5 Best Group 51 Batteries Reviews

Replacing a new group 51 battery in my garage

Every vehicle owner understands the need to fit the perfect car battery to juice their vehicle round the clock.

That is why they give just enough attention to the battery they purchase and will always want to maintain a specific car battery brand still.

With the numerous sizes of car batteries, this can be a daunting task, but with a good guide, you can get one that suits you well.

There are many sizes of car batteries that are suited to fit different types of vehicles, such as group 51 and 65.

In whatever case, you just have to make sure that the car battery you get for replacement fits perfectly and is not subjected to any complications.

This will ensure that you continue using the car battery for a long time without experiencing any major issues.

This article outlines some of the best brands of group 51 car batteries you can get for your vehicle.

These brands of car batteries have been tested and approved for use and are fairly durable and offer the best performance whenever you are driving your vehicle.

What Is A Group 51 Battery?

The group 51 car batteries are a popular type of car batteries commonly used in most vehicles.

The Battery Council International and measure approve them at 9.3X5.0X8.75 (inches).

If your owner’s manual recommends the group 51 car battery, it would be wise that you stick onto this type of car battery so that you get the best experience out of it.

What’s The Difference Between 51r And 51 Battery?

As indicated above, the group 51 car batteries are identified with 9.3X5.0X8.75 (inches).

There is an almost similar group of car batteries referred to as the group 51R type, but which is a little different.

For the latter, the terminals are reversed compared to the group 51 car batteries.

5 Top Rated Group 51 Batteries Comparisons

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1. Optima Batteries 8071-167 D51 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

This is simply the perfect choice of group 51 car battery to work with if your vehicle has deep-cycling needs.

You should get this “juice-box,” especially if your vehicle is fitted with several electronics that require a reliable power supply for a long time.

For the modern vehicles fitted with electronics such as stereos, air conditioners, several headlights, and other electronics, you will need a reliable power source to have them powered up reliably.

The major undoing with this group 51 car battery brand is that the warranty might not be to your liking. With every purchase of this product, the warranty is short, which is unexpected with such products.

On the positive side, you get a car battery that does not require a lot of maintenance work, as with other brands.

Durability is also ensured thanks to the fact that it is vibration resistant and thus not susceptible to damage by the same effects.

The manufacturing process of this car battery integrates modern technology that guarantees efficiency.

This works to ensure tolerance when you are dealing with this particular car battery.

You can rely on this brand of car battery even when the temperatures are extremely low.

Therefore, during the cold winters, you get the perfect start for your vehicle and have the car running smoothly with enough power delivery.

You will also enjoy the low self-discharge rate of this car battery and the efficient way it performs when connected to your vehicle.

With conventional types of batteries, not only the group 51 types they have to be recharged for a long period.

With this brand, this is not the case as it can be recharged within a short time, and you can get to use it conveniently.

You will also benefit from the fact that it is spill-proof and guaranteed to last for a long time.

Like most car batteries in this list, this is a brand that you can rely on.

The power output and the performance from this alternative of group 51 car battery are simply impressive. It is also a car battery that you can rely on due to its durability.


  • This is a dual-purpose car battery
  • Recharging is simplified
  • Maintenance is at minimum capacity
  • Spill-proof
  • Efficient even during extremely cold temperatures
  • The self-discharge rate is fairly low


  • Comes with a fairly short warranty
Optima Batteries 8071-167 D51 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery
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2. Delphi BU905P MaxStart A.G.M. Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 51P

Even though this particular brand of group 51 battery comes second in this list, you can rely on it to provide high-quality performance.

This works to ensure that you get a reliable juice box that you can use for a long time in your vehicle.

The Delphi BU905P MaxStart A.G.M. car battery might not be the best when it comes to deep cycling. Therefore, if deep cycling is a feature that you are keen on, you can always get this performance from other brands on this list.

You can rely on the Delphi BU905P MaxStart A.G.M. Car Battery to power up your modern vehicle.

This is because of its ability to power up whatever electronics fitted in your vehicles, such as the heavy stereos, air conditioning systems, and even the lights.

This battery’s cold-cranking amp is rated at 325Ah, which is just perfect for the best starts.

This works to provide you with an exceptional start, even when it is extremely cold outside. The reserve capacity is 60, which is just enough.

This is a durable group 51 car battery that you can rely on because of its vibration resistance that ensures it is not subject to damage because of vibration.

This is a plus compared to most types of car batteries in this group size.

