Where Are Ford F-150 Trucks Made?

Let's find out if Ford F150s are made in America or not

Ford has always emphasized their products being made and produced by Americans, for Americans.

This has been mostly the case for the Ford F150. However, you will be surprised to know about the developments of this lineup.

When getting a new car, the place of manufacture is critical information that any owner should know.

The place of manufacturing can shift over the years as new plants open up and old ones shut down, so currently, where are Ford F150s made?

The state of Missouri and Michigan both have production facilities located in Claycomo and Dearborn, respectively.

While these facilities are currently in use, there have been other places where Ford has made their F150s which I’ll talk about in this article.

I’ll also address all topics related to the making of the car.

All Ford F150 Manufacturing & Assembly Plants

There are a lot of noteworthy assembly plants that have been able to produce the Ford F150 over the years. I will talk about all these facilities and give you a small overview.

Dearborn Truck Plant

Opened in 2004, it is likely that this plant started off producing the Ford F150 when it was in its 11th generation.

The facility is still in operation and still in charge of producing the Ford F150. This means it has been responsible for creating the lineup for at least 18 years.

It currently has more than 4,000 employees working hard to ensure the quality of the Ford F150. You can find this facility in Dearborn, Michigan.

Kansas City Assembly Plant

Being an older facility, it is extremely likely that this plant has been making Ford F150s since its first generation.

For convenience’s sake, you should know that the First generation of the Ford F150 ended in 1952, but the Kansas City assembly plant was opened in 1951.

Being larger than the Dearborn facility, it has more than 7,000 employees.

This facility is also known for making various models of the Ford Transit. You can visit this facility in Claycomo, Missouri.

Oakville Assembly Plant

Another older facility, this plant may have been producing the Ford F150 since its second generation, but this likely did not last long.

While the facility is still operational, the plant has since stopped making more Ford F150s.

This occurred in 2007, which means that the plant likely never produced the lineup past the 11th generation.

It is also one of Ford’s smaller plants, having only 3500+ employees. This should show the commitment the company has to its American market.

If you still want to check the place out, you can find it in Oakville, Ontario.

The Ford F150 is only made in America and for the American market. Ford has all sorts of assembly plants around the world.

This includes countries like China, Argentina, India & Romania, but the Ford F150 has only been produced in America or Canada.

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Is Ford F150 Truly American Made?

Being the 22nd-ranked American-based company in the fortune 500 and claiming to be America’s automaker, Ford has cemented its place as a great American company.

While the appeal of American-made cars is quite high, it is often followed by skepticism on whether the car they purchased has been produced in America. This is the same for the Ford F150.

Many people quickly point out that the Ford F150 was produced in Canada for some time. As I mentioned above, this has since ended in 2007.

As of writing this article, you will find that the Ford F150 is only being made in America. Everything from the production to the assembly has all been done on American soil.

This will be either in the Dearborn or the Kansas City assembly plants. I also talked extensively about these above.

There may be the possibility that you can buy a Canadian-produced Ford F150, but this is not likely at all.

Once you go into the market to buy yourself a Ford F150, you can do so without a doubt that the car produced is American-made.

If you are also concerned about Ford producing the car outside of the United States in the future, then do not worry. I will talk about this later in the article.

Production Plans Of Ford F150 For The US Market

The making of any car is not a simple task. A lot of components and preparations must be made so a manufacturer can develop a car.

When it comes to the Ford F150, this is even more significant as it is a pickup truck.

Sadly, there have been a lot of issues with the production of the Ford F150 over the years, which have either halted production or slowed it down significantly.

Early into 2022, Ford halted manufacturing the Ford F150 in the Kansas City Plant. This was due to a global semiconductor shortage.

Luckily, this did not affect the Dearborn facility. This would also not be the last as the same plant would be shut down for a week, severely limiting the making of the Ford F150.

This greatly impacted the community since the Ford F150 is a much-wanted car. It also led to a lot of workers getting laid off.

By the end of 2020, so many people wanted the new Ford F150 that the manufacturer could not keep up with demand.

Once the car was made, it would be taken out of the assembly line and finalized outside!

Many accessories, such as seatbelts and the car’s software, were done so in the assembly plant parking lot.

Ford F150 Manufacturing Plans For Other Markets

I have already discussed how the Canadian market tasted the Ford F150.

Many people may also be interested in whether they will make the Ford F150 for other countries or shift production outside.

Sadly, since Ford does not make vehicles with the steering on the right, this eliminates the prospect for many of the world.

Ford has not officially talked about expanding its operations related to the Ford F150 outside of America either.

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How Can You Identify Where Your Ford F150 Was Made?

Every owner of a Ford F150 must know the exact facility where their car was made.

This can be either due to bragging rights or in case you have an issue with the car that you want to be reported.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  • Move to the driver’s side and look at the door jamb.
  • You should find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for the car there.
  • Copy the code and then check the 11th digit of the string.
  • If the 11th letter is an F, you can be sure that your Ford F150 was made in the Dearborn facility.
  • If the 11th letter is a K, you can safely say that the car was manufactured in the Kansas City production facility.
  • If you are still curious, consult Ford’s plant codes to learn more from the VIN.


If you are still wondering where are Ford F150s made, then it is safe to say that the Ford F150s are completely American-made.

Being produced in Michigan and Kansas City, this amazing pickup is a solid pick for those looking for an American ride.

Now that you know the F150 production history, you can look into all the other things you need to know about the car.

This way, you can properly decide whether you want to purchase the vehicle or if your interests lie elsewhere.

One thing to say is, why would you even pick anything over the Ford F150? As far as pickups go, it is one of the greatest and is a must-buy.


Written by Kane Dan

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