5 Best Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries Reviews

Knowing what type of vehicle can have a group 27 deep cycle battery

When looking for a deep cycle battery with huge power storage, it’s wise to search for group 27 options.

These batteries usually have the higher specifications that can suit your deep cycling needs.

Group 27 batteries have reserve capacities ranging between 140-220 minutes, which is convenient when used in applications such as boats, RVs, and golf carts.

This allows for a longer usage period without requiring recharging. They also have higher cold cranking amperes (CCA) compared to regular batteries.

You can get a Group 27 deep cycle battery with as much as 1000 CCA, which makes it easy to operate in very cold temperatures.

If your vehicle needs massive startup power, then you should be looking at what group 27 deep cycle batteries have to offer.

In this list, I’ve compiled 5 of the best group 27 deep cycle batteries you can get today.

5 Top Rated Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries Comparisons

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1. VMAX MR127 Marine Battery

If you’re looking for the ideal battery for your heavy-duty trolling motor, the VMAX MR127 Marine Battery is a great fit.

It provides 100Ah, which gives a longer run time for boats and trolling motors. This ensures that you don’t have to go back to the dock early because of a depleted battery.

This is a durable group 27 battery designed to withstand both exterior and interior conditions, hence providing better performance than most regular batteries.

The body is made using industrial-grade plastic and tin alloy plates. Other materials used are shock and acid proof, protecting the battery from any damage caused by chemicals and physical impact.

On the interior, this battery contains AGM VMAX plates that are more reliable than wet lead cell acid batteries.

These plates are able to fully absorb the electrolyte, leaving no chances for spillage. This also makes the VMAX battery non-hazardous and therefore better for the environment.

This technology allows for optimal delivery of power. It’s also why this battery has a fast charge rate and requires no maintenance.

With this, you’ll spend less time tending to your battery and more time using your vehicle. The sturdy design also makes this battery quite resistant to vibrations and shocks.

This ensures that the battery stays intact and maintains its performance throughout its lifespan, unlike other batteries with limited protection that would easily fail in such rough settings.

This battery is heavy, weighing about 68 pounds. You may, therefore, need help to carry and install it properly. Fortunately, it’s fitted with handles to make this a bit easier.


  • Charges quickly
  • Durable
  • Study build that can withstand physical impact


  • Heavy

2. Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M

Optima is one of the leading manufacturers of marine batteries. They utilize spiral-cell technology to design their batteries, and this gives them better performance capabilities than lead-acid batteries.

This is an Optima BlueTop Battery with 800 CCA and a reserve capacity of 140 minutes. Optima BlueTop batteries are designed to provide a reliable burst of power at startup and for cycling duty.

It has a huge cranking power that makes it a true deep cycle battery, able to support high demand electronics and other accessories including fish finders, GPS systems, and stereos.

The cells inside this battery are compressed into chambers where they’re secured with cast cell connections. This gives the Optima battery 15 times more resistance to vibrations.

Vibrations can result in battery failure, so this is an important feature that eliminates constant worry over the state of your battery.

These tightly sealed cells give this batter longer life, make it more vibration-resistant, and are spill-proof.

It contains glass mat separators that fully absorb the electrolyte, making it possible for you to mount this battery in any position without worrying about leakages.

This battery can handle 3 times more recharges over its lifespan than regular batteries.

You can therefore expect to be using this battery for a much longer period than you would with other options in the market.

The Optima BlueTop battery is great to use in small-medium size boats that only contain few electronic accessories.


  • It’s durable
  • Stable performance
  • Spill-proof
  • Vibration resistant


  • Heavy
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3. PowerStar Group 27 12V 100Ah Battery

Looking for a top performing battery for marine use or more? The PowerStar Group 27 12V Battery is a great fit for your needs.

This battery is constructed to last long while providing efficient power, and with no maintenance required.

It has a sealed construction that ensures that no electrolyte leaks through the terminals or the case. This provides for safe and non-hazardous operation.

This battery is designed with absorbent glass mat technology.

It uses fine glass fiber separators that absorb electrolyte for a longer life span. This design also makes sure that you can use this battery in any position without worrying about leakage.

With this battery, you’ll not need to add water or check the gravity of the electrolyte. It’s completely no-maintenance and will work well throughout it’s lifespan without requiring you to do any of these.

Also, its design does not provide for these maintenance functions because they’re unnecessary.

This is a battery that you can rely on for steady performance thanks to its resistance to vibrations, shock, and vibrations.

Coupled with the fact that it doesn’t require any maintenance, these features make this one of the best marine batteries you can get.

The one downside to this battery is that it’s quite heavy, weighing 72 pounds. You may therefore need to get help during installation.

It’s also large and cannot fit into small battery spaces. This limits the equipment in which it can be used efficiently.


  • Leakage-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be mounted in any position


  • Heavy, therefore difficult to move around or install on your own
  • Doesn’t fit in small battery spaces due to its large size
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4. Banshee D 27 M 8027-127 Battery

The Banshee D group 27 8027-127 is a direct replacement battery for the Optima D27 8012-127 batteries.

