How To Easily Put On A Steering Wheel Cover

I just bought a new steering wheel cover and now install this cover

Getting a steering wheel cover will surely improve the look of your car in many ways. For instance, if you get one that matches the colors of the fabric on the seats.

You will also realize that handling steering with a steering wheel with a cover is more comfortable than driving with one without a cover.

Here’s how you can put a cover on your steering wheel cover through the following steps:

  1. Wipe the Steering Wheel
  2. Get Rid Of Any Wraps Or Tie-Downs On The Cover
  3. Work The Placing Of The Steering Wheel Cover To the Steering Wheel
  4. Work The Bottom Half Of the Steering Wheel
  5. Stretch The Cover To Full Fit The Steering Wheel

You should consider getting a good steering wheel cover for your vehicle.

It should be an excellent upgrade that would surely improve the value of your vehicle and make it comfortable handling the steering wheel.

You can get to choose from many different types, materials, or designs to get a suitable one for your steering wheel.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Install A Steering Wheel Cover?

Installing the steering wheel cover is meant to protect the steering wheel itself from wear and tear, which is the case after you use it for a while.

This is because the steering wheel is probably the most used part of the vehicle and has its surface subjected to a lot of friction.

Also, an uncovered steering wheel is difficult to clean and can also be difficult to use.

Once it has been worn out due to being uncovered, the other components, such as the horn or the cruise control, become ineffective.

It would be disappointing, replacing one because it can be quite costly.

If you want to protect your steering wheel against getting cracks or being covered with dust or moisture, then it would be a good idea to get the steering wheel cover.

It will cover it from all of these conditions. This should also make it comfortable for your palms.

The Benefits Of Installing Steering Wheel Covers

  1. The steering wheel covers make the interior of your vehicle look attractive. Especially if you get a matching design with the fabric in your vehicle’s seats or the dashboard.
  2. A good design of a steering wheel cover should be able to improve your grip on the steering wheel.
  3. The steering wheel cover makes the steering wheel easy for use in some harsh conditions which affect the condition of the steering wheel.
  4. The steering wheel cover protects the steering wheel and cancels the need for replacing it due to wear and tear.
  5. The steering wheel cover will enable you to comfortably hold the steering wheel when it is vibrating due to some issues with the vehicle.
  6. Protection from harsh weather conditions that might affect the steering wheel.

Types Of The Steering Wheel Cover

The brands of steering wheel covers in the market today come in either leather, rubber, or even synthetic mesh. You should get a fitting one that would match the interior design of your vehicle.

You should be keen to go for a material that will improve the grip on the steering wheel as well as protect your steering wheel effectively from wear and tear.

The leather steering wheel covers are popular because they provide a better grip when compared to most other types.

You will also have the easiest experience cleaning a leather cover than with another type of cover.

You can also opt for a rubber cover that will provide a better grip on the steering wheel.

On the other hand, the synthetic mesh covers come in different designs, and you will not miss a shade of color that suits your vehicle. They are also easy to install.

You should know that the steering wheel of vehicles come in different sizes. You can measure the diameter of your steering wheel, and you will be able to get a cover that fits it well.

The different sizes include:

  • A: 15 ½” x 3”
  • B: 16 ¾” x 3”
  • C: 15” X 4”
  • AX: 15” x 3 ½”
  • BX: 16 ½” X 3 ½”
  • AXX: 15” x 3 ¾”

Easy Way To Put On A Steering Wheel Cover

Whenever you want to get this task done, you should be able to exercise patience as it would not be walking in the park at times.

This depends on the type of steering wheel cover you are placing on your wheel. However, if you have the required equipment, it should be easy for you.

Tips And Caution Before Steering Wheel Cover Installation

The following tips help with the task of putting a cover over your steering wheel. It should not be a stressful task.

  1. If you want the steering wheel cover on your vehicle to look neat and professional, you can try trimming the inner ring of the cover using an excellent choice of a knife.
  2. If you are having a hard time starting to install the cover from the top part of the wheel, you can always start from the lower side. You should also not use to much force as it might damage the cover unexpectedly.
  3. When placing the steering wheel cover, you should be patient and gentle to avoid some damages which are unexpected.
    If you have the needed equipment, you will be able to complete the task in the easiest of ways.

Things You Must Have

If you get the equipment needed, you will be able to have an easier time placing the steering wheel cover over your vehicle’s wheel.

You can have all of the following equipment below:

  • The new steering wheel cover
  • Vinyl cleaner
  • A needle
  • A thread

Now, you can put the steering wheel cover on your vehicle using the following steps below!

