Where Are Ford Edges Made?

Learn where the Ford Edges are built

There are a lot of good things that people have to say about the Ford Edge.

This is why it has come to the shock that the Ford Edge will be shutting down its production in 2024.

This has again put the car into the spotlight right after its sales units have cratered. Additionally, it has put a lot of people looking into the car itself.

The main question that most people ask is, where are Ford Edges Made?

Many Americans who believe that Ford is purely American will be sad to hear that Canada is the best supplier of the Ford Edge. China only follows this in all places.

Two facilities around the world are responsible for making the Ford Edge:

  • Oakville Assembly Plant
  • Changan Ford Hangzhou Plant

These two plants alone have been solely responsible for producing the Ford Edge worldwide.

If you want to learn more about the Ford Edge and what is happening to the car, keep reading the article!

Facilities That Are Making The Ford Edge

Production for the Ford Edge started back in 2006. Despite the success of the vehicle lineup, only two of the many facilities under Ford began production.

I have already mentioned these two facilities above. If you want to learn more about these facilities, this next section is just for you!

Oakville Assembly Plant

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, this facility is the prominent facility that comes to mind when thinking of the Ford Edges production.

This assembly plant is one of the older plants owned by Ford, opened in 1953. It is also one of the smaller ones but has more than 3,600 employees despite this.

While the facility is famous for producing the Ford Edge, this will soon change.

This is because the lineup is finally nearing the end of its production. I will explain this later in the article.

Changan Ford Hangzhou Plant

One of the more recently opened facilities, this plant has been active since 2015. It is located in the Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Greater China.

It is difficult to determine the scale and number of personnel working in this currently.

I can easily determine that this plant is a huge producer of Ford Edges for the Chinese audience.

Ford Edges Production For US And Other Market

Looking at the Ford Edge, you can see that it is offered in many countries. These countries include:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • China

Since the Ford Edge only ever had two different plants for production, it is quite easy to figure out which one made them for all these countries.

The Canadian plant in Oakville is responsible for most of the production of the Ford Edge. This includes its production of the first four countries in the above list.

It makes sense that the Oakville Facility would produce cars for the local population.

Having produced more than 188,000 cars over nine years, it looks well within the plant’s operational capacity.

Producing cars for the UK, the US, and Europe, sounds very daunting.

This is especially so when you see that the United States alone beat the entire Canadian production of 9 years in just two years.

There have been 1,881,000 units of the Ford Edge sold in the United States. These cars were produced in the Oakville Facility from 2006 to 2022.

The final two years saw the lowest selling numbers since 2009, a huge factor in why the Ford Edge is ending production.

Ford Edge Production In China

China has sort of remained an outlier regarding the Ford Edges Production.

While there is a dedicated facility in China, it is also responsible for making the Ford Edge in other countries.

Most of the units produced there are for local use, especially regarding an exclusive Chinese version of the Ford Edge.

Some say that one of the Changan Ford Chongqing assembly plants is responsible for making these Australian variants and some units for the United Kingdom.

I could not find much info on this. According to Ford, only the Changan Ford Hangzhou Plant makes the Ford Edge.

This is likely the one that also exports to Australia and the UK.

Additionally, it is to be known that the facility received an increase in production of the Ford Edge back in 2016, along with a decrease in production at the Canadian plant.

For those who are exceptionally well-versed in the happenings of the automobile world, you should have heard about the Ford Edge Plus.

This model was exclusively made for the Chinese audience and has not been seen elsewhere.

The car was a three-row Ford Edge and has been in production since 2021, making it a fairly new addition to the lineup.

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Reasons Of Ford Edge Cutting Off Their Production

For over 16 years of production, the Ford Edge has been a staple vehicle produced in the Oakville facility in Canada.

Being produced alongside the Nautilus, it has likely been the main focus of the assembly plant for well over a decade.

This was until Ford decided to shift massive production towards their plant in China. This came with the reduction in the number of Ford Edges being made in Canada.

This move was Ford gearing towards the end of the Ford Edge.

This move raised many questions, especially considering it was in 2016 that the company started producing for Europe.

Only a year prior did they start making the car for the UK. Sales figures for the car during this time were also looking quite high.

In the year 2017, Ford sold its all-time high when it came to the Edge.

Break New Ground & Discontinuation The Ford Edge

According to the people at Ford, they planned to discontinue the Ford Edge and then focus on another lineup. This lineup would soon make the Edge obsolete.

The term they used was that they planned to “break new ground,” all the while retiring the Ford Edge.

Since the Oakville plant also plans to make even more Ford cars, it would be quite expensive to manage the production of the Edge and other cars.

This would also explain the shift the production took towards the Chinese plant.

Since these plans have been out, the Ford Edge has been doing rather poorly. Production for the United Kingdom ended in 2019.

The rest of Europe lost it in 2021. The fate of the lineup is unclear in China, but the likelihood of the car staying is quite low.

Another major indicator of why the Ford Edge is no longer being made could be low sales.

After consistently selling more than 100,000 units per year since 2010, the lineup began to lose momentum in 2020 and is now selling less than 90,000 units.


It is sad to see the Ford Edge go. The car has been around for over 15 years and has easily become a fan favorite.

Ford claims that a newer lineup will improve upon this Edges current lineup, using it as the reason why they are no longer going to make more of the lineup.

Soon, the answer to where are Ford Edges made will be nowhere. Until then, they are slowly prepping for the final yearly release of the model in 2024.

Many countries have already discontinued the lineup, and the United States is soon to follow.

However, this opens the door to a new prospect for an even vehicle that will rise from the ashes of the Ford Edge.


Written by Kane Dan

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