How To Fix A Cracked Windshield

Driving a car with a cracked windshield may be a danger of breaking glass, that's needed to be fixed

The windshield might perhaps be the most sensitive part of the car; given that it is made of glass.

The bad thing being that the windshield of most cars is exposed to almost anything that is out there such as bricks, blocks and anything else that is hurled towards the car.

Advanced windshield is designed in way that they may not shatter and let the object hit whoever is inside but the integrity of the windshield will be lost; hence need a repair or replacement altogether.

While a replacement would be the best option, it might be expensive and not be recommended in the case of slight cracks and chips.

Do you know how to fix a cracked windshield? A car windshield can be repaired using the following simple steps:

  1. Check The Nature Of The Chip
  2. Take Your Car To A Shade
  3. Clean The Chip
  4. Place The Adhesive Disc On The Chip
  5. Application Of The Resin
  6. Use The Syringe To Push The Resin Deeper Into The Chip
  7. Remove The Whole Setup

The car windshield is not only important for clear vision of the driver and the passengers in the car, but it is also for the structural support of the car.

This would work in the case when a heavy object lands on the roof or the car rolls over with you inside.

In the case that the windshield is in good condition, you will not be that hurt as it would hold the roof and prevent it from knocking your head.

However, some damages on the windshield, such as cracks and chips, make it weak and hence will shatter with the slightest knock and be unable to hold the weight of the roof.

What Things To Be Careful When Your Windshield Is Cracked

A cracked windshield does not only impair the vision of both the driver and the passengers in the car, but it also has some other dangers.

Most of these arise because the windshield has a structural function and having it in poor condition such as with the cracks makes it less capable of performing its function.

For one, a windshield that is not in good condition will be unable to transfer the force during a frontal collision to the chassis, like it is supposed to, this will lead to the passengers sustaining several injuries after the collision.

Another instance is if you are involved in a rollover accident the roof might easily collapse on those inside as the windshield will not be strong enough to hold its pressure.

Both the front and rear windshield are designed to be strong enough to hold the weight of the roof of the car.

A cracked windshield may easily shatter and hence incapable of holding the weight of the roof when the car rolls over.

Similarly, if you are driving in a car with a cracked windshield, you might easily be ejected to the outside in case of an accident.

A damaged windshield will also be unable to deploy an airbag in a similar situation as it would be unable to hold up the force during the impact.

This might cause those inside to sustain injuries when they hit themselves on the dashboard or any other tough surface ahead of them.

Windshield Chip Repair Guide: 7 Steps To Follow

Most windshield repair options would be ideal to help prevent the chip or cracking from spreading and being more complicated to deal with.

This would work to help you before you can get the time to take your car to be checked by an expert in an auto shop.

Using a repair kit would be highly helpful in the case that you want to effectively repair your windshield and have it in good working condition.

1. Check The Nature Of The Chip

The first step is to check the chip or crack on the windshield if it can be repaired.

You will need to check if there is a hole which will be needed to inject resin into. You should also check for an air gap as well as the size of the chip or crack.

The chip should not be bigger than a quarter. Chips that occur too close to the metal frame would mean that you just have to replace the windshield altogether to be on the safe side.

And you can ask a mechanic to do the job for you!

2. Take Your Car To A Shade

You will need to park your car under a shade and ensure that the windshield is not too hot. This would ensure that the repair process is done in an effective manner.

The windshield should be warm and away from direct sunlight before you begin the repair process.

You can then tape a dark cover on the inside so that the chip is easily visible from the outside.

3. Clean The Chip

Take your safety pin and clear any tiny broken pieces of glass.

You can then use the clean alcohol wipe that will help in the case of creating and adhesive bond used in the repair process.

Do not lean heavily on the windshield as this might cause the chip to spread and be much longer.

4. Place The Adhesive Disc On The Chip

The next step is placing the adhesive disc on the chip such the center covers the chip. You should then place a pedestal over the chip.

5. Application Of The Resin

Apply the resin to the chip using the pedestal that is already in place. You should get a masking tape to avoid the resin from spreading to other parts of the windshield.

You should then place a syringe over it and pull the plunger so that the air is pulled away from the chip.

6. Use The Syringe To Push The Resin Deeper Into The Chip

Using the syringe, make sure the resin gets to the bottom part of the chip.

