are designed with AGM (Absorbed Blass Mat) technology.

This is now becoming quite a common feature for many Group 24 batteries especially, for stop-start system, this is because it is good at withstanding draining and recharge cycles and makes the batteries maintenance free.

All these features AGM batteries a reliable and enduring design that’s now vital for any vehicle. It is also important to make sure that the battery you choose is trusted by many.

That’s why Adelco M24AGM came top in the list, because it is produced by General Motors which means you can trust that it is designed with function and durability in mind.

It is a highly rated product by many users because it is built with AGM design that makes easy and fuss free.

It also has a pressurized valve system that’s designed to prevent leaks, stop dry-outs and acid related damages.

Another factor is to make sure that your battery is built to spec of BCI standard, which you can be sure the Adelco M24AGM features.

One thing to be aware about this model is that is at a higher price range, but it is an investment into a product that will perform for a long time.

Make sure that you look for the right features and specs to suit your needs then you will not go wrong!

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