How To Clean Inside Of Windshield

Wiping inside of my windshield with the glass cleaner

A clean windshield ensures the general safety of those who are in the car including the driver.

This is because the windshield needs to be clearly visible for the driver when they are on the road to avoid collisions.

At times the outer windshield is not the problem, and instead the inner side is the problem.

Do you know how to clean inside of the windshield? The car windshield can be cleaned on the inside using the following steps and using the following cleaning agents:

  1. Cleaning The External Parts Of The Car First
  2. Wipe Using A Dry Microfiber Cloth
  3. Get Rid Of The Grease Or Oil On The Surface Of The Windshield
  4. Get The Class Cleaner

Cleaning of the windshield on the inside needs to be done regularly.

This is due to the nature of the dirt that forms on it, when left on its surface for long. It will be tough and hence will not come out easily.

What Causes Your Car Windshield To Get So Dirty?

Over time you will realize that the car windshield gets dirty or even foggy than before.

If when you try to clean the outer side, you will notice that it does not get any cleaner than before, then the inside of the windshield needs cleaning.

However, unlike the outer side the inner side does not get cleaned quite easily as the dirt here is not normal such as simple dirt particles.

This even gets difficult to clean if you rarely clean your car windshield from the inside as the dirt particles get more attached to the surface of the windshield.

The following are what causes your car windshield to get dirty over time:

1. Frequent Smoking In The Car

If you smoke or frequently carry passengers who smoke, then your car windshield will get dirty.

This is because the smoke particles from the cigarette will stick to any part of the car, not leaving behind the inside part of the windshield.

If you want to avoid this, you should walk out or have that person walk out and have their smoke while not in the car.

They may also opt to smoke close to the window and let the smoke escape before getting to the surface of the interior of the vehicle.

2. A Dusty Car

You might frequently drive in a dusty terrain and this makes dirt particles get into the car through under the windows or any other opening.

These particles would then settle on the surfaces of the vehicle including the inside part of the windshield.

You may not realize the dirt particles on the windscreen as they attach to the glass and when you clean with an ordinary rag, the particles become stubborner and stick to the windshield.

Over time, they become almost permanent and getting rid of them is not easy.

3. Outgassing From The Plastic Components Of Your Car

The plastics and vinyl used in the manufacture of components of the interior of the car break down in a process that is catalysed with high temperatures.

This releases oils that escape in gaseous form and then stick to the inside part of the windshield.

The gas then lands on the inside part of the windshield which then cause impaired visibility when the driver is on the road.

On ordinary cars, the heat that catalyses this reaction is from the sun and this lead to the inside of the windshield being quite foggy with time.

By the way, you can learn how to defog your windshield here.

Such type of dirt on the surface on the windshield can’t be cleaned with an ordinary cloth and just using water and soap or a detergent.

You need an ideal cleaning agent to get this done as oil can’t just be cleaned with anything.

4. Other Factors That Lead To the Windshield Getting Dirty

Contact on the windshield with dirty items such as dirty hands, a dusty rag or any other thing will get the windshield dirty from the inside.

Some car owners normally have a rag on their dashboard for cleaning the inside part of the windshield, this is a rag they rarely clean yet use it for cleaning the inside of windshields and any other part on the dashboard.

This would be worse if you do not get it cleaned soon enough with a proper cleaner and cleaning agent as the dirt will settle and stick on the surface.

Dust and dirt particles that are normally the case when you frequently drive through dusty terrains.

This would be even much worse if you had your windows open and the dust particles get in. They will then proceed to enter the car and settle on the inside part of the windshield.

Best Way To Clean Inside Of Your Car Windshield

When you start to clean the inside of your car windshield, you need an effective approach to get this done.

The flowing steps will ensure that you get this done in an efficient manner.

Items You Will Need

The following items will be needed for the cleaning of car windshields effectively:

  • Special type of microfiber cloth such as a lint-free microfiber rag
  • Good quality glass cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A magic eraser

Is Isopropyl Alcohol Ok To Clean Auto Glass?

Yes, the isopropyl alcohol would have no harm on your auto glass, rather it improves the clarity you get from them.

You just have to ensure that it does not spill to other components of the car like the leather seats or something else.

6 Tips For Cleaning Your Car Windshield

Cleaning of the car windshield as well as the windows is quite an easy task that anyone can pull through. You just have to ensure that you follow the steps for doing so to the latter.

The following tips will enable you get this done with even less effort applied:

  1. Get a microfiber cleaning cloth as they are better than paper towels that will leave behind a paper fibers on the glasses.
  2. Microfiber will not leave ugly streaks on the windows.
  3. Make sure you get to all parts of the windshield, even on those corners by getting a tool for this task.
  4. When cleaning run the cloth in a circular motion for the wiping process before proceeding to vertical motions to get rid of the streaks.
  5. The car windshield should be the last thing you wash when washing your car. This is to prevent it from getting dirty when you are doing other components of the car such as dusting the car.
  6. You should park the car in a shade or a garage to prevent exposure to too much heat. This is especially when you are using a cleaner and exposure to too much heat may cause it to evaporate and be less effective.

Be Mindful

When using a magical eraser, make sure that it does not get to other parts of the car such as the dashboard or even the seats.

This might cause the dashboard to be discoloured when you let it rest on the surface for long. If this happens by accident, get it wiped off as soon as you can.

You should also be mindful of the types of towel you use for cleaning the inside of your car windshield.

It is not advisable to get paper towels as they might leave ugly streaks on the surface of the car windshield.

The Progress Of Cleaning Inside Of Windshield

Cleaning the inside parts of the windshield is one activity that is always taken for granted by most car owners.

This is because they do not realize that even this part of the car gets dirty with time.

