How To Find The Paint Code Of My Car By VIN

Finding the color of your car by using the vehicle identification number

If you want to have a paint job for your vehicle, you will have to get the exact paint done for it.

This is essential to prevent the vehicle from having a set of mixed colors that will have it regain its appealing outlook.

The paint code will ensure that you are accurate and get the desired results for the paint job-especially when you are working to repair minor scratches on the body of the vehicle.

The paint code of the vehicle can be found using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The paint code can be found from the VIN and is usually a special code that consists of three to six unique character-containing, a combination of letters and numbers.

The paint code can be found from the VIN for vehicles that are manufactured after 1981, because the VIN for the vehicles manufactured before 1981 does not have the paint code included.

The VIN of the vehicle can be acquired from several parts of the vehicle even though it is not out there in the open.

If you can’t find it from the specified vehicle, you can always check the specific vehicle documents that should contain the VIN.

For instance, the certificate of registration, the vehicle’s title, insurance and the repair records for the specific vehicle should have the VIN.

This should make the whole process smooth for the sake of knowing the exact color of the vehicle.

What Is VIN?

After the manufacture of any vehicle, it is assigned with a special code that is referred to as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

It is a code that is a combination of seventeen characters with both letters and numbers.

The characters don’t have any spaces in between them. There are also no letters such as Q, O and I to prevent confusion with similar numbers- 0 and 1.

The VIN can be decoded to provide information and details concerning the manufacture and details of the vehicle.

Where On The Vehicle Is The VIN Located?

Some of the areas on the vehicle that you can find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) include:

  1. On the dashboard of the vehicle (on the driver’s side)- can easily be seen through the windshield.
  2. On the door pillar of the driver’s door.
  3. Below the hood of the vehicle-positioned just in front of the engine block.
  4. The front end of the frame of the vehicle-for older models of vehicles.
  5. Below the handlebars of the vehicles-in case of motorcycles.
  6. The vehicle’s legal documents such as the certificate of vehicle registration, liability insurance documents.

What Is The Importance Of The VIN?

For any particular vehicle, the Vehicle Identification Number is quite important.

It contains details concerning the vehicle even though in a detailed and coded manner. It is also used by several data registries to store the history records of the vehicle.

The VIN also ensures security because the VIN will help you know whether the vehicle has been stolen or not.

One major importance of the Vin is that it helps you get to know the history of the vehicle when you want to buy a second-hand vehicle.

One important detail is it will indicate the previous owners of the vehicle.

Other important details that will be indicated by the VIN is whether the vehicle had been involved in an accident before.

This will be helpful to let you know of any mechanical issues that might affect the vehicle.

Other important history details provided by the Vin include whether the manufacturer has ever recalled the vehicle.

You will also get to know important repair record details for the vehicle.

As indicated above, the VIN will enable you to get an accurate color of the vehicle. This will ensure that you get the accurate paint on it whenever you take it for a paint job.

What Is A Color Code?

A color code is a 3-6 character-long code consisting of both numbers and letters. It is used to get the exact color of the paint of the body of the vehicle.

A perfect match can’t be found using only the color name of the paint of the body.

What Are The Differences Between Color Code And Color Name?

A color code is an accurate definition of the paint of the vehicle that can’t be described by the color name.

The color name is a little bit vague because colors come in a variety of shades that can’t be derived from the color name.

The color code ensures that the paint job of the vehicle is done using an accurate shade for the body of the vehicle.

What Is The Procedure Of Finding The Paint Code By Using VIN?

As indicated above, to obtain an accurate paint code for your vehicle, you can always use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

This is the process you can use to get an accurate paint code from the VIN to work with:

  1. Locate the vehicle information sticker- this is a sticker that contains information that contains information concerning the vehicle.
    It contains a barcode and other information such as the model and manufacturing details of the vehicle. You can get the sticker on the driver’s door, below the vehicle’s hood or on the driver’s interior dash.
  2. Check the exterior paint codes that should be on the information sticker- the VIN might have the code clearly indicated for the paint of the vehicle. This varies from one manufacturer to another, and you should be able to get the specific color code.
  3. If you can’t get the specific words of “color” or “paint”, look for the “C” code that will identify the paint code you are looking for. The shorthand “Tr” may also be an indicator of the color of the vehicle’s trim.

How To Match The Paint Color After You Find The Paint Code From The VIN

The VIN does not provide a direct indication of the paint code of the vehicle but simply provides pieces of details of the same.

The VIN can include a code that will explain the color code of the vehicle to use accurate paint for the body of the vehicle.

When you want to get the original color of the body of your vehicle, you can always contact the dealership from which you purchased the vehicle.

The dealership will ask for the Vin, and they can use the color code and look up the original color of the vehicle.

Another Way To Find The Paint Code

One way you can use to find the paint code of your vehicle is through locating the seller and asking them about the same.

The car dealership can help to accomplish this, and all you have to do is check the internet.

The car information sticker should also provide you with the color code of the vehicle.

This particular sticker will be found in any of the designated parts of the vehicle that is stated below.

Where To Find The Car Information Sticker

Apart from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can always get the accurate paint of the vehicle from the car information sticker.

The sticker contains other useful information such as the make or model of the vehicle and other details about it.

It is also referred to as the service parts identification sticker or the vehicle certification label.

This is one of the most important ways that will ensure that you are familiar with an accurate original color of the vehicle.

The car information sticker can be located on either of the following areas depending on the manufacturer:

  • Most manufacturers have it located on the door jamb of the driver’s door.
  • The driver side door.
  • On the sun visor that is on the passenger’s side-for the passenger sitting right beside the driver.
  • Beneath the seat of the driver.
  • It may be located on the firewall that separates the engine compartment from the passenger cabin.
  • Beck section of the center or middle console.
  • Inside the glove box or just below it.
  • The wheel well for the spare wheel.
  • The lid of the trunk.
  • The strut tower located in the engine bay of the vehicle.
  • On the radiator of the vehicle.

Otherwise, the vehicle’s owner manual should indicate an exact location as to where you can find the car information sticker.

Paint Color Code Location By Car Makers

Car Maker: Location:
Ford On The Driver’s Door Jamb
GMC In The Glove Box
New Chrysler Models On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Old Chrysler Models On The Firewall or On The Passenger Side Door or On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Chevrolet Service Parts Identification Sticker
Dodge On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Toyota On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Nissan On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Honda On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Subaru On The Passenger Side Door
Mitsubishi On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Mercedes On The Driver’s Door Jamb or On The Radiator Crossover or On The Support Bar
BMW On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Hyundai On THe Driver’s Door Jamb
Kia On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Bentley On The Driver’s Door Jamb
Land Rover On The Radiator Support Bar or On The Driver’s Door Jamb


When you want to use the right shade of color painted on your vehicle, the color name might not be any useful.

This is because the color name might not be accurate as it is quite vague.

However, a color code has got your back, and it will indicate an accurate original color that will describe the color of the vehicle’s body.

You can acquire the color code from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

You can always acquire the VIN from designated parts of the vehicle, and this special number will also describe numerous other information about the vehicle.


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Written by Kane Dan

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