Costco Car Battery

Purchasing an automotive battery at my local area of Costco

You might have purchased new car batteries in the past from other outlets, but have you tried Costco.

This particular outlet will provide you with a whole new experience that is both unique and satisfying.

The car batteries here are guaranteed to be of top performance and you also get an effective and long lasting warranty attached to the purchase; a warranty period of not less than 3 years, where you get a free car battery replacement.

The car batteries you buy from Costco are sold at relatively lower prices, prices even lower from the brand’s suggested price.

Therefore, the major pros are affordable rates and extra months for warranty. This is just one of the benefits you get from shopping for a car battery from Costco.

Costco will guarantee you an unmatched and unique car battery shopping experience that will ensure you are never inconvenienced.

This is because you can first confirm on the availability of the specific battery you are in search for before visiting their stores.

They also deal with the best brands of car batteries that are long lasting and that will ensure top performance.

What Are The Car Batteries Brands Available At Costco?

Costco deals with exclusively interstate car batteries that can be used for a variety of functions. These range from vehicles, to golf carts and to boats.

The interstate car batteries are among the oldest manufacturers of battery brands that are present in today’s markets.

These automotive batteries can be purchased at a fairly competitive price from Costco, though they do not offer battery installation services.

These type of car batteries are guaranteed to offer you an awesome user experience as they are top performing brands.

They have been reviewed as top quality brands, highly dependable and highly rated by top technicians throughout the states.

The price you would buy a certain brand of Interstate car battery is quite competitive and is even lower than the recommended price that you get from Interstate itself.

Costco offers the buyers the Interstate battery brands from their warehouses for a warranty that is reasonable and you will get a free replacement if the one bought gets damaged within the warranty period.

This warranty period is usually not less than three years, which is a reasonable enough time.

Kirkland Signature Batteries: Costco Used To Sell That Batteries

The Kirkland car batteries can be described as highly affordable and generic types of car batteries you can find in the market today.

Costco partners with a reputable brand to manufacture these type of car batteries while they themselves deal with the sale of the products.

The History Of The Kirkland Batteries

Kirkland car batteries have been in the market for quite some time now.

They have been associated with their original make which was long lasting and was sold with a longer warranty than most of the batteries back then.

This type of car battery would be used for as long as seven years and was sold at a warranty of not less than eight months, hence the reason why it was a popular brand.

Costco was forced to stop dealing with the sale of these type of car batteries and instead opted on selling Interstate car batteries.

This is because with this type of car batteries being sold, it was unable to reach its targeted profit mark neither achieve its bottom line.

Who Made Kirkland Batteries For Costco?

Duracell is the popular brand that is contracted by Costco to manufacture the famous Kirkland car batteries it deals with.

As Duracell is a renowned and reputable car battery manufacturer, you are assured of the best car batteries which are both long lasting and highly reliable.

Rarely would you get a brand of car battery that is able to last for up to six years.

How Much Did Costco Use To Sell A Kirkland Car Battery?

The Kirkland car battery brand was sold for an average fee of $77.10. This was quite a low and affordable price back then for a car battery from this brand.

The price was the best in the sense that the car battery was long lasting as it could be used for not less than six years while it is fully dependable.

The purchase of a Kirkland car battery from Costco could also come along with a warranty that would be effective for up to 100 months and the buyer would get a free replacement for the old battery returned.

How Long Does Kirkland Car Battery Last?

The original Kirkland car battery was able to last for an estimated period of fifty-six months, while some would even last up to the six years’ mark.

This is a mark that is rare among car batteries as most in the market today would not even last beyond the four year mark.

The Kirkland car battery would be able to fully dependable and heavily reliable to power your vehicle and offer the power that the vehicle demands to work the engine as well the car lights and the electronic accessories within the car battery.

Did Costco Offer Warranty For Kirkland Car Battery?

Yes, they were a warranty offer for every Kirkland car battery sold by Costco. The warranty period was 100 months and there was free replacement.

This was then replaced by the Interstate brand of car batteries to enable Costco improve its operation margin.

This type of car battery was offered at a warranty of fourth two months.

Optima Batteries: Does Costco Still Sell That Batteries?

No, they don’t sell the Optima batteries. You would not easily find the Optima car batteries among the stocks in Costco.

This is because Costco has in some way opted not to sell these type of car batteries either the Red, Yellow or the Blue Top Optima car batteries.

You would find some few outlets of Costco stocking these type of car batteries. However, these are very rare.

Instead Costco has moved to stocking Interstate car batteries that are popular for their high performance and also durability.

They also offer a free replacement warranty that is effective for not less than three years.

You would get other car battery from Costco that would be a better replacement for the Optima car batteries.

The interstate car batteries are a better option to go for in case you fail to get an Optima car battery from Costco.

The good thing with buying an Interstate car battery from Costco is that you get it at a comparable price and the purchase terms are highly in favor of the buyers.

Interstate Batteries: Costco Now Sells That Batteries

selecting the specific model type of interstate battery for my car at Costco
The Kirkland car battery selling was discontinued by Costco as it was unable to help them realize their intended profit.

