How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost?

Fixing my transmission cost is very expensive or need to replace it to a new one

The transmission of the vehicle determines the speed at which the car is moving at a particular time.

It ensures that the vehicle moves at a constant rate, which gives you better control of the vehicle; this is either if you are working with a manual, automatic, or a continuously variable transmission.

However, for its best performance, you will need to have it well maintained and repair it whenever it develops complications.

When you notice some unusual reactions from your vehicle, especially when you are shifting gears while driving, then the issue might be a damaged transmission system.

For this, you might have to repair the component that has been damaged.

One major question is “how much does transmission repair cost?” The repair cost of the damaged transmission system would range between $300 and $1400 in most cases; it depends on what needs to be repaired.

The transmission in any vehicle might just be the most complex, yet essential, part of the vehicle.

That is why it needs to be in excellent condition all of the time to guarantee the optimal performance of the vehicle.

This will help the vehicle move as it should, whether moving forward through the gears, moving at free gear, or even just reversing.

In either case, the condition of the transmission of the vehicle will determine the performance of the vehicle.

There are many issues in the transmission that will need to be repaired, some of them are discussed in this article as well as the repair cost you will spend on them.

Comparing The Difference In The Cost Of Fixing A Domestic And A Foreign Transmission

When comparing the transmission repair of a vehicle, you will have to consider whether it is a domestic or a foreign vehicle.

This is because, in some cases, when dealing with foreign transmission systems, they tend to be quite costly.

After all, their replacement materials need to be imported.

Most of the transmission components might be manufactured overseas, and this will be costly to bring them in the country because of freight charges and other charges.

However, this might not always be the case as you would get a repair material just close by, and it may not be that costly.

You will just have to be aware of this fact and be prepared for anything, especially if your transmission is not a local.

7 Different Transmission Repair Cost

You might find that repairing your vehicle’s transmission system is quite costly.

However, it would be worth spending on because it will guarantee that you can use the transmission system comfortably as you did before.

In most cases, the repair needed for the transmission of the vehicle will be determined by what type of transmission you are dealing with or the type of damage.

You see, the damage on an automatic transmission might not be similar to that on a manual transmission.

Another factor determining what it will cost you to repair the transmission is the type of damage on it.

The following is an illustration of what it costs to repair the variety of damages on a vehicle’s transmission:

1. The Cost Of Repairing A Transmission Fluid Leak

When you are fixing a leakage in your transmission system, you should be ready to spend less than $200. It might cause more depending on the cause of the leakage of the transmission.

Some of the leakages on the transmission may be caused by cracked fluid lines, a bad pan gasket, or even leaking seals.

2. The Cost Of Repairing Shift Solenoid Costs

The repair of the shift solenoids of transmission will be in between the price of $300 and $850.

This will need the solenoids to be replaced, and the overall cost of the service will be determined by how many of them will have to be replaced.

When the transmission solenoid of your transmission is in excellent working condition, they work to regulate the flow of fluid through the transmission.

You should be able to smooth the vehicle’s smooth shifting when working on the transmission system or the gear shifter.

3. Cost For Repairing A Transmission Flush

The service of a transmission fluid flush for your vehicle should not cost less than $200.

However, this price varies from one situation to another, and you might have to pay more or less depending on the type of fluid used.

You might also have to get a single or a double transmission flush so that you are able to establish the cause of the slipping of your transmission.

4. The Cost Of Rebuilding Or Replacing A Transmission

The cost of rebuilding a transmission ranges in between $2800 and $3800 while replacing it would not be less than $4000 and can even get to the $8000 price mark.

You might need the transmission system rebuilt or replaced when it is severely damaged because of issues that are prolonged, such as low transmission fluids or other failures that affect the transmission system.

When you notice an issue with your vehicle’s transmission system, and you ignore it, this has some repercussions.

This is because the damage spreads and might also affect other parts of the transmission.

In this case, the whole system might fail, and the only way through would be rebuilding or replacing the transmission that can be quite costly, as indicated above.

Therefore, you should take action as soon as possible when you notice an unusual reaction from the transmission of your vehicle.

It would be an excellent idea to go for a replacement of the transmission because a new one will be a fresh inclusion. It will guarantee a long period of top performance because it is still fresh.

