5 Best Group 94R Batteries Reviews

Looking to buy a reliable and powerful group 94r battery for my automotive

As all vehicle owners know, the car battery plays a significant role in determining the vehicle’s general performance.

That is why there is much focus on the brand of a car battery that you have connected in the hood of your vehicle.

Given the fact that there are numerous brands in the market today, choosing one that will be effective for your vehicle can be an uphill task.

You shouldn’t worry as this article has got your back covered!

As you might know, apart from a dedicated brand, you have to get the perfect group size battery for your vehicle.

The manufacturer usually advises the group size that will offer optimal performance in a vehicle and it should be adhered to unless advised otherwise by a professional.

One common group size is the group 94R car battery, which offers excellent performance in several vehicles’ models.

What Is A Group 94R Battery?

According to the Battery Council International (BCI), the group 94R car batteries are of the dimension of 315X175X190mm.

What sets this group size of car batteries from others is its ability to deliver an excellent start and also work well for the quick start-stop needs of the vehicle it is used in.

The group 94R car batteries are used in several renowned vehicle models- most of which require high levels of power for optimal performance.

The vehicle models here include the BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen, and other marine vehicles too.

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5 Top Rated Group 94R Batteries Comparisons

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The group 94R car batteries are characterized by the unmatched starting capacity regardless of the temperatures outside as well as their ability to be recharged within a short time.

Moreover, they are capable of meeting the demands of a modern vehicle model that is fitted with several electronics that would otherwise drain a conventional car battery.

Some of the best brands of Group 94R car batteries include:

1. ACDelco 94RRAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery

The ACDelco 94RRAGM is a brand of a car battery that you can trust for the optimal performance of your vehicle all through.

For starters, this is a brand that is renowned for high-quality products and practical designs for all its products.

It is also designed for longevity thanks to several features that make it less vulnerable to some conditions that would affect a conventional car battery.

If you own a BMW, you can get a better car battery for your vehicle. This is not the best group 94R car battery that would provide you with excellent performance for your BMW. Some alternatives would power it up more effectively.

The practical design of this car battery should be enough to convince you of its potential as a juice box.

One practical design is a vent cap that works to avoid leakages and also limits the effects of shock on the components of the battery.

Calcium lead plates are also a unique design on this car battery that is worth talking about- they are designed to reduce resistance and also enhance conductivity.

For durability, there is a feature on the components of the car battery that allow for cooling. It also works to limit the effects of shock.

This also ensures that you can drive the vehicle for a long time without the car battery failing at any point whatsoever.

The terminals on this car battery are also designed to limit the damage caused by corrosion on them- this will work to keep the car battery in perfect condition for a long time.

General details that should convince you of the capacity of this car battery include its Cold-Cranking Amp rating that is at 800A.

This ensures that you can start the car excellently even when it gets too cold outside.

An oxygen recombination feature also works to prevent loss of water from the car battery and hence limiting the need for the frequent maintenance of the car battery.

Performance is a factor that you might want from any car battery, and this particular option does not fail.

Apart from the above features, performance is also guaranteed by a high-density paste- a unique feature.


  • A high-density paste that guarantees top performance and durability
  • Vent cap design that works to prevent the occurrence of leakages
  • Provides the best starts even when it’s too cold outside


  • Does not offer the best performance for BMW
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2. Delphi BU9090R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 94R

The Delphi BU9090R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 94R is a brand of a car battery that is quite popular.

This is thanks to its features that offer exceptional performance for a compatible vehicle model it is used in.

Before you get one of these, you will need to consult a mechanic as some vehicles may not fit it. Some models and years of vehicles may not be compatible with this car battery and hence the research that is needed before you buy one of them. Some customers have also complained about the car battery failing or dying out prematurely.

With a cold-cranking amp rating of 800A, you will enjoy some of the best starts of the vehicle. This beats some car batteries that produce dull and discouraging starts in cold weather conditions.

The reserve capacity, which is rated at more than two hours, is also a feature that you will love from this car battery brand.

Vibrations are the major cause of damage to an ordinary car battery, but that is not the case with this brand.

The vibration resistance on this car battery works to protect the important components on this car battery and ensure that they work as they should.

The internal components are not affected by rust or corrosion thanks to a manifold venting system.

The A.G.M technology works to give the car battery with a significant cycle life that also ensures optimal performance all through.

You will also enjoy recharging intervals that will be of many conveniences to you.

You also get to carry around this juice box much easier thanks to several features, including strengthened posts, straps, and welds on each of them.