1. Wipe The Steering Wheel

Clean the steering wheel with a good cleaner, such as a vinyl cleaner. This is to help get rid of mold or bacteria that may form under the new steering wheel cover.

If you ignore this, with time, the steering wheel will be filled with the above-unwanted organisms, which are not good for it in any way.

2. Get Rid Of Any Wraps Or Tie-Downs On The Cover

While you are on the driver’s seat, you can start placing the steering wheel cover over the wheel. You can do this by aligning it on the wheel. You should do this by starting from the top.

3. Work The Placing Of The Steering Wheel Cover To The Steering Wheel

While you are holding the cover with a single hand, get to work the placing of the cover on the upper part of the wheel.

4. Work The Bottom Half Of The Steering Wheel

Proceed to the bottom part of the steering wheel, which should be a little bit tricky. You should do this while preventing undoing the top part that you had already placed.

5. Stretch The Cover To Full Fit The Steering Wheel

You will have placed the cover on both the top and bottom parts. The only thing remaining is to stretch the cover to fit well on the steering wheel.

I found this helpful video, you can also learn from it:

How To Remove Your Steering Wheel Cover

You may want to remove an old steering cover. You can remove the steering wheel cover on your steering wheel through the following procedure:

  1. You can try to use enough force to remove the cover. If it starts to loosen up, then you will be doing the right thing.
  2. Another way to get this done is by using a blow dryer. This will heat the cover and make it’s material flexible and hence easy for you to remove it.


Now you know how to install your new steering wheel cover. I want to share some information you will be interested in learning; below are the questions you will find out are asked by people who came to read this blog. Keep reading!

Q1. How Do I Stretch My Steering Wheel Cover?

You can stretch the steering wheel cover using a blow dryer.

This is because the blow dryer will heat the cover and make it flexible. This would help you to fit the cover over the steering wheel in the easiest way possible.

Q2. Are There Different Size Steering Wheel Covers?

Yes, there are different sizes of steering wheel covers.

This is because the steering wheels in vehicles are not of the same sizes as there are others that are designed with different measurements.

This is why there are different sizes of steering wheel covers that are being sold in the market today.

The fact that there is no universal and constant size will make it necessary for you to measure the size of your steering wheel before buying a new cover.

Q3. How Should I Measure The Size Of The Steering Wheel Cover?

You can measure the size of your steering wheel using a tape measure. When measuring, you will have to place the tape measure to cover the whole and an outer diameter of the steering wheel.

This means that you should not measure the inside of the steering wheel; rather, you should measure the wheel from one end to the other one.

The next part that needs to be measured is the grip circumference that will be measured in inches.

You can do this by wrapping the tape measure through the length of the thickest part of the steering wheel. You should then check the inches.

You will then have an idea of the measurements of the steering wheel, which should help you get a fitting cover for it.

For more details, you can watch this video:

Q4. Are Steering Wheel Covers Safe?

Yes, steering wheel covers are completely safe. You should not worry about having the steering wheel cover installed in your vehicle.

On the contrary, it would provide a better driving experience that is free of risks if the steering wheel is in bad condition.

The steering wheel will be protected from wear and tear, and also you will have a better grip over the steering wheel.

Q5. Are The Fuzzy Steering Wheel Covers Dangerous?

The fuzzy steering wheel covers would be dangerous for your driving if they are in a bad state.

This is because they might cause your palms to split, and this might make you lose control while on the road, and this would lead to an accident.

The fuzzy steering wheel covers should be maintained in a good state to avoid some of these risks while you are on the road.

Q6. Can I Wash Steering Wheel Covers?

Yes, you can wash your steering wheel covers whenever they get dirty.

For the fabric steering wheel covers, you can wash them using a washing machine and a suitable detergent. You should set it at a gentle wash to prevent damaging the fabric.

Q7. Can I Put On A Steering Wheel Cover On A Heated Steering Wheel?

No, you should not put the steering wheel cover on a heated steering wheel. This is not advised as it is quite dangerous.

What happens when you do this is that the steering wheel heater will be provoked to overheat when you wrap it with the steering wheel cover.

The same happens if you wrap the steering wheel with a similar material, such as a blanket.

Q7. What Is The Best Steering Wheel Cover?

If you are looking for the best option of steering wheel cover you can get, you should always consider the quality.

This would enable you not only to get a good looking steering wheel cover but one that is also a long-lasting one.

You can click here to get the best quality steering wheel cover for your vehicle’s steering wheel.


As seen above, the steering wheel cover is an important addition to your vehicle that you should not take for granted.

It will provide the protection needed to prevent the wearing out of the steering wheel while also adding elegance to the interior of your vehicle.

It should also provide you with a comfortable time handling the steering wheel.


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Written by Kane Dan

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