How To Clean Your Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of your vehicle gets covered with dirt over time and this makes it difficult to use.

If the dirt is left on the surface of the steering wheel it will affect its accuracy and also get it damaged.

You may start noticing ugly cracks or even peeling of its covers, therefore cleaning is the best option to avoid this.

Here’s how you can effectively clean your car steering wheel in the following steps:

  1. Get Rid Of Dirt And Grime From The Steering Wheel
  2. Replenish The Oils In The Leather

The dirt and grease on the steering wheel make it uncomfortable to use and that is why you should be aware of the ways to clean it.

This article discusses the main ways of cleaning a dirty steering wheel.

How Dirty Is Your Steering Wheel?

Unlike what most people think, the steering wheel is usually one of the dirtiest components of the vehicle. This is because it is usually covered with dirt that is passed on from our hands.

Research suggests a typical steering wheel has about 700 dangerous germs per square inch. That’s roughly nine times the amount of germs in a normal toilet seat.

You will realize this because whenever you change your oil or change a punctured tire, you have grease and oil all over your hands.

You will then proceed to sing the steering wheel and this causes the dirt that makes it soiled.

The steering wheel is also handled by many people and this makes it have several diseases causing germs on its surface.

This is one reason why you should clean it and disinfect it from any of these.

Best Way To Clean And Maintain Your Steering Wheel

What Can You Use To Clean Your Steering Wheel?

They type of cleaner that you use to clean your steering wheel depends on the type of steering wheel that you have.

For instance, the synthetic resin steering wheel, the natural wood, or the plastic steering wheel will react to different cleaners in different ways.

You should be careful about which cleaner to use so that you do not damage the steering wheel.

A material like leather gets affected with some cleaners and will be covered with ugly cracks that not only make it unattractive but also make the use of the steering wheel to be difficult.

1. Get Rid Of Dirt And Grime From The Steering Wheel

For the first step, you will have to strip dirt and grime from the surface of the steering wheel.

You can use a cloth and a leather cleaner for this part. You can then wash the leather on the steering wheel in a gentle manner.

You should avoid rubbing hard on the leather and that is why it is advised that you conduct the cleaning in a gentle manner.

You should then get a clean cloth to wipe off excess cleaners that might be left on the steering wheel.

2. Replenish The Oils In The Leather

After the removal of the dirt and grime, you will need to restore the softness of the steering wheel’s leather.

You can do this by replenishing the oils that were in the leather of the steering wheel. This will restore its flexible nature and also guarantee its durability.

A leather conditioner would be the best option to accomplish this.

It is recommended that you use your hands for this and massage it onto the steering wheel. The leather will absorb the oils and then you can rub the excess using a clean cloth.

This video can also help you:

Maintenance Of The Cleanliness Of Your Steering Wheel

You will have to get a solution for the steering wheel cleanliness if your hands are frequently covered with dirt may be due to your job.

If the dirt and grime persist, you will have a difficult time cleaning your steering wheel.

Pre-packaged quick wipes are a good option to go for if you want to have your steering wheel in excellent condition whenever you want to drive in your vehicle.

This will help to maintain the hygiene of the steering wheel and will also make it less vulnerable to dirt and grime. The quick wipes also have a conditioner that is good for the leather.

5 Ways To Clean Different Types Of Steering Wheels

You will need to know how to clean different types of steering wheels that you may have in your vehicle.

This will help get rid of dirt, grease, or grime on the steering wheel and ensure a comfortable time handling it.

The following is a discussion of how to appropriately clean the different types of steering wheels.

  1. Hard Plastic Steering Wheels: This is an easy type of steering wheel to clean than most of the other types in this list. You will only need a good soap, enough water, and a towel for the drying.
    You will have to carefully clean the wheel using the soap and water and then get the towel and use it to dry its surface. A water spray should be used so that you do not pour water all over the vehicle.
  2. Wooden Steering Wheel: This is a rather complicated type of steering wheel to clean because it is affected with cracks. A good natural steering wheel cleaner will help.
    The wood polishers will be an excellent idea would work to protect the wood grains on the steering wheel.
  3. Synthetic Leather Type Steering Wheel: There is the not so genuine leather-the synthetic leather used for steering wheels.
    Regular cleaners will get these cleaned up as they are smoother than the authentic leather.
  4. Synthetic Resins Steering Wheel Type: You can clean these using water and normal soap. Polish is not recommended for cleaning this type of steering wheel as they will make it slippery and difficult for your driving.
  5. Leather Type Steering Wheels: The best way to clean leather steering wheel is by using a leather cleaner and washing products.
    You can spray the cleaner onto the steering wheel and then wipe it out after some waiting time.


Q1. Is It Okay To Clean Leather Steering Wheel With Baby Wipes?

No, you should not use baby wipes to clean your steering wheel. The only types of wipes that can be used to clean the leather steering wheels are the leather wipes.

The baby wipes are harmful to your vehicle as they are alkaline and will destroy the leather finish.

Q2. Can I Use Clorox Wipes On The Steering Wheel?

Yes, Clorox wipes can be used to wipe your steering wheels. They are a good option to go for since they wipe away not only dirt but disease-causing germs like the viruses.

They work to disinfect the steering wheel and make it safe for you to handle with your bare hands.

Q3. Can I Use Lysol Wipes On The Leather Steering Wheel?

Yes, Lysol wipes are a good idea to go for if you want to effectively clean your vehicle’s steering wheel.

The Lysol wipes will work just as well as any other cleaning alternative discussed in this article.

They may be substituted with 90% or rubbing alcohol as this too helps to disinfect the steering wheel of your vehicle from disease-causing germs.

Q4. How Can I Clean A Sticky Leather Steering Wheel?

If you notice shiny oil residue on the surface of your steering wheel, then it is probably dirt.

You should get it cleaned as the dirt gets embedded into the leather. You will need to restore the finish that it had before using the best cleaning method.

  1. Get the Mr. clean magic eraser which is effective in getting rid of dirt and grime that may be on the surface of the steering wheel.
  2. Sock it in water until water is not dripping.
  3. Gently wipe the steering wheel.
  4. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth until the shine is removed.
  5. You should be careful not to remove the dye on the leather by overdoing the wiping with the magic eraser.
  6. You should clean it regularly to avoid more damage due to the dirt and the grime.

What Causes The Steering Wheel To Stick?

The cause of the sticking of the steering wheel is usually caused by leakages that occur in the power steering system.

This will cause the pressure to be unbearable due to the friction caused when the lubricating fluid is absent.

The steering wheel will be affected by sticking that occurs between it and the steering wheel box.


Cleaning your steering wheel helps to protect it from premature damage. This also makes the steering wheel comfortable for use and also enhances your accuracy while you are on the road.

An excellent cleaning job for the steering wheel will help with your driving and also maintain the integrity of the steering wheel.


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Written by Kane Dan

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