This is accomplished through getting rid of trapped air and pushing the resin deeper where it is needed to act.

7. Remove The Whole Setup

The last step is to remove the syringe, pedestal and adhesive disc from over the chip as you will have completed the task.

Do not wipe the resin with a paper towel as this would contaminate it and reduce its effectiveness.

Instead get the resin and place a single drop right over the chip and place the curing strip and cover the chip.

You will need to let it cure for a while and you will have completed the task.

For more details, you can watch this video:

How To Stop Cracked Windshield From Spreading

Tiny chips or scratches on the windshield are bound to spread and this is because of too much cold and dust getting into them.

After some time, you would be looking at an ugly crack that will take some significant amount of money to repair.

You can prevent the chip from spreading by using any of the above solutions below:

  1. Using Super Glue or Nail Polish: They will keep away dust and moisture from entering the chip and causing it to spread.
    Parking the car in a shade will help prevent uncontrollable spreading of the chip that might be encouraged by too much direct sunlight.
  2. Windshield Repair Kit: The repair kit is another temporary solution if you have a slight crack or chip on your windshield as it would help prevent them from spreading. The repair some kits are effective for any type of user, whether you are experienced or a beginner.
    Therefore, you should not worry if you are not a handy man as a good quality kit would be quite easy to use and also enable you get the repair done in a quality manner.
    The crack just has to be a small one as a bigger crack might be difficult to get repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know how to repair your cracked windshield. What you are going to learn next is you will see questions where people often asked when it comes to this subject.

Keep reading!

Q1: Can A Cracked Windshield Be Repaired?

Yes, ordinary cracks that may occur on a windshield due to slight knock from a debris or a small block falling onto the windshield.

The type of windshield crack that can be repaired is one that is not so big as the one caused by a repair tool such as a pair of pliers falling onto it.

This might not cause the windshield to sustain a lot of damage and hence repair is possible.

A windshield crack can be repaired and this is determined by a set of factors such as the size, depth, location and type of the crack.

For instance, if the crack occurs on the side of the driver, then it should not be repaired as this would decrease the driver’s clarity of view when driving.

Long cracks, multiple small cracks on the windshield and even cracks that damage the sensors on windshields of some cars might just mean that the windshield is to be replaced as repairing it will not make it work as it used to before.

Another factor that determines whether the damage on the windshield can be repaired is how long you leave it unattended to.

For instance, you might have notice some chips on the windshield and ignored them.

These chips tend to form cracks and in the end you have a greater and much severe damage to deal with.

The location of the crack or chip on the windshield will also guide you on what to do, either to take it for a repair or simply have it replaced.

For instance, a crack or chip that occurs on the edge of the windshield interferes with the strength of the bond between the windshield and the metal frame of the car.

This makes it weak and if ignored can cause harm to those in the car.

Other damages that would mean that you simply have to get a new windshield are those that occur on the inside part of the windshield, those that have been examined and seen to be deep on both sides of the windshield and cracks that are contaminated.

Having these repaired would seem like a waste of time as it may not be long before you have to get an expert repair them once again in future.

Q2: How Big Of A Crack Can Be Repaired On A Windshield?

When you spot a chip that is almost the size of a quarter or a crack that runs up to three inches long, then it can be repaired.

You just have to make sure that you let an expert examine it as soon as possible.

This is because if you delay the cracks or chips tend to increase in size due to dust particles getting in them and hence you might have to deal with a much bigger deal.

The size of a chip or crack that can be repaired on a windshield depends on the repair company that you are dealing with.

Some repair companies are highly experienced and are equipped with advanced equipment that will get the job done even on a slightly bigger chip or crack as the ones mentioned above.

The technology used to repair cracks and chips on windshields is becoming more and more advanced and hence the effectiveness in providing a solution for cracked windshields.

Q2-1: How Big Of A Crack Can Safelite Fix?

Safelite has the technology that would help repair a crack or chip on your windshield that is not more than 6 inches.

The crack should not be bigger than this as having a bigger one than this would make it difficult for the guys at Safelite to repair the windshield effectively.

Their team of trained experts can be able to get a crack or chip that is less than 6 inches long quite easily.

In the case of chips, Safelite can come to your rescue if the chips on the windshield are not more than three in total.

Having a windshield that has more than three chips on it can be quite challenging to fix as it would not return the windshield to its previous clarity form as it was before.

