How Long Does It Take To Replace A Windshield On Your Car?

Changing a car windshield at an auto repair shop and wonder how long it will take to get done

The windshield is one of the most important parts of the car.

This is as it not only gives the driver a clear view of the driving path and blocks the wind from blowing onto the car but it also has structure roles such as preventing the roof from collapsing on the passengers.

This is probably why you will need to ensure that your car windshield is in perfect condition every time you take the car for a drive.

You probably wonder how long does it take to replace a windshield? A windshield replacement would take 30 to 1 hour to be completed.

This is a service that you can get from an auto repair shop; some may even offer it for free when you purchase the windshield from them.

Windshield replacement is a good option to go for as it is a sure way of ensuring safety unlike going for a repair process.

Whether you paid for the windshield replacement by yourself or you had your insurance cover this, you will need to be careful what you do after this service.

This is because a simple mistake will cause the windshield to come falling off the car and onto the ground.

There are a number of tips, as you will get from this article, that will guide on what precautions to take after a windshield replacement.

Things To Consider About Windshield Replacement Time

An experienced technician would come in handy when it comes to windshield replacement time as they know their way around the windshields.

There are therefore, in a better position to respond to any of your questions.

They also recommend whether a full windshield replacement is essential or if you should just get it repaired.

Some windshields are covered with warranties that help in case they are not installed properly or that they happen to break prematurely.

If you chose a good auto repair shop, then there would not be a reason to worry as the warranty will come in handy.

At times all is needed is a repair service and your windshield would be good to go. It does not always mean that your windshield will have to be replaced altogether.

You can mitigate the extent of the damage by getting a chip or cracked looked at as soon as you notice one on your car windshield.

You can also quicken the process of windshield replacement by preparing it through removing stickers and even the rearview mirror.

Smaller Windshield Chip Is Faster To Repair And Save Money

When you notice a small chip on the surface of your car windshield, it is important that you have it checked as soon as you can.

This would prevent the chip from extending and you will have to deal with a much bigger elephant in the room.

This would also take less money to repair as well as less time for the technician to have it done.

When you are keen and notice such chips on the car windshield, you end up saving a lot that you would have incurred when being forced to buy a new windshield altogether.

List Of Popular Car Models: Average Windshield Replacement Time

The time taken for a windshield replacement varies from one model of car to another.

This is probably because some cars have special and unique windshields and hence the difference in waiting and replacement time from one model to the other.

1. 1993 Year Mercedes-Benz Model: 300SL, 500SL, 600SL

It would take a technician not less than 8 hours, and an average of 7.6 hours for the replacement process of the windshield of this car model.

This is because a lot of time will be taken during the removal of the side mouldings as well as taking out the windshield wiper.

1-2. 1998 Year Mercedes-Benz Model: SL500, SL600

The windshield replacement task for this model would take 7.6 hours before it is completed. If you own one of these, you will need to come back after maybe 8 hours.

This is because the technician getting this done will have to take some time taking out the side mouldings.

Moreover, since this model comes with a hardtop convertible, they might need help from a colleague when it comes to taking out the hardtop and putting it back safely.

1-3. 2002 Mercedes-Benz Model: SL500, SL600

It will take a technician not less than 8 hours, an average of 7.6 hours to get this done.

This is because they will need to exercise a lot of patience and take care not to damage the side view mirrors and the sun visors during the process.

1-4. 2010 Year Mercedes-Benz Model: SL500, SL600, SL63 AMG, SK65 AMG

Replacing any of the parts on this particular model of the Mercedes-Benz is quite labour intensive.

For the car windshield, it would take an expert an average of 7.3 hours to get it done properly.

This is because they will have to take off a number of parts to get to the windshield and later have to put them back in place.

2. 1992 Year Cadillac Fleetwood Black Glass Model

The windshield replacement process would take 7.5 hours to get done properly.

This is because the process will include the removal of the interior and installing back the vinyl top.

The technician will also be tasked with the vacuuming of glass particles that fall around the car seats.

3. 2010 Year Land Rover Model: LR3, LR4 Roof

Replacing the windshield on this car model would take a whole 8 hours for it to be completed.

You will need to bring it to the garage where it will be worked on by at least two technicians.

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Chipped Windshield?

A windshield chip repair will take not more than 30 minutes to be completed. This would be determined on the nature of some cracks.

Some will be quite big and complicated and this will take a lot of time to be repaired than others.

However, for ordinary cracks and chips that are the size of a quarter, the repairing process will not take more than 30 minutes.

Here is the article on How to Fix a Cracked Windshield if you like to repair it yourself.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Car Side Windows

Replacing a damaged side window will take at most an hour to get done by an experienced technician.

