How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car?

Wrapping my car can look great, but I'm wondering how much will the price be

You might want to have your vehicle wrapped because of several reasons that you have in mind.

While some people would get the wrap on their car just to improve its appealing nature and attractiveness, some would go for the idea because they want to promote their brands.

This is going for wrapping for your vehicle provides you with a variety of possibilities and opportunities that many car owners are not aware of.

Either way, you should always get the best vehicle wrapping service you can find close to you.

Do you know how much does it cost to wrap a car? The cost of wrapping your vehicle ranges from $2,000 and $10,000.

You should always seek a professional service that is worth the payment you are going to incur for the wrapping service.

Therefore, you should always consider the variety of reasons that will push you into wrapping your vehicle.

All of them are oriented towards putting your vehicle into good use and it is quite an effective and efficient investment.

Are Car Wraps Worth It?

Yes, wrapping a car is worth every penny you pay for the service. A wrap on a vehicle is a wide format of a digitally printed sort of sticker that is put over the paint of the vehicle.

You could use it to advertise your brand or just for the attractiveness of the vehicle.

From the many that have used wrapping their vehicle for advertising purposes, they have been able to realize a significant return on investment.

One of the reasons that would push a vehicle owner to wrap their vehicle is because they do not want to pay more for the paint job of the car; wrapping costs far much less than painting the body of the vehicle.

Therefore, if you do not have enough money at your disposal to pay for the painting of your vehicle, you could always consider wrapping the body of the vehicle.

If you want to revive the original paint job of the vehicle, you could always remove the wrapping on the vehicle.

Wrapping comes across as a solution for you if you want to avoid scratches forming on the exterior of the vehicle.

Scratches and ugly lines that get formed on the body of a vehicle decrease the vehicle’s attractiveness and give it an ugly appearance.

Wrapping would serve to protect the vehicle from either of the following marks on its exterior.

Wrapping a vehicle’s exterior to promote a brand in your local area is worth it. This is because wherever the vehicle goes, it will be able to spread awareness about your brand.

There will be a high probability of more people purchasing either products or services from you because they are aware of your existence.

7 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Wrapping A Car?

Several factors determine how much you will be charged for your vehicle to be charged. The factors considered for the pricing of the car wrapping service include:

1. Size Of The Wrapping On The Vehicle

This is an obvious factor that would be used to decide how much your wrapping service will cost you.

There are car wraps that are used for one part of the vehicle, two parts and even though the whole exterior of the vehicle.

You could decide to have the wrap on the bonnet of the vehicle. Either of the sides or both and even for the rare part only.

The option that you go for should provide you with what you want to use the wrapping for.

Some use it for commercial promotion of their brands and could just apply the wrapping on the sides of their vehicle, while others opt to get it done on the rare part alone.

The percentage of your car’s exterior that the wrapping would cover would be determined and this can be used for determining the fees you would be charged.

The type of vehicle that you take for the wrapping service would also count to have an impact on the cost you would have to incur.

For instance, you would not be charged a high rate for the wrapping of a salon car as another person with a bigger truck would be charged.

2. The Design Of The Vinyl

There are a variety of designs of the vinyl that are used for the wrapping of the vehicle.

There are many you can choose from and they determine the experience that you get for the type of wrapping that you get.

The types of vinyl designs include:

The carbon fibres that you could go for if you want the wrapping to be done on the hood of your vehicle. You could get the carbon fibre for not more than $7 for each square foot.

Another type of vinyl that you can go for is the vinyl matt which is much more advanced. It is an elegant type of vinyl that you could get for the wrapping of your vehicle.

It is a top-performing vinyl due to the quality in the way that it does not reflect light from the vehicle. You could get if you want to improve the attractiveness from the vehicle.

Vinyl gloss would be the ideal one you could go for if you want high quality from the wrapping of your car yet you are working on a strict budget.

It would cost you not less than $3.5 for each square foot. Unlike the matt vinyl, it reflects light from the sun rays.

The chrome wrap is the most preferred type of car wrap that you can get in the market today. It is a top performer and comes at an affordable price and it is a high-quality type of wrapping.

You can customize it because of the various possibilities that it offers fashion-wise. To get this type of wrapping for your vehicle you will have to pay not less than $8 for each square foot.

3. The Type Of Wrapping Job

The labor is a major factor that is considered when determining what you will have to pay for the wrapping of the vehicle.

If you want the wrapping to be done for the whole vehicle, you will have to pay more for the task. The complexity of the labor will determine the cost of the car wrapping job.

4. The Nature Of The Vinyl Used

Just like car paint, wrapping comes in different grades which are classified according to the type of vinyl used for the wraps.

There are two distinct types of vinyl; the calendared vinyl wraps and the cast of wraps.

The two are quite different and you might notice the difference if you have dealt with car wraps for quite some time.

The difference between the calendared vinyl and the cast of wraps can be noticed in their degree of quality and their ability to endure through harsh environmental conditions.

The price might also vary between the two types of wraps.

The calendared vinyl wraps come across as an inexpensive type of wraps that you could go for. They are mostly preferred by those who want the wrapping to be on their vehicle temporarily.

You could get them if you just want the vehicle to have the wrapping for not more than a year.

It is quite affordable and would not cost too much and offer the best option for you if you are working with a limited budget.

