5 Best Group 31 Batteries Reviews

Fitting the group 31 battery to my vehicle

Every vehicle owner understands how to get an excellent replacement for their car batteries- as this will ensure optimal performance.

Similarly, you won’t be dragged to deal with complications that might arise from using a car battery that is not the best fit.

Therefore, as a car owner, you need to be familiar with the group size that is suitable for your vehicle.

There are several group sizes for the vehicles as indicated by the Battery Council International- one of which is the group 31 batteries.

The Group 31 car batteries are a specific battery type that will only showcase excellent performance when used in an appropriate vehicle.

Some of the best group 31 batteries are reviewed in the article below.

What Are Group 31 Batteries?

The group 31 batteries are amongst the most powerful group sizes of batteries, considering their deep cycling capacity and other unmatched performance.

According to the Battery Council International, the group 31 batteries approximately measure 13X6.8X9.44 (inches).

This group size of car batteries is one of the popular ones because of their seamless features and unmatched performance.

The features of the group 31 batteries vary from one another and this depends on their specific design and the purpose that they are intended for.

Such group size of car batteries is designed to have the capacity of deep discharging and deep cycles.

They are used for a wide range of vehicles which include automotive, marine and even off-the-grid settings.

When seeking for a replacement of your battery, you will have to be certain that the group 31 option is the one you should work with.

And you can also read this article to find out the best of best automotive battery.

Are All Group 31 Batteries The Same Size?

Regarded as heavy-duty commercial-grade batteries, the group 31 car batteries might be considered to be of the same size across all of them.

There might be a little, but no significant difference between one or two.

You should also know that the group size does not determine the power potential of the specific group size-such as in the case of the group 31 car batteries (they are highly powerful).

What Is The Difference Between Group 24 And Group 31 Batteries?

Even though both group 24 and group 31 car batteries are considered the best to go for when looking for a deep cycling option, there is a slight difference between the two.

The group 31 car batteries can produce superior amp hours than in the case of group 24.

This is because a larger car battery produces more amp hours- where the size of the group 31 battery at 13X6.8X9.44 (inches) is larger than that of group 24 (10.25 x 6.8125 x 8.875inches).

5 Top Rated Group 31 Batteries Comparisons

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1. Optima D31M BlueTop Starting And Deep Cycle Battery

The Optima D31M BlueTop Starting And Deep Cycle Battery is a group 31 battery that does the deep cycling function and more features that you might find awesome.

For an instant, you will enjoy its ability to provide excellent starts all through when connected to the vehicle.

This car battery is quite costly compared to some of the options on this list.

The reserve capacity on this option of group 31 battery works to guarantee you of a fairly long shelf-life.

This in return provides you with a car battery that you can use for a long time experiencing any complications from it.

Like the best options of car batteries, this car battery can be recharged within the shortest time possible and you will be back to using it.

The power delivery is also consistent and this keeps the vehicle on the road for as long as you need it to.

The Optima brand is a brand that you can rely on thanks to the high quality and proven technology integrated for its products.

The SpiralCell design, for one, keeps the battery safe from effects caused by spills and provides it with enhanced tolerance.

The low self-discharge rate that is a major feature from this car battery is worth going for in the case of the performance of your vehicle.

This feature maintains the performance of the battery even after you have not used it for a long time- it will hold the charge all through when not in use.


  • Acid spills are avoided
  • The self-discharge rate is fairly low
  • Takes little time to recharge
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Enhanced CCA at 990A and reserve capacity at 75Ah


  • Quite costly
Optima D31M BlueTop Starting And Deep Cycle Battery
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2. 31 Series Marine Battery Replaces Blue Top D31M

You can rely on the advanced technology of the Series Marine Battery Replaces Blue Top D31M to provide you with an experience you will cherish.

For instance, they showcase an unmatched performance for whatever use you might have them for.

Their ability to work well for rigorous deep charges as well as the low charges set them apart from the varieties of options in the market.

The major undoing of this car battery is that the CCA rating does not match the best brands- it is sort of inferior.

The 2-year warranty that you get with every purchase of this brand of this battery might be worth it.

This will be enough to give you the much-needed confidence once you have it installed in your vehicle.

This is a battery that you can rely on to power the modern types of vehicles.

The modern vehicles feature high powered electronics like stereos, lighting and other accessories like air conditioning.

This battery can achieve this while having the engine in top performance- which is a task that not all car batteries can achieve easily.


  • Affordable product
  • Excellent reserve capacity
  • Holds a charge even after a long time of being idle
  • Doesn’t require maintenance


  • The CCA rating does not match the best brands
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3. VMAX MR137-120 AGM Sealed Marine AGM Battery

The VMAX MR137-120 AGM Sealed Marine AGM Battery might just be what you need for excellent service life.