This is less complicated than replacing a windshield and you can drive off with your car immediately and will not have to deal with the tape as in the case of the windshield replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

You now know the replacement time of your windshield. You can also read the rest of the information below that is related to the main topic.

I believe that these will help you understand better when it comes to replacing a windshield.

Q1: Does Weather Affect The Time Taken On Windshield Replacement Time?

Yes, weather as well as other factors such as the type of the adhesive used to hold the windshield and the glass affect the time taken in replacing a windshield.

It would be unsafe to drive in a car whose windshield has just been replaced before waiting for the appropriate time period.

This would lead to an incident of the windshield falling off from the car which would be quite disastrous and costly as you might have to purchase a new windshield again.

Weather affect the curing time on a windshield replacement this would be seen during the summer season when the curing time will be much less.

This is because the high levels of humidity and warmer temperatures in the summer than in any other season enable the curing to be achieved quite faster.

During cooler temperatures, like temperatures below 40-degrees, the curing process would take longer.

This would force the technician working on the windshield replacement to go for more advanced products.

This product would be ideal as they would reduce the waiting time as well as make the windshield get attached to the car effectively.

Q2: How Soon Can I Drive My Car After The Windshield Is Replaced?

As indicated above, you will need to wait for a certain time period before driving away with your car after the windshield has been replaced.

This is not just like replacing a punctured wheel as there are a number of adhesive products that need to be given time to work.

This will ensure that they are able to hold the windshield onto the car.

For ordinary situations where the windshield has been replaced, you will have to wait for not less than an hour before driving your car.

This is important as it will give time for the curing process to take place.

Driving the car before the curing has been completed effectively may damage the bond between the windshield and the car and this might even make it fall completely while you are on the road.

While on the road, bumps and other instances like when you step on the brake pedal will interfere with the healing process.

The car should be packed in a space with ideal conditions that will improve the curing time, such as parking it in a place with warm temperatures.

Tips: A factor that will determine whether you can drive your car after just 20 or 30 minutes, is the type of adhesive product used for the replacement. The adhesive needs to dry up and some may even take the whole day, a quality one would take less than an hour.

Q3: How Long After Windshield Replacement Can I Wash My Car?

As indicated above there are a number of factors that interfere with the curing process after a car windshield has been replaced.

For instance, water and using a high force water hose might make the adhesive incapable of drying well.

You should probably wait for not less than 2 days, while waiting for a week before washing your car would be a good idea.

During washing of your car, in the case of a high pressure car wash, what happens is water is sprayed onto the windshield at high pressure.

This sort of disturbs the glass seal and mouldings of the adhesive used as they might not have completely cured at that point in time.

A hand wash would be a good way to clean your car if you just have to.

Driving during a downpour will not be an issue in the case of a windshield that has just been replaced. This is because rain water has no negative effect on the adhesive used.

It actually improves the rate of the curing process.

Q4: How Long Should I Leave The Tape On After Windshield Replacement?

The tape on the windshield should be left in place for not less than a whole day.

This tape is important in ensuring that the products uses in attaching the windshield to the car are not interfered with and hence are effective.

For one, after replacement of the windshield, you will need something to hold it intact in position and that is what the tape does.

The tape covers the seals giving the seals used ample time to dry without being interfered with external harsh conditions.

They keep away dirt and dust particles which might get in and damage the bond created between the car and the windshield.

You would also not want rain and debris to get to the seals as this would damage them and the windshield may be loosely held.

Q5: How Long Does It Take For A New Windshield To Dry?

A new windshield would take close to 2 hours to dry and this depends on a number of factors.

For instance, the weather conditions at that time would determine how long it would take the products used in attaching the windshield to the car.

Like on a hot and sunny day, the drying would not take even more than 20 minutes. It might only take 30 minutes at most.

The type of adhesive is another factor which affects the duration of the drying of the newly replaced windshields.

Some adhesive products are high quality and would take less than an hour while other might need a whole day before they dry up.

It is important that you consult the service providers on what should be done and what should be avoided as they are experienced on what improves the condition of the newly replaced windshield.

They also know which is the best adhesive product and for how long it will take before it dries and you are safe to drive off with your car.


Getting your windshield replaced altogether is a good idea so that you are on the safe side.

While repairing is an inexpensive way to solving this, replacement guarantees a safe driving time as the windshield is a new one.

A new windshield not only guarantees safety, but ensures that your car has that attractive and appealing look that it had when it was new.

Going for a reputable firm or auto spare shop would guarantee that your windshield has been replaced properly.

This is because there is no simple way of ensuring this unless it falls off, then the service would have been done poorly.

Therefore, get the best service for your windshield replacement or even repair.

The last thing you want is to create a scene in the middle of the highway when your windshield falls off!


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Written by Kane Dan

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