How To Install LED Headlights In Your Car

Removing and adding new LED headlights in my garage

Car headlights need to be at their best when you occasionally drive through dark paths or even through thick fogs.

You need a set of headlights that light the path in an excellent way to ensure that you have the best visibility and that other motorists get to see you well.

This is the main reason why going for a LED headlights upgrade is a great idea if you want to be on the safe side.

An upgrade can be done for almost any type of car, even if you own one that was not fitted with this type of headlights when manufactured.

Do you know how to install LED headlights by yourself? You can get your new set of Light Emitting Diode (LED) installed through the following process:

  1. Getting The Right Kit
  2. Set Up For The Installation Process
  3. Taking Out The Headlight Bulbs
  4. Install The Headlights
  5. Connection Of The Ballast
  6. Secure The Ballast
  7. Try Out Your Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights

It is important to have your car headlights as soon as you notice that they dim out completely or simply burn out.

Car headlights in this condition are quite dangerous when you are driving at night.

It is therefore necessary to examine your car headlights for wearing out cases, dimming or even cracks.

You should also get them replaced if they are not as bright as they used to be, hence less safe for you.

What Are LED Lights?

Light Emitting Diode (LED), are used to illuminate the path that you are driving in. they are designed to be long lasting and produce as enough light as possible.

This ensures high efficiency and effectiveness in the amount of light produced by the headlights while driving.

Some are designed to produce a high capacity of lumens that are determined with the type of car you are driving; such are the best when driving in fairly dark conditions.

You will notice that the light produced by Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlights is much brighter than normal lighting devices.

Such types of lights are quite expensive and on the higher side in terms of cost but you are guaranteed a longer lifespan and high lighting efficiency in the long run.

This article can help you determine to choose which LED headlights fit your vehicle best!

Things To Be Mindful When Installing LED Headlights

The first thing to consider when going for an LED headlights upgrade is if it is legal.

This is because some of them produce too much bright light that interferes with the sight of other motorists.

The next thing to consider is if the set of LED lights you want to install are compatible with your car.

Some of them may not fit in your car because they are too big or even too small.

The LED lights might also need enough venting that regulates the heat produced when you switch on the headlights. Unlike the normal headlights, this type tends to produce a lot of heat.

There should not be any plastic on the surrounding of the LED lights as they might melt the plastic with too much heat produced when they are working.

Tools To Need For Replacing LED Car Bulbs

When replacing your set of headlights and installing a new set of better performing LED lights, you will need to use the following tools to get the task completed with the least of troubles.

This will ensure that you are protected and that the set of headlights is not damaged.

The tools include:

  • Flat screw driver
  • A clean rag or cotton gloves

7 Easy Steps DIY Guide To Installing LED Headlights

An expert or technician might be an option if you do not want to try and get the work done by yourself.

However, you might end up paying for a service that you can accomplish yourself.

The process of installing new car LED lights is as explained below:

1. Getting The Right Kit

There are a variety of LED headlights you can choose from; some may not go well with the type of car you own.

A certain type of LED headlights may also not be ideal for the type of lighting you are used to.

For instance, you can choose from either a single beam or a dual beam headlight.

The single beam can produce either high beam or low beam, you can only get one of these.

One headlight assembly is designed with two pieces of bulbs that perform each function. For the dual beam you get a choice that produces both the high and low beam.

2. Set Up For The Installation Process

You should first mark or rather examine the type of car headlights that you currently have fitted in your car.

This can be done by parking your car a distance from the garage and switching the car headlights on.

You should then mark the beams produced by your car headlight. You can get this done using either a masking, a duct or an insulating tape.

You should be keen not to damage the wiring of the headlights as this will need the intervention of a technician or an expert.

The ballast should also be away from harm’s way. A drilling equipment or a number of self-tapping screws can get the ballasts secure before any other action is done.

3. Taking Out The Headlight Bulbs

You can then proceed to take out the headlights. The headlight can be accessed in a variety of ways depending on the type of car you are dealing with.

With most cars, you can remove your headlights by opening your hood and getting to the headlights.

The next step is taking the wire that connects the electronic system of the car to the bulbs of the car headlights.

You will need a flat screw driver to get this done easily. You can then release the bulb by gently turning it until it is loose.

When you notice a metallic base in the set of the car headlights, which has a tensioned wire, you should press the tensioned wire until it unlocked.

Using this process, the headlight will be able to come out easily.

4. Install The Headlights

You now get to the easy part of this whole process, installing your new set of LED headlights.

You will need to wear a clean set of gloves or use a clean rag to get this done.

Cotton gloves are recommended as they will ensure that your skin is protected from the bulbs and that the bulbs are not damaged when you touch them with your bare hands.

It is important that you do not leave marks on the car headlight bulbs such as your finger prints or anything else.

You should also be careful not to connect the bulbs too tight as this might damage the set of car headlights altogether.

