Minnesota Car Window Tint Laws

If you’re recently purchased – or are planning on purchasing a vehicle in the state of Minnesota, you may want to read up on the rules and regulations first.

The laws regarding window tinting are quite thorough and specific in Minnesota and need to be followed by all drivers to the T. These laws came into practice in Minnesota in the year 1985 and have been followed thoroughly ever since.

Window tinting is measured in what is known as VLT%. VLT is Visible Light Transmission that determines how much light from external sources can filter through the windows and enter your car.

The limits on window tinting are mainly determined by this percentage and the laws revolve around them. Additionally, since Minnesota can get really hot during the summer months, the state allows you to add reflective film to your tint as well.

In the following sections, I’ll go through everything you need to know about tinting laws, rules, and regulations in the state of Minnesota.

Are You Allowed To Tint Your Windows And Windshield In Minnesota?

Generally speaking, yes, you are allowed to tint your windows and windshield in the state of Minnesota. However, there are laws, rules, and regulations that govern the tinting limits for sedans and multi-purpose vehicles in the state.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with these laws to avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement authorities.

What Is The Darkest Tint You Can Legally Get In MN?

The darkest degree of tint you can get in Minnesota varies depending on which kind of vehicle you have. For instance, the tinting limit for sedans is 50% (in case of the front side and back side windows only).

In case of SUVs, the tinting laws are more lenient with regards to the rear portion of the vehicle. For instance, there is no tinting limit as such for the rear and back side windows of an SUV in Minnesota.

Is 20 Tint Legal In MN?

The answer to this question greatly depends on which vehicle and which window specifically you’re wondering about. For instance, if you’re wondering about the front window of a sedan, no, a 20 tint is not legal.

On the other hand, if you’re wondering about the back side or rear windows of a MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), then yes, a 20 tint is very much legal in Minnesota. However, no tint at all – let alone a 20 tint – is legal for the windshield on both sedans and SUVs in the state.

Can You Get Pulled Over For Tinting Your Windows In Minnesota?

Yes, a law enforcement official can pull you over for having tinted windows in the state of Minnesota. Most of the time, this takes place when you exceed the tinting limit of 50%.

Law enforcements officials usually have devices and means by which they can detect the amount of tint you have on your vehicle. So, they’ll most likely pull you over if you’ve exceeded the tinting limit or the officer in question is unaware that you have a medical exemption.

Moreover, if you engage in rash behaviour while driving – like exceeding the speed limit – you’ll be more likely to get pulled over for having tinted windows.

How Much Is A Tint Ticket In MN?

Tint fines can get quite heft in Minnesota so make sure you adhere to the laws carefully to avoid a confrontation with law enforcement. A window tint ticket in Minnesota could set you back by about $135 if you disregard the permissible limits.

Window Tint Darkness In Minnesota

The limits for window tinting in Minnesota vary from vehicle to vehicle and window to window. Since disregarding these limits can get you into considerable trouble with law enforcement, I strongly recommend you review them carefully and stick to them.

Make sure you go through each limit carefully before you splurge on getting a tint for your vehicle’s windows.

For Passenger Vehicles

  • The Windshield: You’re not allowed to tint the windshield at all
  • The Front-Side Windows: No more than a 50% tint is permissible
  • The Back-Side Windows: No more than a 50% tint is permissible
  • The Rear Window: No more than a 50% tint is permissible

For Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs)

  • The Windshield: You’re not allowed to tint the windshield at all
  • The Front-Side Windows: No more than 50% tint is permissible
  • The Back-Side Windows: You can use any tint darkness
  • The Rear Window: You can use any tint darkness

Window Tint Reflection In Minnesota

It can get quite sunny during peak summer months in Minnesota. Therefore window tint laws in Minnesota allow you to have a certain amount of reflective properties to keep the light and heat out and keep your car cool.

For Passenger Vehicles

  • The Front-Side Windows: Are not permitted to have over 20% reflection
  • The Back-Side Windows: Are not permitted to have over 20% reflection

For Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs)

  • The Front-Side Windows: Are not permitted to have over 20% reflection
  • The Back-Side Windows: Are not permitted to have over 20% reflection

How Do You Get A Medical Exemption For Window Tint In Minnesota?

Minnesota is one of the many states that allow certain drivers to apply for a medical exemption with regards to the window tint laws. Certain skin conditions and conditions that cause drivers to be sensitive to light are among those that qualify for such an exemption.


In conclusion, Minnesota’s window tint laws are not all the strict, and are fairly easy to follow. This article has covered all the basics of what you’d need to know about getting your windows tinted in Minnesota.

Though the laws are neither strict nor harsh regarding window tinting in the state, law enforcement is quite thorough with getting drivers to follow them. Apart from a few medical exemptions, the law makes no provision for discrimination on how much you can tint your windows.

The fines too are not as hefty as a few other states, but they’re not exactly cheap either. Make sure you follow these laws carefully to avoid getting penalised or compromising your safety on the road.

Written by Yusuke Kohara

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