The installation of this car battery is also not limited to one position. This is thanks to dual vents that ensure that it can be installed either in the trunk or cabin. You can also store it in an open circuit.


  • Unmatched cycle life
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Can be recharged within a short time
  • Fortified straps and welds make it securely portable


  • It may die prematurely
  • Not compatible with all models of vehicles
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3. Odyssey Battery 94R-850 Performance Automotive Battery

The Odyssey Battery 94R-850 Performance Automotive Battery is a brand that you can get if you want to experience topnotch performance.

Its seamless features make it one of the top-rated group 94R car batteries that can match the needs of a modern vehicle.

The performance of this group 94R car battery is not as reliable as you would expect. This might be disappointing because most brands on this list are highly reliable.

Modern vehicles are fitted with several electronics and also have a demanding engine.

Some car batteries may be unable to deliver power to these car batteries consistently and may fail after just a few miles of being used. However, this car battery delivers power extremely well.

An unmatched Cold-Cranking Amps of 1500A might be enough to power your vehicle. This is a rating that a few car batteries can be able to deliver, and you get that from this alternative.

The reserve capacity, at 150 minutes, is also not disappointing as the performance of the battery is not limited in any way.

Other features that will make you confident when using this car battery is long life and ability to work well in deep cycle demands.

A.G.M technology on this car battery ensures that the acid is not destructive. It does this by preventing spillages that might otherwise affect the components of the car battery.


  • Beats the OEM batteries
  • Designed for extreme duty
  • CCA is ranked at 1500A
  • Reserve capacity is rated at 150 minutes


  • The performance is unreliable
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4. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 94R (L4) Battery

The NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 94R (L4) Battery is a battery brand that is manufactured in America and provides some of the best performances.

Unlike conventional car batteries, it showcases superior performance all through.

The only shortcoming is that this car battery is quite heavy and this limits its portability. It is also quite costly compared to the prices of the brands on this list.

The brains behind the manufacture of this car battery ensure that you get your money’s worth for each purchase.

With some of the best features from a car battery, you will surely not regret the experience that you get from this alternative.

Its excellent CCA rating works to provide the vehicle with perfect starts regardless of the outside conditions.

This means that your vehicles are guaranteed perfect performance from the juice box, however harsh the outdoor conditions are.

The A.G.M technology, like it’s the case with most brands in this list, guarantee that you get high-quality performance from the battery.

The technology does this by ensuring that the internal components are not exposed to any factors that might have them damaged.

Moreover, you don’t have to frequently water levels or clean the terminals that are oiled by the spillages.


  • Long-lasting
  • Not affected by harsh weather conditions
  • Performance you can rely on


  • Costly
  • Bulky thus limiting its portability
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5. Deka 9A94R AGM Intimidator Battery

The Deka 9A94R AGM Intimidator Battery is a group 94R car battery that offers one of the best performance in any vehicle it is used in.

For starters, the brand has built a reputation of coming up with some of the best designs that will ensure that customers get an experience worth their money.

Before you get this brand of group 94R car battery, you will have to consult your mechanic. This is because it is not compatible with just all vehicles that work with this group size of a car battery.

You will enjoy the idea that it takes just a couple of hours to recharge this car battery- and you will be back to using it in the vehicle in no time.

On the other hand, the car battery can power up your vehicle for a long time before dying out. This works for the case of modern models of vehicles that have several electronics fitted on them.

You will also not be dragged into frequent maintenance work because of a unique electrolyte suspension system.

This will cancel the need for you to check on the condition of the electrolyte as frequently as in the case of an ordinary car battery.

The glass mats also work to absorb electrolytes and prevent it from running out.

The general specs on this car battery are those you can work with. Therefore, you should not worry about the CCA rating from being unable to match the power needs of your vehicle model.

This is a car battery that offers an unmatched performance thanks to its seamless practical features.

Like most of the brands in this list, you get a group 94R car battery that you can rely on for a long time.

Therefore, you don’t have to deal with the shortcomings that are common with conventional car batteries that might not be up to the task.


  • Maintenance-free
  • Installation is not limited to one position
  • Practical design


  • It is not compatible with just any model of vehicle
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There are several group sizes of car batteries, but one group size that stands out amongst all of them is the group 94R batteries.

As indicated above, the battery brands that are in this category are significantly powerful, and this is seen in the vehicle models they are used in.

Moreover, the batteries here are useful for a variety of other purposes, such as for industrial and marine vehicles.

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