Currently, Costco only stocks one brand of car battery which is the Interstate car battery brand.

These types of car batteries come with an excellent warranty and are sold at an affordable price.

With these car batteries you will be guaranteed a reliable car battery brand that is long lasting.

You can also expend on it to be at its top performance for any type of vehicle whether marine automotive, trucks, golf carts or your ordinary car.

Interstate is a battery brand that has been in existence for a while now, and its popularity can be attributed to its highly affordable prices.

Its top performance also makes it a customer favorite as it rarely lets them down.

They come in a variety of types and sizes and you can’t miss one that is suitable for your vehicle.

If you are not a member of Costco, then you can buy this most popular automotive battery online below:

Who Makes The Interstate Batteries?

Interstate car batteries are manufactured Johnson controls manufacturing plant that is in Monterrey, Mexico. This is the main manufacturer of the Interstate car batteries.

Costco contracts a trusted manufacturer to make the Interstate car batteries that they deal with and hence the seamless quality you get when you purchase one of these car batteries for your vehicle.

They are highly reliable and among the best when it comes to performance.

You also enjoy an awesome experience with Costco who offer a significant period of warranty forever purchase.

Is Interstate A Good Battery Brand?

If you have any doubts on whether the Interstate car batteries are any good, then you should buy one for your car and try it out.

You are guaranteed an awesome experience with this type of car battery that is the among the best when it comes to performance.

It is highly reliable and requires the least attention when it comes to maintenance.

How Much Does Interstate Car Battery Cost?

As indicated through ought this article, Costco is the best place to buy a car battery. This is because of not only their top performing car batteries in stick but also for their competitive prices.

Here you get quality car batteries and also save some money for some other expenses.

The following is the comparison of car batteries stocked in Costco and other outlets:

1. Example Car Model: 2015 Subaru Forester H4/2.5L
  • Costco: Goes at a price of $73.99 and a 3-year warranty, free replacement
  • Firestone: Goes at a price of $99.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement
  • NTB: Goes at a price of $113.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement
  • AutoZone: Goes at a price of $129.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement
  • Advance Auto Parts: Goes at a price of $129.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement
2 Example Car Model: 2016 Toyota Camry V6/3.5L
  • Costco: Goes at a price of $85.99 and a 3-year warranty, free replacement
  • Firestone: Goes at a price of $99.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement
  • NTB: Goes at a price of $109.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement
  • AutoZone: Goes at a price of $129.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement
  • Advanced Auto Parts: Goes at a price of $129.99 and a 2-year warranty, free replacement

Apart from the set price on the car battery, the buyer would be charged a core fee that will be refunded if the buyer takes back the car battery.

You will realize that the car battery prices you will get at Costco are relatively affordable.

They are also quite lower than the price charged by the Interstate and its suggested price for this brand of car batteries.

The interstate car batteries have proven to be an excellent choice of replacement for the Kirkland car batteries in terms of prices.

The prices charged would not harm Costco and also seem to be quite fair to the buyers too.

However, the only shortcoming with these car batteries when compared with the Kirkland car batteries is that they are not long lasting as the latter.

However, they are just top performers as the Kirkland car batteries.

Are Costco Interstate Batteries Maintenance Free?

Interstate car batteries are maintenance free and probably the reason why they are so popular.

These type of car batteries do not need their electrolyte to be topped like the conventional types of car batteries.

The water in the electrolyte is not easily lost and hence you do not have to regularly add distilled water for the battery to be in good working condition or to live as to its expected lifespan.

List Of Interstate Car Batteries Group That Costco Offer

Part Number: Group Size: Warranty: Price:
MTP-24 24F 30 Months $167.95
M-26R 26R 18 Months $104.95
MT-26 26 24 Months $136.95
M-27F 27 18 Months $129.95
M-34 34 18 Months $104.95
MT-35 35 24 Months $141.95
MT-47 H5 H5 24 Months $151.95
MTP-48 H6 H6 30 Months $172.95
MTP-49 H8 H8 30 Months $182.95
M-51R 51R 18 Months $119.95
M-58 58 18 Months $109.95
M-65 65 18 Months $119.95
MTP-65 65 30 Months $172.95
M-75 75 18 Months $104.95
M-94R H7 H7 18 Months $129.95
M-96R 96R 18 Months $119.95
MT-121R 121R 24 Months $141.95
M-1214R 124R 18 Months $129.95

How To Buy A Car Battery At Costco

With the current way of purchasing items from a warehouse, customers are rarely or never inconvenienced.

You can check up for an item you want to buy even before visiting the warehouse physically, so you know if it actually exists and its price too.

Buying a car battery from Costco is designed to be in a way that does not inconvenience the buyer in any way.

This is because the buyer has to check the availability of a certain brand or make of car battery online before they visit the Costco stores physically.

Therefore, you only go to the store when assured that the brand of car battery you need is in stock.

You can follow these steps to ensure you have an easy experience buying a car battery from Costco.