The repair work might also tamper with some delicate parts of the transmission. It also comes with a warranty that will cover you whenever an issue occurs with it.

5. The Cost Of Repairing A CVT Transmission

It will cost you approximately $3500 on the lower side and $8000 on the upper side to get your Continuously Variable Transmission repaired.

This price will vary depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle you own. You can also opt to have it replaced with a fresh machine when repairing it will not solve the issue with it.

6. The Average Cost Of Fixing A Linkage In The Transmission

At times, the transmission linkage in your vehicle may not be in perfect condition.

It might be loose and will need to be taken through a diagnostic scan and will need to be tightened, this will cost $150.

If it has to be replaced, you will have to pay less than $250 for the parts and labor.

7. The Cost Of Repairing A Reverse Gear

Generally, the price of repairing the reverse gear of your transmission will be determined by the culprit causing the failure of the transmission.

If a control module solenoid that is externally mounted is the issue, repairing this should not take more than $300.

In other cases, the internal components might be the ones that are damaged like a bad transmission torque converter. In this case, you will have to pay more-from $650 to $1050.

This is a price range inclusive of the parts used for the repair, as well as the labor work needed to restore the reverse gear to optimal performance.

You should be able to repair any of the above issues affecting the transmission of your vehicle, thanks to the above information.

In some cases, the repair cost will vary from that indicated above, depending on the auto repair shop that you will deal with.

Other factors, such as the model, year, and make of the vehicle, will determine the cost of repairing the vehicle’s transmission.

What Factors Affecting The Turnaround Time For The Repair Of A Vehicle’s Transmission?

If you have decided to get your vehicle’s transmission system repaired, you will be worried about the time it will take to get the work done.

This should not be a major issue if you want the vehicle’s optimal performance to be restored.

The major factor that will be a significant determinant of the turnaround time for repairing a transmission is the labor required for the service.

If the mechanic has to do a lot to repair the transmission, it will take more time than when they just had to do a little.

In most cases, they might have to take some components aside and put them aside as they work to access the parts of the transmission that are damaged.

This is before they start repairing the damaged components of the transmission of the vehicle.

Another factor that will affect the turnaround time for the repair if the transmission is the type of transmission used by the vehicle.

Some transmission types are quite complicated, and this will require more time as well as a highly trained mechanic to have them fixed.

You should also know that the type or extent of damage on the transmission might also mean a longer turnaround time for it to be corrected.

If the degree of the damage on the transmission is vast, the mechanic will be more engaged when working to fix it.

If you had ignored the damage when it was at its early stages, its extent might spread to other components.

This is not only bad for the transmission but will also mean that the mechanic has to do a lot of work to repair it-hence more time for the task to be completed.

Before your transmission repair service is completed, the turnaround time might also be more when you need some parts for the repair service.

Some of the parts that will be needed to restore the optimal performance of your vehicle’s transmission will need to be imported, which will take time.

This is especially the case for the more advanced transmission systems, such as the continuously variable transmission systems.

Are Labor And Materials Costs Included In The Repair Cost Of Transmissions?

No, the labor work required for the repair of transmissions is not usually included in the quote that you get for the repair work.

When you get a price quote, you will need to clarify whether it also covers the service’s labor costs.

In some transmission repair services, the work needed to be done might be labor-intensive, and this will take a lot of money as well be time-consuming.

The cost of the materials used for the repair of the transmission of the vehicle may also not be included in the price quote that you get.

It might vary depending on the type of materials that will be needed for the task.

For this, too, you will have to get the repair shop to clarify the cost of each material that will be sued for the repair work.

Even though the repair service might sound simple and will be completed within a short time, this might not always be the case.

Getting to the vehicle’s transmission components might not be the easiest task as the mechanic will have to take out some other vehicle components. This is the reason for the sigh repair costs.


Repairing your transmission as soon as you realize an issue with it is important to enabling the vehicle to provide optimum performance.

The cost of repairing the transmission will be worth incurring if you want the transmission in your vehicle to work smoothly with no complications.

This should also work to prevent the complications from spreading to other components of the vehicle.


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Written by Kane Dan

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