Where Are Honda Pilots Made?

Are Honda Pilots American made? Read my guide to find out

Since its release in 2003, the Honda Pilot has captured the interest of the American market.

You can attribute this interest to the fact that it shares much of its platform with other American market vehicles.

All of this has sparked a lot of interest in the car and has intrigued users to look up more of the car.

Through all this, many people ask, “Where are Honda Pilots made?”.

They are only being made in their entire facility in Lincoln, Alabama in the United States.

Previously, the Honda Pilot was also manufactured in Alliston, Ontario, Canada.

It has since shut down the production of this lineup in favor of another. The Alabama plant is still going strong to this day!

If you want to learn more about these plants, reading this article would do you good. I will go in-depth on all of them and discuss the making of the Honda Pilot.

Facilities Responsible For Making The Honda Pilot

As mentioned above, only two facilities have been responsible for making the Honda Pilot.

Both of these facilities started with the first generation of the Honda Pilot, but by 2007, only one would be left to produce the vehicle lineup.

These facilities were:

  • The Honda Manufacturing Of Alabama Plant (HMA), Located In Lincoln, Alabama
  • The Honda Of Canada Manufacturing Plant, Located In Alliston, Ontario

The Honda Manufacturing Of Alabama Plant (HMA), Located In Lincoln, Alabama

Founded in 1999, production of the first car in this plant began in 2001.

The plant mainly serves the people of the United States and has produced more than 2 million vehicles since 2010.

The Honda Pilot has been manufactured here since its first generation and shows no sign of stopping.

With sales of the car only growing higher, it seems production is also rising.

Currently, there are 4,000 employees in charge of working in the plant. The plant is home to producing 3 other cars besides the Honda Pilot.

This shows the plant’s capability and how it is a good facility that can handle Honda Pilot production.

The Honda Of Canada Manufacturing Plant, Located In Alliston, Ontario

One thing to note is that the Alabama plant was not the first to produce 4 different cars simultaneously.

That honor falls to Honda’s Canadian facility in Alliston, Ontario. This facility is composed of two different plants.

The first plant was built in 1986 and was the first Canadian manufacturing plant made by a Japanese automaker. The second plant would be made in 1989.

Regarding the Honda Pilot, the second plant was the first to take up car production. It would do so for most of the first generation of the vehicle.

In the year 2007, this would all change. The production of the Honda Pilot was completely stopped, making the Alabama facility the only plant to make the lineup.

This would not be the first time the plant would stop production of a certain lineup.

There would be multiple production reductions of other vehicle lineups.

Along with this, many other vehicles were also treated like the Honda Pilot in that their production was moved entirely elsewhere.

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Why Is The Honda Pilot No Longer Being Made In Canada?

At the time of production of the Honda Pilot, it seemed that the car would be made in 2 different facilities, side by side.

This would not be the case as the Canadian plant would stop producing the car in 2007.

It was a decision that left a lot of people questioning why this happened.

Honda explained this away by saying that they wanted to make room for more lineups to be produced.

Moreover, this meant that the Honda Pilot would be made in only one facility while the other facility would move on to other cars.

The logical reasoning seemed true as the Canadian facility often shifted productions to other facilities and focused on new productions.

Another reason the Honda Pilot production ceased was that there was much more demand for the Honda Civic.

This lineup remains one of the best and most selling for Honda. It makes sense that they would prioritize it more than the Honda Pilot.

Hence, to bump up the production numbers of the Honda Civic, the Honda Pilot had to take a back seat, at least when it came to the Canadian facility.

However, this decision would no doubt make it so that the plant in Alabama would have to increase its production rate to cater to the Canadian market.

Honda Pilots Production For Export Purposes

It makes sense for Honda to build vehicles to sell them worldwide. Honda is a well-known company that has sold many different vehicles over the years.

Additionally, its market is also on a global scale. This means that a lot of people around the world would be interested in the Honda Pilot.

Aside from Canada, which had easy access to the car due to having a facility that manufactured them, the Honda Pilot has not been sold outside of the United States or Canada.

Countries like Australia, China, and The United Kingdom have not gotten to experience the Honda Pilot officially.

If you are from one of these countries and are interested in the Honda Pilot, you will have to import one.

In this day and age, this car will likely come from the American plant in Alabama.

Regarding exporting the Honda Pilot, the Alabama facility is front and center. Now it is the only facility that produces the lineup.

Since the demand for the car is mostly in Canada and the United States, this one plant should be able to manage the production.

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Steps To Find Out Where Your Honda Pilot Was Made

If you are afraid of running into issues with your Honda Pilot and want to be prepared, you should know where your car was manufactured.

Knowing this little information can help the company determine which plant has a defect.

It can also help you get in touch with the manufacturer and ask how to fix the issue.

Whether you want to report an issue or are just curious, here is how you can locate where your Honda Pilot was made.

  • Start by checking when your Honda Pilot was produced.
  • If you have been reading this article, you will know that all Honda Pilots made after 2007 were manufactured in the Alabama facility.
  • If your car was made after 2007, you could safely assume it was made in the Alabama facility. If not, things become slightly more complicated.
  • Between 2003 and 2007, the car was made in two different plants. To know which plant your car was made in, you will have to check its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • This number will be found in the metal part of your dashboard.
  • To check the country of production, you will need to see the first number of the VIN.
  • If your first number is 1, 4, or 5, then your Honda Pilot was made in the United States.
  • If the first number is 2, you can be sure it was made in Canada.

This is the easiest and most effective way to figure out where your Honda Pilot was made.


The Honda Pilot is just one of the many lineups under the company that has had their production moved here and there.

This alone is enough to make people ask where are Honda Pilots made. The real reason why people ask this is because of the nature of the car itself.

Honda Pilot brings a lot of appeal to its American market. This is also why many people have taken a keen interest in the car and want to see more of it.

Hopefully, this interest led you to read the entire article and soak up all the information about the Honda Pilot!


Written by Kane Dan

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