How To Clean Between Car Seats And Centre Cons

Learning the methods of cleaning the tight areas in your car

Do you know how to clean between car seats and center consoles? If you are here to seek the answer to this question, you are in the right place.

Cleaning the areas around the seats and center consoles can be very tricky. These areas are tremendously hard to reach, as they have less space. No matter how much you try, there will be residue left.

If you are willing to master the art of cleaning between the spaces and consoles, you need to follow the steps and do as directed.

To clean the area completely, you will need to adjust your car seats by pushing them back or forwards (depending on which way you are cleaning). Then, remove every piece of paper, packet, or anything that’s lying here and there.

Now, use a crevice brush or hand bristled brush to clean the areas.

The process is discussed in detail later in the article.

If you have the right tools with you, you can easily get into the gaps and remove the dust.

Quick Tips On How To Clean Between Car Seats And Centre Console

  • Never use harsh cleaning tools or solutions; it can badly damage the car’s interior.
  • Car interior components are pretty delicate; when cleaning them, make sure you are gentle on the surfaces.
  • Do not use harsh brushes, and the bristles can pull out the fabrics.
  • If you are using sprays, do not spray inside the car, it can badly harm the window tints.
  • Always use a soft or any microfiber cloth.

Materials You Will Need

  • Ultra-soft detail brush.
  • Soft cloth.
  • Compressor.
  • Wet/dry shop vac (a good quality, with at least five horsepower).
  • Attachments to your shop vac (for reaching out to tight areas).
  • Steamer.

6 Steps To Clean Between Your Car Seats

People have a hard time getting into tight areas and cleaning the area. Also, seats and accessories eat up the space of your car, and you should not use any kind of detailers that can damage the fabrics or harm the car’s interior hardware.

It is better not to use any sharp, strong, weighted tools or gadgets for cleaning your car seats and console because not only can it harm your car’s interior, but it can harm you too.

Here is how you should clean them:

Step 1: Remove Waste From The Car

Before you start cleaning off your car seat and console, you need to remove everything, such as pamphlets, papers, packets, and other materials from your car.

Step 2: Adjust The Seats To Access The Dirty Area

After removing things, it is time to shift or push your seat back as far down you can. This opens up the spaces, and you can reach to place and clean. Although you should have time, you cannot fasten the process. Cleaning a car takes a lot of time.

Step 3: Use The Appropriate Tool

Now, as the seat has been moved, you can see dirt under the seat. Unfortunately, this dirt cannot be cleaned with your shop vac. Instead, you need to use the brush; it should have soft bristles.

Use the brush and gently brush off the surfaces, this will bring out the stubborn dirt, and the floor will look clean again. After cleaning the sides, you need to get down and brush off the lower back of your seat. Adjust the seat according to your need.

Do not use hard stokes to clean, and it can damage the floor of your car.

If you wish, you may use an air compressor and gently blow the dirt out of your car. However, there is a chance of leaving residue, which should be cleaned using a brush.

You may do this with whichever tool or gear you find convenient.

Step 4: Clean The Back End

After cleaning the front area:

  • Move to the back end.
  • Open the door and push the seat forward. This way, you can access the remaining space under the seat and clean efficiently.
  • Repeat the steps for the sides of your car.

Step 5: Clean The Seats

Do not leave a spot uncleaned. Cars can get dirty quickly, and it is hard to clean because of the stubborn dirt particles. After cleaning the floor, you need to clean the seats.

Look if the seats are stained. To clean the stains, hold up the steam cleaner over the stain. A steam cleaner can make the colors lose, and you can wipe it off with a soft brush or soft cloth. This will help you clean and seats in a better way.

That’s about it for cleaning the seats and the floor of your car.

Step 6: Let Dry

Now, leave your car and allow the areas to dry off.

Here’s the helpful video, please watch:

6 Steps For Cleaning The Console

If your car has a chrome finish or painted metal finish, you need to use a soft, detailed brush. However, using a harsh brush can damage your car, and you need to fix that first.

So how are you supposed to clean your car console? Here is how:

First, I do not recommend using steam cleaners or vacuum cleaners on the dash and center console. Instead, use soft bristle detailing brushes. Brushes are the way to make your clean super clean. Mark my words.

So, to clean the dash and center console, you need some brushes and a soft cloth.

Step 1: Use The Best Tool Possible

Start off cleaning the AC vents, and they are the toughest to clean. It is hard for any vacuum cleaner to clean the vents. Use a brush instead, and brushes can go all the way inside and remove the dust in there. AC vents do not look good if they are dirty.

Repeat the same for all the other AC vents in your car.

Step 2: Clean The Dashboard

Now it is time to clean the dash. To clean the dash effectively, you need to use a soft cloth. You can use a cleaner if you wish. I recommend using regular water. Spray the water on the surface of the fabric and gently swipe over the dashboard.

A microfiber cloth with high plies is the best because the textures of the fabric can attract dust and hold on to the dust. This is why you should always use soft cloths on sensitive surfaces like dashes and panels.

Do not spray water on the cloth in the car; the mist will spread on the seats and other surfaces.

Step 3: Clean The Other Components

Use the same trick to clean the infotainment screen, buttons, and other components. You will be surprised to see how efficiently this trick works.

Step 4: Clean The Gauge Bezel

After cleaning the screen and button, move on to the gauge bezel.

Do not think of using a paper towel or anything dry on the gauge bezel. It can affect visibility and lead to scratches.

You need to take a soft towel, damp it a little with water or spray water over it, and gently wipe the gauge bezel with minimal pressure.

Do not use compressed air to clean the gauge bezel either. If you see dirt inside the plastic bezel, you have to take the entire system out and clean it off.

Step 5: Use A Cleaner

This step needs a spray made for cleaning the interior of your car.

So, take a brush, a light spray of the solution, and gently brush the surface of the dash. The movement of the brush over the surface will remove the marks and dirt efficiently and restore its look.

Use the same trick to clean the rest of the units of the dash and center console. And that’s about it.

Step 6: Let Dry

Now, leave your car and allow the areas to dry off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Clean My Car Interior If It Has A Gloss Finish?

To clean the glossy interior of a car, you need to use a wash and wax cleaner. You can easily get it in your local hardware store.

All you need is the solution and a clean and soft towel. Then, spray some of the solutions to the towel and gently buff it over the surfaces. Yes, that’s how you should do it.

Q2. Why Is It Unsafe To Spray Cleaners Inside The Car While Cleaning?

It would help if you never sprayed things in your car while cleaning because you cannot control the mist. The mist tends to move upwards.

If the sprays come in contact with glass, they ruin the glass tint that you have. Tinting a glass is pretty costly, so be cautious when handling with sprays and cleaners.

Q3. How Do I Clean The Trunk Of My Car?

You need a soft cloth, water, cleaner, wipes, and a vacuum cleaner to clean a trunk.

Start with cleaning the outside of your trunk with a moist towel, apply minimum pressure to get rid of the dirt and stains.

Next, wipe off the rubber layer of the trunk using the wipes. Lastly, use a shop vac on the walls and surface of the trunk. That’s it, and now you have a brand-new trunk.


So, you read this article till here, well I hope now you know how to clean between car seats and center console. So many people want to know the right procedure to wash their car’s interior.

Keep yourself from using any harsh cleaners and gears, as I mentioned above. Stay cautious and clean. Do not rush, and you can hurt yourself and your car yourself.

If you ardently follow these steps, you will be impressed with how good your car will look after cleaning the interior. This guide is guaranteed and tested, and I hope you find this article resourceful.


Written by Kane Dan

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