How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows?

Tinting your car windows cost will change based on the material of window tints and a car you drive

Quality window tints are done to complete the appealing look of the vehicle as the tint improve the attractiveness of the vehicle.

You should be able to see how appealing the vehicle appears when the tint on the windows is in perfect condition.

To ensure that the tint works to improve the appearance of the vehicle, you should always work on the tint- it would be a bad idea to ignore the tint until it starts peeling and starts looking odd.

The big question is “How much does window tinting cost?” The cost of tinting your vehicle windows by yourself at home will cost you not more than $100 and will only need you to purchase the car tinting kit.

If you wanted the tinting to be done professionally in a dealership, you should be ready to pay not less than $200 and $400 on the upper side.

Whichever way, you should go for a selection that best suits you and your needs.

There are a variety of types of tints that you can have for your window, and this factor will affect the overall cost.

Some of the common window tint options that you can go for include; dyed tint, carbon-based tint, ceramic tint and multi-layered window tint.

You should always select an option that works for you and which is the best quality you can get.

Why Is It Better Idea To Get My Car Windows Tinted By A Professional?

Having your windows tinted by a professional is a better option than doing it yourself. But you can learn here.

This is because the professionals are probably experienced and know the best way to get the task done.

You will get quality work done than in the case when you tried to do the tinting yourself.

Moreover, tinting the vehicle windows by yourself ensures that you abide by the state laws concerning window tinting- you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of the law as there are laws concerning window tinting in the country.

Doing the tinting of your vehicle’s windows by yourself might be less costly, but you might not be able to produce the best of standards as a professional would.

4 Different Types Of Car Window Tints And Their Price

There are quite several factors that will determine what you pay for the window tinting service. Some of which include the area that the tint is to cover or the size of the vehicle.

However, the major difference that will affect the price range of tinting the windows of any vehicle is the type of tint that you want.

Some of the common types of tints and their price ranges are discussed below:

1. Ceramic Window Tint Cost

Ceramic is a window tint alternative to go for if you are looking for a heavyweight window tint.

It is layered with several carbon sheets and works excellently to protect passengers from the heat outside.

The cost of tinting three vehicle windows using the ceramic window tint is $399, for five windows it is $449 and $499 for seven windows.

Is Ceramic Tint Expensive?

Yes, ceramic tint is fairly expensive compared to other types of window tints that are in the market. This is because of its top-notch performance and unmatched high quality.

What Is The Advantage Of Using Ceramic Tints?

The main benefit that you would realize when going for ceramic window tint is that it is a high-quality tint and possesses non-conductive ceramic properties.

How Long Does Ceramic Window Tint Last?

Ceramic window tint is highly durable and can last for longer than any other alternative.

Ceramic window tint can last for as long as 10 years before you will have to get them replaced.

They can maintain their original color for a long time, and windows tinted with ceramic may also not get broken that easily.

2. Dyed Window Cost

Dyed window tinting is a high quality of tint that blocks the glare of sunlight using multiple layers of dye.

It will cost you $129 for three windows, $199 for five windows and $249 for seven windows.

Is Dyed Window Tint Good?

Dyed window cost works well in protecting passengers from the outside heat and ensuring privacy.

However, it does not match the performance of high-end window tints when it comes to protection from the disruptive glare of the sun.

It also fades with time and requires to be replaced within a shorter time horizon compared to other alternatives.

Dyed Window Tint Vs. Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tints are the best alternative to go for when compared to the dyed window tints.

This is because of their proven performance such as high resistance from heat, privacy assurance and the fact that they are highly durable than the dyed window tint.

3. Carbon Window Tint Cost

This is a basic window tint that works to keep the passengers protected from the excessive outdoor heat.

It will cost you $129 for three windows, $199 for five windows and $249 for seven windows.

Which Is Better Ceramic Window Tint Or Carbon Window Tint?

Ceramic window tints are the best types of tint to go for compared to the carbon tints.

This is because of their proven capabilities and their ability to last for a significant time before they start fading.

4. Multi-Layered Window Tint Cost

For the best driving experience without the interference of the glare of the sun, then you should go for the multi-layered window tint.

It is also the best when you are going for improved protection from the outside heat that can make it a nightmare being in the vehicle on a fairly hot day.

It will cost $249 for three windows, $299 for five windows and $349 for seven windows.

The Average Window Tinting Price For Sedans, Coupes, Trucks And SUVs

Tinting your vehicle’s windows vary with the type of car as well as the size of the windows.

On average, this is the price that it will cost you to have your vehicle windows tinted.


The most affordable price that you can be charged to have your vehicle windows tinted is $50 for each window and $250 for all seven windows for your Sedan.


The average cost of tinting your Coupe is $120 and $450 on the upper side.

You might be charged fairly higher than this if the Coupe has a steep rear window or if the windows are curved.


The average cost of tinting the windows of your trucks is $350. However, you might be charged more than this figure if the truck is fairly bigger.


The average cost of tinting the windows of SUVs is not less than $250 and not more than $750.

This price is much higher because of the nature of the windows on SUVs-the windows are large and taller than compared to other types of ordinary vehicles.

The Average Cost Of Adding Tints To The Car In The Different Country

The cost of window tinting by country is as detailed below:


In Canada, you can have your vehicle windows tinted at Mr Tint.

It will cost you $110 for the two front windows, $220 for the windows of your four-door Sedan and $240 for your SUV.

There are different price offerings which depend on the type of tint that you want to be done by the company.


If you are in the UK and would wish to have your vehicle windows tinted it will cost you not less than $200 and not more than $500.

This varies from one vehicle model to the other, and you might pay more for the tinting of larger vehicles.


In Australia, you should be ready to pay in the range if $300 and $800 for the tinting of the vehicle’s side and rear windows.

You could get a competitive price range than this depending on the professional dealer that you get the services completed at.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, you might have to pay close to $1000 to have the windows of your vehicle tinted.

Of course, this depends on the size of the windows and also the type of vehicle that you own. It may take more or less depending on these factors.


If you are seeking to have the windows of your vehicle tinted in India, you should ready to spend not less than Rs. 200 for the service.

You might be charged close to Rs. 15000 for the same services if more labor and a greater amount of tint is needed for the service.


There are many reasons that you can want to have the windows of your vehicle tinted.

You may want to protect yourself from the glare of the sun, for privacy, to improve the general appearance of the vehicle, for safety purposes and also to protect yourself from the outside heat that can make staying in the car during the hot summer days unbearable.

Either way, you will want to ensure that you get the highest quality of window tint that will guarantee these functions.

The different types of window tints and their costs are detailed in the article above.


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