The benefit of shopping at Costco is that you will be charged core fee which is legible for a full refund on taking back the old car battery.

  1. Go to their online site:
  2. Enter details concerning your vehicle or truck, the one that needs a new battery. This includes its year, make, model, engine and zip code.
  3. The above website will then offer you a “Fitment Code”.
  4. Contact your nearest warehouse or dealer and inquire if they have stocked a car battery that matches the “Fitment Code” you were given in the website.
  5. Head to the local warehouse and purchase the car battery if they indeed have one matching the fitment code in stock.

When purchasing a car battery for your car, there are a number if pointers you should consider.

These will help you avoid purchasing a car battery that will not be able to work well for your car.

It also helps avoid the development of complications when you use your car battery in your vehicle.

The first thing is the size of the car battery which is usually classified in terms of size groups.

You can get to know the dimensions of your car battery by checking on your car’s user manual.

You can also consult an expert who would advise which is the best size to go for.

Secondly, different types of car have different ranges in terms of power demands. This is the amps required to start the car and even to spark your car’s spark plug.

This can be seen in the details like the cranking amp, the cold cranking amp and the reserve capacity.

Lastly, you should check the warranty that comes with the purchase of a specific car battery. Costco ensures that they offer the best level of warranties to their customer.

They also offer a free replacement that you could surely benefit from.

The warranty comes to your aid if in some case the car battery you bought was faulty either due to a long shelf life or a complication or mistake in its manufacture.

That is why Costco is among the best when you want to buy products like these.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know what type of car battery brands and prices Costco is offering. Below, the questions you will see are often asked by battery buyers at Costco.

I highly recommend you keep reading to understand better when it comes to purchasing an auto battery from Costco.

Q1: Do I Need A Costco Membership To Buy A Car Battery?

Yes, membership is required for you to buy a car battery from Costco stores.

The membership enables Costco to keep track of their members purchase and also the car batteries they prefer for their cars.

This is the reason why when a client returns a car battery for replacement when the warranty is still effective they will have it replaced within the least time possible and would not ask for the receipt if you had misplaced one.

Q2: Does Costco Offer Car Battery Warranty Without A Receipt?

Yes, they offer a warranty without a receipt. Costco does not need a receipt to replace a damage battery that is within its warranty unlike other outlets that require you to produce the product’s receipt.

Costco, as said initially provides customers and clients with a whole new experience that is guaranteed to make their time easy, one that is unmatched from other outlets.

If you can’t locate your receipt yet need your battery replaced, you just have to take the old battery to the local store you bought it from.

They will confirm your purchase with the serial number on the car battery.

However, if you had the receipt or order number with you, you will be served quite fast as there would be no need for looking up the battery’s serial number.

Q3: What Does Costco Auto Center Do? Do They Repair Cars?

Wondering what service can i have at Costco Auto Center
Costco Auto Center is designed to offer a wide range of services that concerns your vehicle.

You could have your car serviced, the car battery replaced as well as other similar services just as you would get from any auto center out there.

Costco makes it easier for the clients and customers to get auto services performed while they shop within the store.

There are special outlets that could change the tires and others that are specialized in other services like checking the car engine.

Tire replacement is among the services you would get when you book an appointment for a check-up or maintenance of your car.

The benefit of taking your car to Costco is that you will have the work done in the least of times and you will be ready to go quite early.

Q3-1: Does Costco Install A Car Battery?

No, they do not install car batteries. Costco does not offer car battery offering services.

This is for any type of car battery whether you bought it from them or you bought it from elsewhere.

However, installing car batteries is just as simple as installing new batteries to your TV’s remote control; the positive terminal to the indicated positive posts and the negative terminal to the negative posts on the device.

Costco only deals with the exclusive sale of interstate car batteries but does not install them for the clients or customers.

Their auto services only allow them to offer services in the range of gas to tire services. There are many outlets that can install your new car battery at a fee though.

Q3-2: Does Costco Test A Car Battery?

No, Costco do not test the car batteries. When you take your battery for replacement when the warranty is still effective the staff at Costco simply take the battery and give you a new one.

They will only look up your purchase if you have a receipt or an order number and on the serial number on the car battery.

However, there will be no type of tests performed on the car battery at this instance.

You can go to this article on testing a car battery by yourself if you are interested in this topic.

Q3-3: Does Costco Recycle Car Batteries?

Yes, Costco recycles the different car battery brands.

The recycling of car batteries is important to prevent the components of the car battery from being exposed to the environment as they are capable of polluting the environment.


There are many online and brick-and-mortar car battery dealers you can go to if you want to buy a new car battery.

Costco is among the top of this list, however, it provides a whole new experience that is quite unique and convenient.

For one, it exclusively stocks the Interstate brand car batteries, and you get a three and a half replacement warranty and have the new car battery installed at their stores.

As indicated above, Costco deals with top performing car batteries that are sold at relatively lower prices you could not get anywhere.

The warranty details are also just satisfying and quite convenient for you as a car owner who is tired of car battery complications and the idea of purchasing a new one often.


Written by Kane Dan

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