The good thing with cleaning the inside of your windshield is that you won’t have to do it every day as long as you get it done effectively on the rare occasions that you do.

Getting highly effective and durable cleaning agents will ensure that you get your car windshield well cleaned.

The following steps will ensure that your windshield is cleaned on the inside part effectively:

1. Cleaning The External Parts Of The Car First

Getting the other parts of the car cleaned first before proceeding to clean the inside part of the windshield is recommended to prevent having to deal with a dirty windshield over again on completion.

This is because when you clean your windshield and get to dusting your car seats and the dashboard, the windshield will get dirty all over again and you will have to do them again.

2. Wipe Using A Dry Microfiber Cloth

When you get to the part of cleaning the car windshield on the inside, the first step is to wipe the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

You should get this done effectively and also ensure that the spots where the windshield joins with the body of the car like the dashboard are well done.

You can get a reaching tool that will get this parts cleaned effectively. The cleaning should be done in a circular motion and then vertically to get rid of any streaks.

3. Get Rid Of The Grease Or Oil On The Surface Of The Windshield

A magic eraser product such as Mr. Clean does the trick if you have to get rid of any greasy and oily spots on the car windshield.

This should be done by getting a proper and clean towel and wiping it on the surface of the windshield in circular motion.

You can then get another dry towel and wipe the surface until it is dry.

You should be careful not to let the eraser land on the other surfaces of the car components, if this happens wipe it off immediately.

4. Get The Glass Cleaner

The next step is making use of the glass cleaner which will work greatly to improve the visibility through the glass.

Take another clean microfiber towel and spray some of the cleaner on the towel.

You can then use the surface on the glass by wiping it onto its surface in a circular motion.

The next step is to run the towel in a vertical motion working your way from one side of the windshield to the other.

A good substitute for the magic eraser would be rubbing alcohol as it can also get the task done in a quality manner.

You might opt to use paper towels in place of microfiber towels but you will have to deal with some pieces of paper on the surface of the windshield or even streaks that tend to form on it.

Tips: After cleaning your windshield using the above procedure, you will need to take measures to ensure that the windshield remains as clean as possible.

For one it is advisable that you have a clean microfiber cloth in your car for cleaning the inside of the windshield when dust particles form on it.

This would prevent the windshield from getting dirty on the inside frequently.

You should also adapt the practice of leaving a window slightly open or even having a ventilation for the gassed out oils from the plastic to escape.

This would not only prevent the car windshield from getting foggy as a result of the outgassing emission, but it will be safe for you as it reduces the likelihood of you inhaling the poisonous gases emitted.

This YouTube video is also very helpful:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you go! Now you learned how to clean the inside of your windshield using 4 easy and simple steps guide.

Below, you will see some questions related to the main topic you may want to check out. I highly suggest you keep reading!

Q1: Can I Use Windex On The Inside Of My Windshield?

Yes, Windex can be used for the cleaning of the inner parts of your car windshield.

Not only is Windex an excellent choice of cleaner for the windshield, it can also work well for the windows.

It is also safe to use it for windows that have been tainted by the car manufacturer, as in those that the car came with.

In the case of windows that have been tinted later on after purchasing the car, you are not advised to use Windex for them.

To be on the safe side when using Windex as a cleaner, you need to be careful not to spill any of it on leather upholstery.

This is because it reacts badly, leaving an ugly mark in the car.

Q2: Is Rain-X Bad For My Windshield?

No, Rain-X does not have any known negative impact on your car windshield.

Rain-X is one of the selection of products out there that will ensure you have a clear visibility through the windshield when driving through a heavy downpour, ice and even snow.

Rain-X has a number of products that will ensure you are safe when driving your car through a heavy downpour.

The windshield gets blocked by droplets of water when it rains or even snow particles and ordinary wipers will be unable to get them off the windshield.

However, with a wiper from Rain-X, you would have nothing to worry about as these are top performing inclusions that would make you see through your windshield better.

These are highly durable wipers that will clean your windshield quite effectively and prevent snow build up on them which can affect your visibility of the driving path.

Rain-X also manufactures a glass treatment solution that is to be added to the car wash bin or applied using a sprayer.

This would help prevent the inside of the windshield from getting dirty as the treatment is highly effective.

There are also highly effective and effective solutions from Rain-X such as the washer fluid which is a top performer.

Q2-1: How Long Does Rain-X Last On Windshield?

If you apply an original solution of Rain-X on your car windshield, it would last for approximately 3 months before wearing out.

However, this fully depends on the weather conditions during the time of applications and the type of clear coat paint that you used on your car windshield or windows.

The weather can be harsh like too much rain or snow which will lead to clearing of the Rain-X solution from the windshields.

Q3: What Is The Film On The Inside Of My Windshield?

The film seen on the inside part of the windshield arises from the plastic components of the car such as the dashboard.

Every time the car is exposed to the sun, which is frequently, the heat from the sun heats up the plastic components in the interior of the car.

The plastics begin to gas off and the molecules then move to the air and settle on the inside parts of the windshield.

The film formed on the inside of the windshield can be removed by washing with water and soap.

It is also important that before getting into a car that has been out in the sun, you open the doors to let the gas from the plastic to escape.

This would enable fresh air to enter and prevent you from inhaling that harmful gas.


Many car owners would not buy the idea of their car windshield getting dirty on the inside over time. This is because it is rarely dirty or dusty on the inside of the car.

However, on some occasions dirt builds up on the inner side of the windshield and this impairs the vision of the driver as well as of the passengers in the vehicle to the path that the car is moving on.

It is unsafe to drive in a car where you can’t see the front well as you are highly likely to hit obstacles and even other cars.

Having your car windshield clean on both the inside and outer parts would help prevent a situation of dealing with such a case.


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Written by Kane Dan

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