How To Remove Scratches From A Windshield [7 Methods To Try]

Explaining the ways to get rid of windshield scratches

There isn’t necessarily a need to spend hundreds of dollars taking your car in for a few simple scratches on the windshield of your car.

Most light scratches come off with ease when using the right polish and applying it correctly.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to bite the bullet and take it in for those stubborn deep scratches.

Windshield Scratch Repair Method: 7 Ways You Can Try!

The 7 different proven ways of removing scratches from windshields are discussed below, these include using a windshield repair kit, toothpaste and baking soda, clear nail polish, acrylic scratch remover, and pressure buffing with distilled water.

I am also going to recommend ways on how to keep your windshield from becoming scratched in the future.

1. Get Yourself A Windshield Repair Kit

Firstly, you have to make sure that whatever repair kit you buy contains cerium oxide, as this is the most common and reliable polish used to remove scratches.

It’s as easy as applying the liquid compound onto a buffing pad and getting down to the wax on, wax off phase of the repairs. Results will be proven within minutes.

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2. Toothpaste Doesn’t Only Make Your Smile Look Bright

If you’re not 100% keen on heading out to buy the repair kit, just make a short trip to your bathroom for some non-gel toothpaste, mixing it with baking soda from your kitchen.

It may take some extra time and extra ingredients to buff those scratches out, but it is definitely safer to use. This option is only for those really light scratches though; it isn’t as effective as the repair kit.

Toothpaste acts as a very gentle grinding paste, removing tiny layers of glass around the scratch. You may have to repeat the above process a few times before you see any results.

3. Treat Your Ride To A Mani-Pedi

Another option to use on the lightest of scratches is clear nail polish. This is the easiest to apply and doesn’t need any buffering, just leave it to dry.

This only works on the most minor of scratches, as it hardens when it dries and can cause visual impairment on bigger scratches.

This method is quick and easy and doesn’t require any buffing. Go ahead and let her show off her new look around town by leaving the nail polish on.

4. Sand It Into Clarity

For some deeper scratches, it may be wise to introduce chemistry into the equation. Acrylic scratch remover reacts with the glass once applied, fixing it in the process.

All that needs to be done is a series of sanding the affected area with a wet and dry 800 grit sandpaper, applying the scratch remover, then moving on to wet and dry 1200 grit sandpaper.

Alternate between the wet and dry 800 grit sandpaper, running it in a circular motion for roughly 3 minutes.

Repeat this process only now using a 1200 grit sandpaper, until all scratched have disappeared and the glass looks slightly frosty.

Clean and dry the area with a dry microfiber cloth, then apply the acrylic scratch remover, clearing it right up.

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5. Super Clean The Scratch Out Of Existence

The glass scrub compound used to clean stubborn dirt and grime from glass can also be used to remove scratches.

Gently apply the compound to the affected area using a microfiber cloth, softly rubbing it in a circular motion, spraying distilled water on it every few rotations.

This compound is extremely abrasive, so pan this project out over a few days and don’t let the compound dry causing a lot more fine scratches.

6. Buff It With Water

A buffing machine with distilled water is probably a much safer and less damaging technique to use.

After covering the body of the car with plastic or rags, make a pool bordering the scratch with several layers of duct tape, and then lightly pumping and buffing the area until the scratch disappears.

Only use this method for light scratches though, because even though it may be safer, it can still cause damage by trying this on deep scratches.

7. Leave The Bigger Jobs To The Professionals

You’ve carefully buffed out as many as the light scratches as you could, leaving only the cracks and scary deep ones.

Instead of possibly causing more damage and having to fork out even more money, let the onus lie on the people who do this for a living. They will have your car back to you in no time.

This method may strip you of your pride, but you’ll still have a usable car to drive. Make the informed decision, and think long-term.

Prevention Is Much Better Than Cure

Rather than go down this road again, take the time and care to rather prevent such an incident. Take care of where and how you drive.

Keep your distance from other cars, and rather go the long way around instead of that shortcut through the woods.

We don’t have full control, and some stubborn scratches will get through. The best thing to do would be to get a screen protector as you do with your phone.

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In essence, it’s only a thin layer of liquid glass applied to your screen, reducing damages taken from wiper blades, dust from the air, some UV rays, temperature, and chemical resistance.

Always ensure your wiper fluid is topped up and that the wiper blades have not perished and need to be replaced.

Make sure you know which side the blinkers are, preventing you from using wiper blades on a dry windshield. Clean your wiper blades often, as they can start to build up dirt and grime causing damage.

Check this article on how long do your windshield wipers last.

The use of a microfiber cloth now and then to clean the windshield is also highly advised. As dirt and grime can build up on the wiper blades, they can build up on the windshield too.

This will make the entire effort futile, as the dirt will eventually end up on the wiper blades anyway.


Q1. How Can I Tell Which Scratches Are Deep And Which Ones Are Shallow Enough For Me To Fix?

Place your fingers vertically against the windscreen, so that your fingernails are perpendicular to the windshield.

Run your fingers across the scratch on the windscreen, if it catches, then you have a deep scratch on your hands. These deep scratched are better left up to the professionals.

Q2. How Important Is It That Windshield Is Clean Before Polishing Out Those Scratches?

Cleaning the windshield before polishing, may help you from unintentionally causing more damage from all the sand, grime, and dirt on the windshield.

Cleaning it prior will also help speed the polishing along, as you will only be polishing the glass and not the dirt as well.

Remember to wash the windshield completely, dry it and use a plastic razor to scrape off that stubborn grime.


If you tend to be uncomfortable performing any of the above techniques, rather consult with a professional first.

Talk to a friend even, they might be able to help you out. Just don’t go ahead if you have no idea exactly what it is you’re doing.

Now you have all the knowledge you’ll need to take better care of your ride, and save a few bucks while you’re at it.

There are many other ways to take care of your windshield, yet the ones listed above prove to be the most effective.

You have enough power to not get ripped off and have inherited a bargaining tool, so go ahead and use it.


Written by Kane Dan

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