5. Connection Of The Ballast

You should now connect the end of the connector on the ballast to the bulb, the other end goes to the electronic wiring of the car.

This connection should be well done so that the electrical circuit is complete and that the car headlights should be able to work when switched on.

6. Secure The Ballast

The ballast should be placed in a flat surface that avoids it from jumping up and down or even from bumping onto surfaces.

This might be destructive if you do not place it on a safe place, especially when the car is moving. A drill or self-taping screws will secure the ballast.

7. Try Out Your Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights

You will have then completed the process of installing your set of LED headlights, you will just need to ascertain that you have completed the task successfully.

This can be done by trying the car headlights through turning the ignition on and switching your car headlights on.

The car should be able to illuminate the same position as before. That is on the marks that you had initially marked with tapes.

If the car is just at the spot you had placed it before, the beams should be at the same place, if a deviation is noticed, you should correct until the beams are at the same place.

This famous YouTuber also explains how:

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you understand how to install LED headlights in your car?

Below, the questions you will see are often asked by people who have the same issue as you. If you like to learn more, then I recommend you continue to read!

Q1: Why Is It A Good Idea To Convert Halogen Headlights To LED Headlights?

LED headlights are becoming quite popular as the LED lights are even being used for lighting homes or even sports fields.

For the car headlights, they might be a better option and replace halogen lights that are not as effective, efficient or even as long lasting as the former.


  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Are highly effective and efficient
  • Are bright enough
  • Designed to be quite attractive and unique, which is a bonus against other options
  • Can be customized


  • Are costly
  • Produce too much heat hence you will have to get a cooling component
  • Takes a lot of effort from the manufacturer to design

Q2: How Long Does It Take To Install LED Headlights?

Installing your LED headlights whether you seek the assistance of a technician or you get it done by yourself should not last more than half an hour.

A technician might be able to get it done in even twenty minutes while doing this by yourself will last for a period depending on your experience.

You might encounter some complications that would cause a delay for you during the whole process.

Q3: Can I Put LED Headlights In Any Car?

No, you cannot fix the LED headlights in any type of car. This is because some cars are not designed with the space of the car headlight that will be able to fit.

You will also have to abide by the regulations set as some LED lights can be too bright an affect the visibility of other drivers who are using the same road as you.

You will need to consult your technician or mechanic before buying a set of car headlights as there are a number of details that need to be checked.

This would help avoid purchasing a set of LED car headlights that might not even fit in the position of the headlights.

Q4: Do LED Headlights Need A Ballast?

No, they do not need a ballast. You do not have to use a ballast for your LED headlights even though there are some options that come with an already fixed ballast.

A drive is used in the case of a ballast and does a similar function. It works to limit the electricity that flows and ensure that the current is consistent.

The driver is in built and that is why most people would think that they fixed an LED headlight without one.

Q5: How Much Are LED Headlights?

The LED headlights will not cost more than $100 for each set of headlights.

The price set depends on the type of the headlight that you are purchasing, since there are various designs you can choose from.

Some types of LED headlights tend to be more attractive or even differently designed by the manufacturer and hence the difference in their prices.

If you would wish to have the headlights installed in place of your current ones, then you would be charged a price in the range between $70 and $150.

This mainly depends on the type of car you own. Some cars are designed in a manner that accessing your car headlights can be quite complicated than usual, and hence you might be charged a higher price.

Q6: Where To Get LED Headlights Installed If You Don’t Want To Do It By Yourself

If you need to focus on other tasks or you just can’t get your car headlights upgraded for LED headlights, then you can get a professional do the installation for you.

A technician might be what you need when you realize that you have to deal with complications concerning your set of headlights regularly.

This is because they will be able to realize and correct any issues that need their attention.

An expert is able to solve any of your headlights issues and not only installing LED headlights.

These include dealing with hazy headlights, headlights that are yellowish and hence unable to produce enough brightness needed for effective lighting of the driving path.

Pep Boys Is The Place Where You Can Get Your LED headlights Installed

Pep boys is one dealer of car auto parts that offer this service for your car headlights.

They guarantee a quality service from their technicians who also ensure you have a fruitful experience altogether. Among the services include cleaning of your set of headlights.

They also get your headlights upgraded for a suitable choice of LED lights that will make it safer for you to drive at night.

They also have a variety of options that will make your car more attractive; there are numerous designs of LED headlights you can choose from.

At Pep boys, installation of your car headlights would not cost you more than $100.


An LED headlight upgrade is the best option if you want to prioritize your safety when driving at night.

It also ensures that your car has that attractive look and is easily visible to other motorists who are on the other side of the road.

Upgrading your car headlights for a set of better performing ones can be quite expensive. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

But if you like to save money, then my LED headlights replacement guide above will also guarantee you a safe driving experience when you are driving through too much darkness or through a thick fog.


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Written by Kane Dan

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