What Wheels From Other Vehicles Will Fit Your Car?

Knowing what rims from another vehicle fit your car can give you a different level of driving experience

One excellent idea to give your vehicle an appealing look is by replacing the wheels’ set on them.

There are numerous types of car wheels that you can replace on your vehicle-some of which will ensure that your vehicle gets that fresh look.

This is surely one idea that will make your vehicle envy others when you take it for a drive on the road.

The big question is, what wheels from other vehicles will fit your car? Any brand of wheels can have provided they are of the right size.

You can also get the larger wheels, which are quite popular these days, provided you do some specifications.

Some vehicles share tires and wheels, which is determined by factors that make it possible for the set of wheels to be used.

Replacing the wheels on your vehicle with brand new wheels shouldn’t be a difficult task to get around to.

This article should help guide you as to what you should do so that the whole investment pays off.

It provides the instructions that will help you select the best replacement wheels for your vehicle.

4 Factors To Deal With Before Using A Wheel From Another Vehicle

Several factors will determine whether a set of wheels can fit in your vehicle.

Selecting the best option to use will ensure that the wheels fit perfectly in the vehicle and that you can drive it normally.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to drive the vehicle as you normally did, some of the underlying factors include:

1. The Pattern That Is Used On The Bolts

Different rims that are used in the wheels of vehicles are designed using various bolt patterns.

This makes the bolt patterns of the rims of the wheels one of the major factors that will determine whether the wheels will fit.

Using a set of wheels with a wrong pattern will make the wheels look out of place.

2. Tire Size

The size of the tire is one that determines the way the wheels fit on the vehicle.

There is an original setup that set of vehicle wheels have, and this is entailed in the wheel assembly and the tire diameter.

This factor will ensure that both the odometer and speedometer work appropriately.

3. Wheel Size

Another size that will matter when you are looking for a set of replacement wheels is the size of the wheels themselves.

You can know this by checking on the measurement of the wheels. A rim compatibility chart should help in this case when you are not sure how to go about it.

4. The Wheel Offset

The wheel offset can be described as the centerline’s length on the rim and the hub mounting surface.

This length is in meters, and you can get them in a variety of forms, they include:

  • Positive effect- you can get this in some modern vehicles and is a variation that consists of a hub mounting surface that is designed to face the front of the wheel.
  • Negative offset-in this case, the hub mounting surface is designed to face the rear of the wheel centerline’s brake end.
  • Zero offset- the hub mounting surface is positioned on the level of the centerline.

How To Determine The Right Size Of My Wheel

You can use the easiest ways to tell the appropriate size of wheels to use for your vehicle by checking the sticker plate and looking it up online.

The sticker plate contains details that should guide you to acquire an ideal set of replacement wheels.

Step 1: Acquire The Dimensions Of The Original Wheels

The dimensions of the original wheel of the vehicle can be found by simply measuring the diameter.

You can change the size for a bigger one, but you should know that a larger set of wheels will affect the vehicle’s performance.

Some vehicle owners may also go for a downsize of the wheels that will help you save-since the larger the wheels, the more they cost.

Step 2: Be Familiar With The Offset Of The Original Wheels

As indicated above, the offset of the wheels can be determined by measuring the distance between the centerline and the mounting pad.

If you ignore the wheels’ offset, they might rub on the body of the vehicle or make the brakes and the suspension system of the vehicle less effective.

Step 3: Be Familiar With Your Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern affects the size of the vehicle’s wheels because the number of lugholes and the diameter between the opposite holes affect the overall size of the wheels.

The pattern of the bolts is different from each vehicle, but some wheels can be used in any type of vehicle because they are universal.

All of the ways you can measure your vehicle’s wheel basically provides you with a parameter that you can work with.

The measurements are not exact, but an approximate will work as well.

What Can Happen If Using A Wrong Wheel Size?

The main effect of using a set of the wrong size of wheels for your vehicle is that it will affect your driving.

There are several factors that will also be affected by using the wrong size of wheels, they include:

  1. The poor performance of the vehicle-caused by excess negative offset, adding pressure to the vehicle’s suspension. This will be transferred to the steering wheel, making it less effective for tight situations like around tight corners.
  2. Excess positive offset also affects the driving experience by wearing out the brakes and the suspension’s inner parts. This affects the way the vehicle runs when you are driving at high speeds.
  3. Poor fuel economy-like when you use larger sizes of wheels, they will be affected with extra friction and have to use excess energy when moving. This leads to increased fuel consumption.
  4. Increased noise levels-caused by frictions between the large set of wheels and the body of the vehicle.
  5. The negative impact of the vehicle’s appearance- your vehicle will look awkward when you use a fairly different set of wheels.

But Is it Still Ok To Install Wheels Bigger Or Smaller?

Yes, you can get a set of replacement wheels that are either bigger or smaller than the original ones. It will take some adjustments, but this is possible.

However, you will have to get replacement wheels that have a similar rolling radius. The tires’ sizes will have to be adjusted so that they can fit in the wheel arches.

There are a few causes of worry that might affect the performance and experience you get from the vehicle.

For instance, using smaller wheels than the original will make the vehicle rest at a lower position and make it susceptible to damage when you go over bumps, and ridges-the chassis will be exposed.

Can I Replace 15-inch Wheels With 17 inches?

Working with a larger diameter of replacement wheels is possible, but there are a few challenges.

For instance, it will increase fuel consumption because of increased friction that will require more energy.

However, even as you are going for a larger will size, you will have to maintain some aspects such as the wheels’ offset.

Can I Put Two Different Size Tire On My Car?

Using two different sizes of tires is not a good idea because of the long term effect they have on the vehicle.

One major impact it can have on the vehicle is affecting the differential of the vehicle that is quite expensive to repair.

If the rolling radius and the diameter of the different size tires are the same, nothing won’t change in the short term.

What Cars Do 5×112 Wheels Fit?

The 5×112 size of wheels’ fits vehicles such as the Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.

What Cars Have A 5×105 Bolt Pattern?

Some of the most common cars that can fit the 5×105 bolt pattern include Chevy Aveo, Cruze, and Sonic.

You can replace your car’s wheels if it fits any of the specifications in the details.

What Other Vehicles Will Jeep Wheels Fit?

Some of the vehicles that could fit the Jeep wheels include the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models of vehicles.

The Mercury vehicle models that the Jeep wheels can fit include Ranger and Explorer and a few others.

If you are looking for what wheels from other vehicles will fit your car and ensure you can comfortably.


The wheels that you replace in your vehicles will determine your experience when driving the vehicle.

You can get a smaller or a larger set of wheels provided some factors are kept constant, such as the offset of the wheels.

There are ways that you can get the best fit even if you are going for a brand or an upgrade.


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Written by Kane Dan

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