Wyoming Legal Window Tint Laws

Tinting windows help to protect you from the sun and can sometimes be useful when you or a family member has certain medical conditions.

The rate of window tinting has been rising recently, but this has also brought numerous reports of illegal tinting. Reports claim that there is a rise in the trend for illegal window tinting. This poses a danger to people on the road.

Citizens of Wyoming should realize that the state has its own laws related to window tinting. Failure to comply with these laws can result in legal actions.

The state has laws related to both the darkness and reflective ratings of tinted windows. We take a closer look at what is allowed and what happens if you do not comply with these laws in Wyoming.

Are You Allowed To Have Tinted Windshield And Windows In Wyoming?

Wyoming does allow you to add a tint film to your vehicle’s windows. There are certain restrictions that you need to follow when tinting your window, however.

When you install a tint film on your windows, the darkness may not exceed a certain level. This is generally measured as visible light transmission.

When applying tint, you should ensure you understand the minimum visible light transmission that is allowed, also referred to as VLT. When you do not comply with these, then you may find yourself with a fine.

A windshield may not be fully tinted in Wyoming. The law states that tinting may only be applied to the area that is above the AS-1 line.

This line is provided by the manufacturer and should not be changed. Five inches from the top is the maximum allowed tinting on a windshield.

What Is The Darkest Tint You Can Legally Get In WY?

Side and rear windows in a vehicle may be tinted as long as the tinting level does not exceed the maximum darkness stated by the Wyoming window tint laws.

For most windows, apart from the windshield, at least 28% of visible light transmission is required. A tint that is darker than a 28% VLT can result in visual distortions, which increases the risk of accidents.

Is 20 Tint Illegal In WY?

The legality of a 20 tint depends on the window that you want to apply a tinting film too.

In some cases, a 20 tint would be considered legal. This, however, only applies when tinting the rear window on a multi-purpose vehicle. The Wyoming laws.

Can You Get Pulled Over For Tinted Windows In Wyoming?

It is possible to get pulled over by the cops in Wyoming for having tinted windows that are too dark. The cops will need to determine the estimated visual light transmission rating of the tint.

If they find that the tint does not allow enough light through, a fine may be reached out. You may be requested to remove the tinting.

How Much Is A Tint Ticket In WY?

The ticket amount depends on factors like how much darker your tint is compared to what is allowed by the law. These tickets are often written out for an amount of $150. A surcharge may be asked.

Window Tint Darkness In Wyoming

Wyoming allows for a tint up to a certain darkness level. The law provides a guideline for each window in a car. This includes the side windows, the rear window, and the windscreen.

For Passenger Vehicle

  • Windshield: Tinting allowed above the AS-1 line installed by the manufacturer. This may not surpass a height of five inches.
  • Front Side Windows: At least 28% visible light transmission is required.
  • Backside Windows: The visible light transmission rating should be 28% or higher.
  • Rear Window: A minimum of 28% light should pass through the tint.

For MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)

  • Windshield: Five inches from the top of the windshield may be tinted. The tinted should not exceed the manufacturer AS-1 line.
  • Front Side Windows: Minimum visible light transmission rating of 28%.
  • Backside Windows: There are no limitations placed on the tinting of the side windows at the back of a multi-purpose vehicle.
  • Rear Window: Any level of tint is acceptable when applying tint to the rear window in a van, SUV, or another type of multi-purpose vehicle.

Window Tint Reflection In Wyoming

Reflections from a window can blind oncoming traffic and cause accidents. This is why limitations are placed on the amount of reflection allowed when applying films to your windows.

The state places limitations on reflections for the front and backside windows in all vehicles.

For Passenger Vehicle

  • Front Side Windows: Maximum reflection rating of 20%.
  • Backside Windows: Reflection rating may not exceed 20%.

For MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)

  • Front Side Windows: 20% or less reflective surface rating.
  • Backside Windows: Reflection should not be higher than 20%.

How Do You Get A Medical Exemption For Window Tint In Wyoming?

There are cases where a darker tint is allowed by the state of Wyoming. This, however, only applies to special cases. People with certain medical conditions may require a darker tint.

These conditions include:

  • Bloom syndrome
  • Solar urticaria
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Protoporphyria
  • Cockayne’s syndrome

If you have one of these conditions and require a darker tint, then you will need an official document to prove your eligibility.

The document needs to be compiled and signed by a licensed physician in Wyoming. The physician should be licensed to practice in the state.


While tinting of your windows is allowed throughout Wyoming, there are restrictions set in place by the state. A minimum of 28% light transmission should be allowed on any tinted window on your vehicle.

This helps to ensure you have an adequate vision of the road ahead and can help to reduce the risk of accidents.

Individuals with certain medical conditions are permitted to obtain higher tinting, but only when approved by the state.


Written by Kane Dan

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