Durability is also ensured due to its ability to resist damage caused by corrosion and the best venting system.

The posts are also fortified and the straps and the welds on this product, thus making it a long-lasting car battery.


  • Durable product
  • Corrosion resistant
  • The CCA is good for excellent starts


  • Doesn’t perform that well when it comes to deep cycling
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3. ACDelco ACDB24R Advantage A.G.M. Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery

With an A.G.M. design, you can rely on this ACDelco ACDB24R Car Battery to provide you with exceptional performance for a long time.

These are the type of car batteries connected to your vehicle and will deliver just enough juice to have the vehicle powered up all through.

This is because of the high-quality products that are associated with A.G.M. products.

Unlike most options in this list, regular maintenance of this group 51 car battery is needed to ensure topnotch performance. The terminals are also fairly smaller and not the standard size, as in some cases. You might also not get the best performance out of this car battery if you don’t own a Toyota Prius.

Durability is one factor that should not be overlooked when you are shopping for any size of a car battery.

With this alternative, you are guaranteed of durability thanks to its spill-proof nature.

The shelf-life you get with this option is much enhanced compared to other alternatives in the market.

The ACDelco car battery works to provide enough power to vehicles, and this is not only limited to the Toyota Prius for which it was designed for.

You can count on it when it comes to power output because of the technology that it was designed with-the valve-regulated recombinant technology, which enables it to deliver power three times an original battery can.

The pressurized valve is lead proof, which ensures that the battery lasts for a long time.

This ensures its reliability and topnotch performance for the entire time it is connected to your vehicle.

This also ensures that whoever uses this car battery is safe and not at risk of being harmed.

The terminals will also last for a long time because of its advanced protective design that works to ensure that it is not damaged or doesn’t dry up.

You will find this group 51 car battery to be fairly affordable compared to most options in this list. It is also easy to install and not as complicated with some alternatives.


  • The spill-proof feature ensures durability
  • Durable
  • Longer shelf-life
  • Resistance is enhanced


  • Terminals are fairly smaller compared to the standard size
  • Works best for the Toyota Prius
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4. Exide Edge FP-AGM51R Flat Plate A.G.M. Sealed Automotive Battery

One unique feature that sets this Exide Edge FP-AGM51R Automotive Battery apart from the rest in this list is the SureLife Graphite technology.

This feature ensures that this car battery can deliver sufficient juice to the vehicle for longer periods.

If you are looking for longevity for your car battery, then this might not be the best. This particular alternative will have to be replaced every two years or so.

If you own a heavy vehicle fitted with several electronics, this will work for you. It provides power to every item in an efficient manner.

You don’t have to worry about poor starts as this is maintained even if you have the stereo and other electronics powered on.

A.G.M. technology is a persistent feature that you can rely on so that your car battery works as it should.

This technology works to prevent complications caused by spillage that may affect the lifespan of the car battery.

Like most high-quality car batteries, this one undergoes tests that ensure it is excellent for use before selling.

This should convince you of the best performance that this car battery will provide for your vehicle.


  • The spill-proof feature ensures durability
  • Delivers power efficiently
  • Installation is quite easy


  • Replacement is needed after a couple of years
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5. X.S. Power D5100R XS Series 12V 3, 100 Amp A.G.M. High Output Battery

The X.S. Power D5100R XS Series Car Battery is designed with the A.G.M. technology, which should convince you of top performance.

This will work to ensure that you don’t have to deal with numerous complications, like in the case with other options.

This car battery’s durability could do with a little advancement to match most of the options on this list.

Some of the features that ensure that this car battery will last include being spill-proof, sealed, valves are regulated, and many others.

Either of this works to ensure the durability of this car battery and it being used reliably. This is a type of group 51 car battery that should match your expectations.

Other benefits you get from this car battery include vibration resistance and low internal resistance.

You could also find it convenient because it can be mounted in almost any position.


  • Vibration resistant
  • Spill-proof
  • Durable
  • Valve regulated


  • Not the best option when it comes to longevity
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Car batteries determine the experience that you get from your vehicle on a general note, and that is why you need to pay close attention when buying one.

When you are looking for a replacement, you will have to get the best fit to not have to deal with complications later on.

The group 51 car batteries, as highlighted above, are specific for some cars, and they will guarantee the best performance as long as you obtain the best brand to work with.

If you are also interested in finding out the most popular car batteries, you can click here to check them out!

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