At Safelite, if the damage on the windshield occurs in front of a camera or a sensor, then they would get it fixed in no time and in a quality manner.

This is in the case of windshields that are more advanced than the ordinary type and have sensors and even a camera on them.

Such can be quite complicated to deal with especially when the damage extends and affects the sensors and the cameras.

Q3: Can I Fix A Cracked Windshield With Super Glue?

Yes, super glue can be used to repair a cracked windshield.

If you notice a crack on your windshield just early in the morning as you are preparing to take your car out for a drive, super glue would be a good option to keep the damage on the windshield in control.

However, you will have to monitor the crack from time to time or even have an expert have a look at it.

This is because the damage may extend and hence cause you to deal with a much complicated issue in the near future.

What super glue does is that it keeps the crack in check and prevents it from spreading and being longer in such a way that repairing it won’t be effective.

Super glue comes to your rescue when dealing with a cracked windshield for certain types of cracks.

Caution: It would not work for certain types of cracks or chips since it really isn’t a perfect solution for repairing cracks on the car windshield, but is simply a temporary solution.

Q4: How Do I Fix Cracked Windshield With Nail Polish?

Nail polish is another simple solution that would come to your rescue when you notice a small crack on your windshield and are not ready to take it to an expert to have a look.

Clear nail polish would be a temporary fix since it has the ability to fill the nooks and crannies that forms as a result of very tiny windshield chips and cracks after they dry.

What the clear nail polish does is to seal these chips and cracks and prevent the cold from entering which would otherwise cause the crack to spread to an uncontrollable size.

  1. The first step of fixing a cracked windshield with clear nail polish is to clean the affected area using soap and warm water.
    Dry the affected area using a clean and dry towel until the surface does not have any drops of water that might reduce the effectiveness of the nail polish.
  2. The next step is to start applying the nail polish on the affected area using its small brush. You should thereafter let it dry and you will be done with this fixing process.

Using the clear nail polish is not a good option to go for in the case of a crack or chip that is fairly large as it will not be that effective in this case.

In some states, it would be illegal to use this repair method as there are standards set on the how to repair your windshield the proper way.

However, for small chips and cracks, it would be ridiculous to take your car to a repair auto shop and this method would be the best option for you.

Q5: What Is The Best Windshield Crack Repair Kit?

The windshield is probably the most likely part of the car to get damaged due to its sensitive nature and the fact that it is quite exposed.

In the recent past, the only way to deal with a damaged windshield was to get a totally new replacement and have it fixed while the old one is just disposed of in the garage or something.

Of late, there have been developments that have seen the invention of methods of restoring the integrity of the windshield using some kits that work to repair the damage.

The best of these kits are discussed below:

1. Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

This is not like any Do It Yourself kit in this list as it has been praised by many to be quite effective.

This is due to its simple usability and the fact that the equipment here is highly effective. It works best to prevent the chips on windshields from spreading to uncontrollable state.

I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
07/21/2022 12:11 am GMT

2. Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

This would be an ideal choice to go for if you are seeking more permanent repair solution. It works well even in the case of a bull’s eye type of crack that would be difficult to work on using other kits.

You just need to give the crack a longer curing time and it will be better than had you used another repair kit.

I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
07/21/2022 12:07 am GMT

3. Clearshield Professional Auto Glass Repair Kit

This is a professional repair kit that would come handy for repairing both cracks and chips that form on the car windshield.

It is easy to use as it is a beginner level type of kit and anyone will be able to make use of it using the set of instructions included in the kit.

The equipment is also highly effective and can produce quality results for many different damages.

I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
07/21/2022 12:03 am GMT


As seen above, cracks and chips on windshields are quite common since damage on the car windshield is inevitable.

When the windshield is damaged, especially on the driver’s side, the driver’s view is interfered with and they can’t clearly see the driving path ahead.

When a crack or chip occurs on the windshield and it is quite small, it tends to increase in time and be more destructive and less safe for those driving in the car in question.

Whether to repair or just replace a windshield on your car depends on a number of factors, such as the size, nature, type and location of the crack on the windshield.

In some cases, it would not help repairing the windshield as the condition of the crack would be bad and hence replacement is the only solution.

You should be keen to notice cracks and chips forming on your car windshield to avoid dealing with a much challenging and complicated damage on it.


1. Safelite –


Written by Kane Dan

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