For the vinyl wraps you could get them and have them applied by your own. It would cost you about $5 or $8 for each square foot that you want to purchase.

The cast vinyl wraps are the other type of wrapping that you could get for your vehicle. They come across as a highly durable and reliable type of wrapping that you can go for.

When you look at this type of vehicle wrapping, it kind of blends well with the paint of the vehicle and has that quality appearance that makes it invaluable for use for your vehicle.

The cast vinyl is reliable and could be used for the exterior of your vehicle for a longer period than the calendared vinyl wraps.

It can last for as long as five years before showing any signs of being worn out.

It is also quite costly than the cast of wraps because of the quality and durability that it comes along with. You could get it at approximately $12 to $15 for each square foot.

If you have to choose between the two, you should consider their features before you make your final decision.

5. Condition Of The Vehicle Before The Wrapping

You will need to ensure the exterior of the vehicle is in good condition before you get the wrapping.

You will need to verify that the scratches and marks on the vehicle are corrected before the wrapping project.

You will have to pay more if the wrap is damaged because of the scratches that were already existing on the vehicle.

6. The Model Of The Vehicle

You should know that the model of the vehicle will determine the cost of the car wrapping service.

Different cars have different shapes and sizes of surface areas that would need to be applied with the wrapping. You will have to pay more if the wrapping is to cover a larger space.

Similarly, you would have to pay more if the wrapping is to cover more angles, lines and not so even.

7. Customization

If you want the wrapping of the vehicle to be done in a customized manner, you will be forced to pay more. This would take a lot of time and more effort from the person doing the task.

The Average Cost To Wrap A Car In Different Countries

The average cost of the work of wrapping a vehicle varies from one country to another. This is because the different components used for the wrapping varies.

1. Canada

In Canada, the cost of wrapping a car would vary depending on different factors.

The factors include the surface area, the complexity of the labor required or even the level of customization needed. It would cost you a price ranging from $1500 to $3200.

1-1. Vancouver

In Vancouver, the cost of wrapping a vehicle depends on the factors of the size and the model of the vehicle.

It would cost far much less for the car wrapping of a small vehicle than it would for a larger vehicle. The average price lies between $659 and $2495.

This will vary with the quality of car wrap that you want to get for your vehicle.

2. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the cost of wrapping a vehicle will be determined by the model of the vehicle, the type of wrap to be used and the labor costs for the job.

For a medium size of the vehicle, it would cost you 1600 Euros for the external wrap of the vehicle; this is for the standard color finishing of the wrap.

If you want to get a printed external vehicle wrap, you would have to pay not less than 2100 Euros. On the other hand, for a bespoke type of wrap, you will have to pay 2500 euros.

3. Australia

In Australia, the car wrapping service would not cost less than $2000 for a salon car. However, if you want it done for a bigger car for a larger surface you would have to pay more.

4. New Zealand

Car wrapping services in New Zealand are much cheaper than other solutions like getting a paint job.

It would cost you around $500 to $5000 for the car wrapping services. You should know that this is a high quality and top-performing wrapping type that will work for you.

5. Singapore

Car wrapping is much cheaper than other solutions that you would want to use for your vehicle. It is far much more affordable than getting the spraying paint for your vehicle.

In Singapore, car wrapping would not cost less than $800 on average.

6. India

In India, the cost of a car wrapping service depends on the quality of the wrap that you want to work with.

There are different types of wraps which you can get for your vehicle. It would cost you around Rs 1000 to Rs 15000.

7. South Africa

In South Africa, the cost of wrapping a vehicle will vary with the type of car that you might want to be wrapped.

For instance, if it is a small car, you will have to pay as much as $3000 for quality car wrapping services.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Yourself?

If you decide to get the wrapping of your car done by yourself, you will have an easier time and incur far much less if you know the best way to get that done.

This will cancel the labor costs in the general expenses and you will save when you do the work yourself.

The cost of doing this work on your own will vary with the type of wrapping that you are going to use and the surface area that you want to cover.

The different prices of the variety of types of vinyl are:

  • Carbon fibre costs around $3 to $7 for each square foot
  • The vinyl matter will cost you $2 to $3.50
  • Vinyl gloss will cost $1.50 and $3.50
  • Chrome will cost not less than $8

Matte Black Wrap Price

If you prefer the matte black wrap for your vehicle, you would have to pay not less than $2000 to get the service.

This is the cost charge for the standard sedan but it might cost you more if you want to have it on a bigger vehicle for a larger surface area.

The matte black wrap is a high-quality wrap that will make your vehicle highly attractive if it is done in the best way possible.

Is It Cheaper To Get A Car Wrapped Or Getting It Painted?

If you are considering getting a high-quality paint job for your vehicle-for instance, one with a matte finish or even a color-shifting paint, you might just pay more than what you would be paid for the wrapping of the same car.

On the other hand, if you just want a basic paint job for your vehicle, you would pay less than the case of a general car wrapping service.

Therefore, wrapping your car comes across as a not so expensive option as compared to the painting of the job.

You could save just enough for another car improvement idea if you opt to get a car wrapping service instead.


Getting a car wrapping for your vehicle might be the ideal solution to make your vehicle have that attractive look.

It would also work if you want to promote your brand or even if you do not want to spend too much on the paint job.

Either way, you need to make sure that you are paying the right amount for a quality job.


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