It’s a good choice for reliable energy storage and long lasting performance thanks to its unique internal construction that differs from other batteries.

It utilizes thin plates instead of spiral wound cells. This ensures that all available space is utilized optimally for maximum reactions and therefore, more power.

Thanks to the increased surface area, Banshee is able to provide twice more power than conventional batteries.

This battery utilizes the Enhanced Flooded Battery technology. It’s an improvement of the standard wet flooded technology, which is not suitable for deep cycling or sustained high power demands.

EFB enables better charge acceptance and improves cycling durability. Its main shortcoming is that such a battery cannot be positioned upside down or on its side.

It has 400 charge-discharge cycles to a discharge depth of 80%. This is more recharging capability than you’ll find with regular batteries.

This means that it has a long lifespan and can also be used for long periods of time before requiring a recharge.

The Banshee battery is suitable for deep cycling and can provide engine cranking at very low temperatures with its CCA rating of 800.

This battery has dual terminals to allow deep charge and support long slow recharge.

One of the terminals has stud configuration, while the other is threaded. It comes with a built-in hydrometer that you can use to check the state of the battery life at any time.

The Banshee group 27 is a suitable starting and deep cycle battery, able to get your RV on the road and to provide power to the cabin electronics.

It’s also fit for marine applications where you need a battery that runs for long. This battery comes with a flip handle for easier handling and portability.


  • Lightweight
  • Performs well in low temperature


  • Limited installation flexibility
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5. Universal Power Group 12V AGM Battery

This is a sealed lead acid battery that can support deep cycle needs for equipment that require a slow but steady draw of energy. These include solar panels, golf carts, and campervans.

It utilizes AGM technology that absorbs the sulfuric acid, making it a leak-proof, no-maintenance battery. This technology also renders the high performance capability, with longer lasting power delivery.

It’s also a fast charging battery, getting to full capacity faster than regular batteries. In addition, it holds charge for long, which makes it more reliable.

If you store this battery for a while, you can rest assured that it’ll maintain most of its charge.

It’s able to maintain a standing discharge of less than 3%, which is more impressive than most batteries in the market.

This means that you’ll not have to keep recharging it when you’re not using it in fear that it’ll discharge completely.

This battery is small-sized and easily portable. Due to this, it can easily fit into small battery spaces. However, it’s on the heavier side, weighing 63 pounds. This can make installation a bit of a hassle.

The sealed lead acid and AGM technology provides impressive protection from vibrations and shocks which can lead to battery failure.

This helps in keeping the battery in its best condition for the longest time possible.


  • Easily portable
  • Charges fast


  • Heavy
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Q1. What Is A Deep Cycle Battery?

A deep cycle battery is constructed to be regularly discharged, using most of its capacity. It’s also made to withstand frequent recharging.

Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates compared to regular starter batteries.

This enables them to withstand frequent deep discharging and recharging, which would otherwise drastically affect the lifespan of a conventional battery.

You should use deep cycle batteries when you need a steady supply of power over a long period.

These batteries are especially good for marine uses. They’re also great for use in golf carts and RVs.

To increase the life span of your deep cycle battery, make sure to charge it to full capacity each time.

Q2. What Is A Group 27 Battery?

Group 27 batteries are some of the largest and most powerful batteries in the market. These batteries usually have 66-220Ah, 140-220 minutes reserve capacity, and between 600-1000 CCA.

Battery groups were established by the Battery Council International that set standards and specifications for marine and automotive battery manufacturers.

The group sizes are determined based on physical dimensions such as length, height, and width. They also consider terminal types and battery voltage.

Group 27 batteries commonly have more amp hours compared to those in the lower group values. They’re usually used in marine, RVs, and off-the-grid applications.

They’re also heavier than regular car batteries, weighing between 54-70 pounds.

Q3. How Can I Choose The Right Battery Group For My Vehicle?

Check your vehicle’s manual to find instructions about the right battery group size to get.

Only the right group size will fit in the battery compartment provided, so you should check this before buying a new battery.

Pay attention to all the letters and numbers because they can make a huge difference in the dimensions of the battery.

When making your purchase, also check information about the group size on the sides of the battery.


Group 27 batteries provide great deep cycling capability that you cannot find in other sizes.

They come with a longer lifespan and high power storage capabilities, which are necessary for some automotive and marine uses.

Besides power capacity and lifespan, these batteries are also more reliable when it comes to cold cranking amperes, ampere hours, and vibration resistance.

Regular batteries are unable to withstand the huge startup power demands that a Group 27 deep cycle battery can handle.

They also cannot remain in good condition when subjected to the same amount of vibration or shock that these deep cycle batteries can withstand.

Therefore, if you need a battery that will be able to provide a huge power output over a long period, maintain top performance with regular recharging, and make it through vibrations, a deep cycle battery is a great option.

These batteries are also great for large battery compartments that may not fit smaller sizes.

To top all this, these deep cycles are no-maintenance so you can use them throughout without having to make any changes to the internal components.

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