This battery can last for as long as 10 years, meaning you won’t have to get a new one any time soon.

With the amount of money that you have to pay for this brand of group 31 car battery, you might not enjoy the 1-year warranty it comes with.

In the case of this particular battery, you get to save some money because the purchase price is quite affordable.

In exchange, you get a high-quality car battery that you can rely on for your deep cycling needs.

The performance of this battery is also right up there with the best brands included in this list.

For the case of the durability of the car battery, lead alloy plates are ignored but lead-tin alloy plates are used.

The plates are better off for use in floating or cyclic discharge applications. They are also effective in improving the performance of the vehicle over time.

For the safety of the battery, a unique electrolyte suspension system is utilized.

This system works with a high porosity absorbent glass mat that controls the electrolyte effectively- which ensures that the battery is at optimal performance all the time.

This also works to keep the battery safe from the negative effects of leaking parts or even corroded metallic parts.

You can rely on this battery to be consistent all through when it is connected in the vehicle.

There will be no sign of decline in the power output because its design ensures that resilience is achieved.

Like all other brands of batteries that utilize the A.G.M technology, this is a battery that is not affected by the little challenges that inferior ones face.

This technology works to prevent occurrences of spills and makes the battery effective for a significant time.

You will also be impressed by the fact that this is a maintenance-free car battery- meaning you won’t have to check the water level or even the electrolyte.


  • Enhanced service life
  • The self-discharge is at a considerable rate
  • Its power density is enhanced
  • Maintenance-free
  • Effective in extreme weather conditions


  • The warranty is fairly short
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4. Odyssey 31-PC21505 Heavy Duty Commercial Battery

When looking for a group 31 battery that can also produce excellent starts, then you should consider the Odyssey 31-PC21505 Heavy Duty Commercial Battery.

The starting power on this product is simply unmatched by most of the alternatives in this list.

You would also find it up to the task for your vehicle that is fitted with high powered electronics and that also needs enough power for the running of the engine.

Unlike most of the brands of group 31 batteries in this list, this is quite a costly brand of option that you might want to get.

The design of this battery does the job of making it run effectively without losing any power.

For starters, the pure lead plates are designed for a larger surface area which guarantees increased power production- also ensures top performance all the time the vehicle is on the road.

With a Cold Crank Amp at 1150 A and a reserve capacity that is at 205 minutes, you will surely appreciate what you get from this car battery.

This will ensure that the battery can showcase top performance in whatever extreme temperatures are on the outdoors.

You could have the perfect start that your previous battery was not able to produce.

With a 3-year limited warranty and a 4-year full replacement warranty, this is a car battery that you will be confident of using.

Some of the options in this list may not be even this close when it comes to the warranty you get after purchasing them.

Moreover, you are guaranteed that the group 31 battery may last for up to 5 years on average.


  • Enhanced CCA and reserve capacity
  • Can last for up to 10 years
  • A warranty that you will appreciate
  • The installation process is least complicated
  • Has a fairly long cycle life than its alternatives


  • Quite costly
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07/21/2022 12:07 am GMT

5. Deka East Penn 8A31DTM Group 31 AGM HD Battery12V 800CCA

For marine vehicles, the Deka East Penn 8A31DTM Group 31 AGM HD Battery12V might just be the solution for their power needs.

This battery can consistently provide high power thanks to its design that guarantees versatility.

You might be disappointed with the short warranty that is provided with the purchase of this battery. The warranty which is at 1-year free replacement could do with some improvement. This is considering the amount of money that you have to pay for it.

It is characterized as a brand of group 31 car battery that provides excellent starts and which can keep the vehicle running for long hours. This while maintaining the performance at peak.

You might not have to deal with some grey areas when the power output declines as with other brands. This is even if you have your vehicle electronics switched on.

The A.G.M technology of this battery is sufficient to guarantee you of the durability of this brand.

It comes completely sealed and you will get a product that is easy to work with.

You will also not have to check the electrolyte because it is designed to be maintenance-free.

You will not be dragged into the task of cleaning up the battery or other maintenance services.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Excellent reserve capacity
  • Sealed
  • Slow discharge rate
  • Doesn’t require maintenance
  • Can be recharged within a short time


  • The warranty is quite short, at 1-year
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The juice box of your car battery determines the performance of the vehicle all the time.

That explains the need to have it regularly checked and if you have to get a replacement, the best option will be needed.

Some of the best brands that you should consider when replacing a group 31 battery are reviewed above.

They are the most recommended and which will showcase a performance that you would appreciate.

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